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Emerald's Application~Castle Of Dreams

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Emerald's Application~Castle Of Dreams Empty Emerald's Application~Castle Of Dreams

Post by Emerald on June 27th 2011, 11:08 pm

Name: Emerald

World: Castle of Dreams

Quoted Role-play Sample:
Emerald wrote:The wind blew in her face, and the sun shine bright. They passed countless clouds, and the air was cold and it stung her nose. The flying felt amazing, and Emerald was overjoyed. She wished she would never go down to ground again. Being in the air was magical. She stared at Turiel with bright green eyes. "I-I'm... I'm nothing." She stuttered out, her voice quiet because of the howling winds. They flew upwards and spiraled, and a tingle went down Emerald's spine. "I don't exist.. I just be. I don't live, I just am." She whispered, almost hissing. The air kept whipping in her face, and the sensation overjoyed her. "I...I don't have emotion... no heart.. nothing. I am nothing." Emerald said awkwardly. She gripped tighter to the angel. Clouds flew past, as they spiraled up, and Emerald's nose stung like hell, but she didn't care. Being in the air like that was perfect. Nothing was better. She felt as if she could just float up and up forever, and never stop. It was a wonderful feeling. "I'm created when a human loses their heart. Their body forms their nobody. I'm like... I'm like an empty shell." She admitted, looking right into his eyes. "I fake emotion, so people think I'm normal. I wish I could be.. Like you. Like anybody else but me." Emerald whispered, as she pushed her hair out of her face. Emerald gripped tighter. She felt like she was... unimportant. Like she was just a big ball of nothing, that floated along with the breeze. "Well.. Know that you know who I am. Who are you? I mean really. Who are you?" Emerald asked and then pursed her lips. She knew that he was not what she thought he was. He wasn't just any old angel, he was special. He was the most special person she had ever met anyway. The wind still whipped her face, and it felt like someone was punching her, but she didn't care. She wanted to hear this. She needed to know that she wasn't the only one who was.. who was.. Different.


Profile: https://kingdomhearts.forumotion.net/t4642-emerald-s-profile

Reason: Because I'm organized, and I believe I could help this new world. I also am relatively new myself, and have a lot to bring to the table. I'm active, and get on about every hour and a half.

Preferability: I'm pretty active, and I think I could help this world thrive. I also have good ideas.

Success Chance: Personally, I think if I ruled this world, it would thrive and be successful.

Alliance: I would have an alliance with anyone whom I trust, and who have been kind to the world.

Reason for Alliance: I choose to have an alliance because having friends helps, especially when you need help defending your world. Also, it never hurts to have friends, but it might hurt having an enemy.

Population and Entrance: Almost everyone would be accepted in, because it's a new world. However, if needed, I would reject people.

Military Status: The military would have different ranks, and people with high ranks would have to be strong. Ranks:
Swordsmen, Fairies, Dream Watchers, Trainees.

Peace or War: Castle of Dreams would be a peaceful world, so that people could find a safe haven. But, if needed, Castle of Dreams would be an aggressive world.

Ambitions: First, I'm planning to make a thread where citizens can join. I will accept almost anyone, unless there is something very, very wrong. Then, I plan to make the military. I would get members by PMing active, experienced users to be in the military. After doing that, I would make some Roleplay topics to get the world active. Finally, I would want the Chateau added as it's own forum.

Recommendations: Azumi Cho.

Emerald: 40
Furtiva: 40

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