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Change of heart [open]

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Change of heart [open] Empty Change of heart [open]

Post by natalie on January 16th 2011, 10:06 pm

Tallie was in a rutt. She couldn't shake her mood. She hadn't left her home in days, mabey even weeks, she had lost track of the time. She wondered aimlessly from room to room, with the exception of watching TV or reading a book. She didn't know how she got to be this way she was happy and smiling one second and then she was isolating herself from the world the next.
I can't stand this place anymore....I've got to get out of here.....clear my head... she thought.

Tallie grabbed her favourite hoodie from the coak rack near her door and left the house without a glance back. She had no intention of returning any time soon. Her unnaturally bright, lime green eyes scanned her hometown from her porch. She put on her hoodie, which appeared torn and dirty in Halloween Town, and took the first steps down the stairs and onto the sidewalk. She breathed in deeply, letting the fresh air fill her lungs, it was a nice change from the stale air that hung to everything in her house. She turned on her heel and made her way to the center of the town, pulling up her hood to cover her face. As she walked, that ghostly wind rippled through her yet it never touched anything else.

When she reached the edge of the town she stopped. Tallie wasn't sure if she wanted to enter the town. "C'mon. Don't stop now, keep going." ,she told herself. She tucked a bit of her midnight black hair behind her ear and slowly made her way to the heart of town. She reached the fountain that decorated the town's center and sat down, she mindlessly moved her hand through the water, but she still wasn't quite herself. She wondered if she ever would be again.

"I see the angels, I'll lead them to your door, there's no escape now, no mercy, no more, no remorse cause I still remember, the smile when you tore me apart..."

"There is nothing left of you, I can see it in your eyes, sing the anthem of the angels, and say the last goodbye, I keep holding on to you, but I can't bring you back to life, sing the anthem of the angels, and say the last goodbye..."

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