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How to be a more effective RP fighter

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How to be a more effective RP fighter Empty How to be a more effective RP fighter

Post by Nobody Trickster on February 23rd 2011, 12:01 am

Due to the clutter and mess i've seen in the second district topic, here's a topic with some hints and tips to be better at rp fighting
Rule one: Remember and note distance from both enviroment and enemies.

Basic rule, but one not often followed. Remember your enviroment and where your enemy stands.
Failing to do so can result in the following
-insta dashing 30 feet forward in less than 2 seconds to slash your opponent in the face
-jumping up 20 feet while inside a 2 story building with a 10 feet roof
-Defying the laws of physics and time by being in front of your enemy in one second, then behind them the next.

To resolve this, make sure you write down in your rp the distance you are traveling in any manuver and don't forget to account for surroundings and any terrain that may interfere (trees, roofs, flying blimps etc)

Rule two: Name your target openly and in more ways that one

Another basic, but often overlooked rule. When ever you attack someone, note who you are attacking, either by name or nickname, instead of using vague pronouns such as "him" "them" or "her". This also applies to any specific parts of the body you are attacking and at what angle of attack.

Bad example: Rper 1 jumped into the air and landed next to his enemy. Then he swung down and kicked.

Better Example: Rper 1 jumped into the air about 5 feet and landed directly behind his enemy. He picked up his sword with both his hands and put all his force downwards, attempting to cut off the right shoulder of the assasin. When his blade hit the floor, Rper 1 used the implated sword as leverage to jump and kick with his left leg towards the torso of his foe.

Note how in the second example, distance is clearly stated, the target of the slash is clearly stated, and instead of simply putting enemy, the rper references assassin, though still vague but better than before.
Rule 3: Don't do too much.

It's hard enough to get people to post on a good fight topic but even harder still when every post is filled with unneeded acrobatics and having to go through 5 paragrapsh and note 6 different attacks and then come up with a way to dodge and get hit.

By reducing the number of actions you do, a good limit is usually three, you allow your enemy to be able to effectively understand what the hell is going on, and allow all of your attacks go through without any godmodding occuring. If your opponent knows what is going on, and what follows what, it prevents situations where a dodge from the second attack results in your 5th attack not making sense and thus neither the 6th or the 7th.

Keep it simple people, the simpler it is, the easier it is to assign hits and dodges for both parties.


There may be more later but if you follow these three rules, you should be good to go.

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