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Basic Rules

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Basic Rules Empty Basic Rules

Post by Lensilrist on October 14th 2008, 3:38 pm

General Rules (for all in the program.)

-No user in this may become a CLONE of the Mentor/Pupil. Doing so will mean banishment and dismissal of job via flame.
-The pupil and mentor don't actually need to involve themselves together in rp all the time, but may if they wish.
(In other words, you don't have to follow each other around all the time.)
-Any user that wishes to become a pupil will be allowed in.
-A pupil and mentor shouldn't conceal their own personalities from one another to prevent cloneage. (As in, BE YOUR CHARACTER. Be you!)

Mentor/Teacher Rules---

-The mentors in this program are NOT dictators!
-A mentor cannot and will not rewrite RPs for the student. Doing so will result in banishment.
mentor will receive a pupil depending on their skill and the skill of the user. (no acceptions)
-A mentor will be able to request to receive a certain pupil, but normally pupils and mentors are paired randomly on instinct and based on skills in RP.
-If a mentor finds their pupil ignoring them, the pupil may be taken out of the program, or retain "special punishment".
-Mentors will be chosen by administration and moderators; no acceptions.
-A mentor should never tell their user to create new spells, weapons, summons, forms, etc. that the mentor wants them to have. (That's pushing them to be a clone.)

-A mentor should always try and do things in the best interest of their pupil.
-A mentor shouldnt be lazy, they should take the time to explain things CLEARLY to their user.
-A mentor should not become aggravated at their pupil for misunderstanding something; be a little calm and patient. There's a REASON why they signed up...which would be because they are new, and need help, maybe?
-A mentor should teach their student good spelling and grammar, or at least help them improve....
-Mentors should read pupils' RPs without having to be ASKED.

Student Rules----A pupil should correct their rps themselves using their mentors suggestions, and not whine and complain.
-Pupils should listen respectfully to mentor suggestions, and not complain.
-A pupil may ask questions on a mentor's method, if they do not understand or it does not make any sense, but should and cannot argue for the sake of bickering about something they can't change.
-A pupil should try their best when their mentors ask them to do something, even if it's something stupid.
-A pupil should try their best to know the rules of the site on they're on.....please?
-A pupil should ask for advice when creating new spells, weapons, summons, forms, etc.

-A pupil should never try to twist the words of the mentors.
-A pupil should try to avoid copying their mentors' personality, that's also pushing to becoming a clone.
-If a pupil asks a mentor for advice, the mentor must give it, given the circumstance....or the rights of mentor will be revoked.
-If a pupil finds their mentor ignoring them, the mentor WILL have their responsibilities revoked.

Mentors will be decided by posts and RP skills. Students will be paired randomly to teachers by Admins or Moderators, but will mainly be choosen based on available teachers and the skills of both the student and the Teacher.

Overlord Of Darkness, Heartless Prince, Terror of Lust
Basic Rules Saixor-1-1
The La Vaeas of Darkness

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Basic Rules Empty Re: Basic Rules

Post by The Cloaked One on June 16th 2012, 2:58 am

I would, were there.. any mentors or pupils to update it with.

It probably makes less sense to have a thread with a list, and more to just remove the list and make sure any would-be mentors are approved for the position in their own threads. It happens regardless, anyway.
The Cloaked One
The Cloaked One

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

Basic Rules Empty Re: Basic Rules

Post by Sponsored content

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