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Halloween Celebration (Open to All)

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Halloween Celebration (Open to All) Empty Halloween Celebration (Open to All)

Post by Yima on October 31st 2008, 7:36 pm

The day had come to the town clasped in ghastly shades of night as above the moon began to rise to the monstrosity put together over night. Metallic cuts over the edges reflected the moon’s gaze in slivers over the cracked stone earth of the holiday’s cul-de-sac. Citizen finished with their preparations began to take advantage of the festivities spread throughout the grinning town, to it’s outskirts where beasts of skeletal binding flew on membranes of withered transparent skin giving visitors a rare sight of the brightness below. The walls of the town did not remain silent either even as the planners checked every attraction, every detail for a green light to the visitors that would decide to pay a visit. The head planner finished his inspection turned his mummy wrapped arms with his forest green belts swaying with his stride, he grinned leaving a fang opened to the air rumbling around him, excitement boiling over in the population, “I officially proclaim tonight Halloween”, the pumpkin king let off his lips particularly enjoying what had come of their planning.

He lifted his black shoes the walls broke out with the sound of screeching rails, distant, apart from the injury the riders squealed as it took course through the building on supports of thick steel. Below his eyes meet the children dragging their parents from residence to residence asking for candy, something Yima was glad hadn’t changed in all the time he had come to know the holiday, jaw breakers, gummi treats, snappy bubble gum, and twirly suckers feel into his bag as his observation trailed further down the tight lane pressed between the crypts, the houses, the sops, and the stands. He was headed to the house of mirrors where he would set to controlling the path ways with his levies, shining buttons, and knobs preset for the night’s tricks. People would enter, see themselves distorted, follow the maze he had laid out while around them he would change the road to his whim until they would seem done with entertainment. The control chamber would be positioned above the floor hidden away in sound and view through pure virtue of its color and design.

He hoped nothing would go wrong this year, his first it was true, the greatest worry came from the gothic styled arena set on three tiers in the valley where Oogi’s mansion once stood. They culminated as the citizens began their trek inside the labyrinth underneath, he lifted his hand from the controls to grab a pipe and spoke into the pipe, “please enjoy the cart rides set on the buildings spread over our humble town, bone wing rides over the tops of our highest roofs, swamp rides through the sewers, steel caged arena, our variety of booths, the tricks, the treats, and your time in Halloween town through the eve”, Yima let the makeshift mike from his hand to its place knowing the sounds would be amplified and played over the pipe speakers set about normally playing music the townspeople had chosen beforehand. Before he sent himself back to work he grabbed the mike once more and added in, “please try the pumpkin juice located at the town’s center if you haven’t before, it is a drink served but once a year, and please know all are welcome here”, he let his voice fade back into the music and he set to his work grinning.

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Halloween Celebration (Open to All) Empty Re: Halloween Celebration (Open to All)

Post by Tementeye on November 2nd 2008, 4:05 pm

Wonder where that Captain King of Halloween buggered off to... Tementeye though to himself with a grin as he stepped into the freshly decorated square of the supposedly scariest world of them all, wearing his angelic attire excluding his blade and helm, which he likely wouldn't need. He strolled all throughout the town searching for his friend and viewing the attractions. After awhile of finding no sign of the Pumpkin King Tementeye asked one of the ghouls that was operating some kind of snack booth (which had very unappetizing-looking dishes, mind you), 'Ey, you know where that fella what runs this town is?" The scary fellow replied with, an apparently, very thoughtful, "No, where?" Tementeye blinked for a second, and responded with just a pinch of annoyance, "No, I was asking where he is, but since you don't know, thanks." As he turned to find someone else to ask, the gentleman hurriedly pleaded, "Oh! I'm sorry, I thought you were trying to imply that he went somewhere else, sorry. He should be running the mirror house, right that way," he pointed to a building which seemed to be one of the more popular attractions judging from the number of mothers waiting outside for their children to reach the exit. "No problem, thanks for that," he said, almost choking with joy, for the mirror house had always been the single greatest attraction to ever grace fairs and carnivals the worlds over, at least in his opinion.

After slapping a few orbs of Munny onto the ghoul's counter in thanks, he strolled off to the fun house, getting a few looks from people who thought it a bit weird for someone at his age to be enjoying such a juvenile pleasure. He walked in with a small grin and immediately found himself lost in a maze of his own reflections. "Crappers," he muttered as he walked into another mirror for about the fifth time. Most of his clones were exact replicas, but quite a few of the mirrors depicted outrageously deformed versions of the viewer. Tementeye stopped in front of one, but with his poor vision, he could hardly enjoy it. Looking left and right to make sure that there were no kids or anyone in the area, he sneaked his hand into a pocket on his cloak and found something he was looking for. He held them in his hands, and with one quick look about, placed a pair black-rimmed glasses on his face. The blurred details immediately cleared up, and he walked around gazing at all of the strange forms the fun house mirrors reflected, snickering every now and then at a particularly fat Tementeye, or perhaps one that was short with long lanky arms that were twice his normal height in span. For the moment, he'd forgotten about his search for the Captain King of Halloween.

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Halloween Celebration (Open to All) Empty Re: Halloween Celebration (Open to All)

Post by Blake Bane on December 1st 2008, 6:58 pm

A white and black haired figure slowly pulled himself out of the corner of his favorite alleyway. Looks like its time for another celebration. I wonder who else will be here this year? Blake already knew the answer. Not very many. Although, a new mayor has been elected this year... I wonder if anyone else might be attracted here? Blake slowly began to walk towards the center of the town, and felt really alone without the familiar jingling of his knives on his pants. It made him feel unprotected and open. Well, no one probably even knows a new mayor has been elected. A twig cracked behind Blake. He whipped around and reached for one of his knives, only to realize they weren't there. Crap, and to think tonight I won't have them! Slowly, he began to walk towards the sound, when he stopped. Blake knew this went against every horror movie he ever saw, and knew that today, he wasn't going to be attacked and well... Blake grimaced as he thought of himself being mutilated. Quickly, he turned around and began sprinting towards the city... well, town's village square. For one second he looked back to see if anything was chasing him, and SPLASH! He fell into the small green fountain in the square, and hit his head on a small statue. A tall figure, most likely Sally or Jack, began to walk towards him, as he began to drift into unconsciousness.

What seemed like hours yet blake knew were only minutes passed, and Blake began feel someone shaking him. A woman's voice was saying "Wake up... Wake up... Blake, Wake up." He shook his hair and opened his eyes a crack. He was laying on the fountain, still partially in it. He then noticed that his vest was wet, and tainted green. His hair was soaked as well, but luckily wasn't green. When he stopped focusing himself, he saw Sally standing over him. "Hey... Sally. Thanks for waking me up!" Sally nodded, and put a finger to her lips, as the new mayor began talking.

I know proclaim this Halloween

Blake snorted. Some pumpkin King you are. I have been here so much longer than you, it's not even funny. He then began to make his way through the crowd toward the "king", when he noticed that he grabbed a makeshift megaphone. Blake zoned out and just focused on the mayor as he began to become impatient with the strangely buzzing square. After being swept away by the crowd, he began pushing his way through. Apparently, this was effective. Everyone he pushed just moved and flashed him a glare. Not alot of trouble. Blake glanced around for the pumkin king. He found him putting the mike down and grinning. Blake put on the most expressionless face he could muster, which wasn't very hard, and made his way over. When he arrived in front of him, he cleared his throat so the pumpkin King would notice him. "Hello, Mr. Mayor. I am Blake Bane"

OOC: sorry its so short.... i haven't rped in a while
Blake Bane
Blake Bane

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Halloween Celebration (Open to All) Empty Re: Halloween Celebration (Open to All)

Post by Muki-Muki on January 9th 2009, 4:05 pm

Muki-Muki stared into his reflection with the biggest unhappy expression he could muster with his new face. His body was a jumbled pile of scraps. It looked strange in the distorted mirror, but not enough to make him laugh. Ever since he was changed into the construct he now is, he couldn't bear to look at himself.

It wasn't time though, to gaze at himself in the mirror. He came for a different reason; his curiosity once again led him to the celebration, and now into this house of mirrors. When he saw all of them positioned in such strange ways, he decided it was time for an experiment: he had been focusing light on the mirrors, to see how it would bend on a curved reflective surface. This impulsive and improvised science session came to a close too shortly, though, when his pocket flashlight ran out of batteries.

"Piece of..." Muki-Muki set down the flashlight on the ground and stepped on it with his foot in frustration. It gave easily under the crushing power of his combination of muscles and hydraulics. Surprised, he stopped and looked down at the broken bulb.

I never used to have this strength...

His muse was interrupted by a pounding of an adjacent wall.

Muki-Muki jumped and stood erect, and his metal fingers clenched to make a fist. Whatever was out there, he was ready for it. The sounds behind the wall were followed by a rustling of a combination of clothes and feet, then a quiet chuckling. Whoever was out there, they were alone, and whatever that previous noise was, it was an apparent accident. Muki-Muki didn't let his guard down, however. When his fists clenched even tighter, he felt something on both his hands. He opened his palms up and inspected them.

In the middle of his left palm, where his life line once was, there was what appeared to be an intricate sort of lock. On his right hand, there was a contraption that looked as if it would fit into the lock. He stared in amazement and terror at the two things forcefully embedded into his hands. What else don't I know about?

This was once again a bad time for experiment. Muki-Muki focused on the corner where the person was now turning around, and looked into the reflection of a mirror to see they're face. All he could see of the presumed man, though, was an angelic robe and a strong and tall countenance. Damn, I can't hide in a room full of mirrors! I'll have to avoid a confrontation.

Muki-Muki let go of his fists again and took a deep breath.

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Halloween Celebration (Open to All) Empty Re: Halloween Celebration (Open to All)

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