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:Hope's Application -- Twilight Town:

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:Hope's Application -- Twilight Town: Empty :Hope's Application -- Twilight Town:

Post by Hope on January 13th 2011, 3:27 am

Name: Hope.

World: Twilight Town.

Quoted Role-play Sample: Arrival
Her eyes slowly blinked open...

Hope sat up with a jolt. She looked from left to right, taking in her surroundings. Wherever she was, it was civilised. She could tell that much. The cobble-stone floors reminded her of her town, but nothing else did. Things were being lit up somehow, perhaps some magic that she hadn't seen before. She scratched her head as she continued to survey the town. The people weren't really paying her much attention, just continuing on their way like she wasn't even there.

Can they see me? She wondered, considering that not one person had offered her assistance. She would have offered someone in her position help, she had just woken up on a bench in a foreign town, after all. On a bench... how did she get there again? She wracked her brain trying to think of what had happened. She could partly remember, there were the little black beings that had almost overcome her. And those eyes, she would never forget those eyes. Perhaps they had killed her, and perhaps this was heaven.

No, no, that wasn't right. She remembered someone picking her up, right at the last second. She scoured through her memories again, but couldn't for the life of her picture that face... his face. She was sure it was a man. It just, felt like a man was holding her. Hope was sitting with her head in her hands now, trying desperately to remember something else about what had happened.

She let out a groan, cursing herself. How could she have let that happen? She could have easily fought off those things! They were so small! How could she have let herself be so frightened by them that it caused her to freeze up? It wasn't like her at all.

"WHY AREN'T ANY OF YOU LOOKING AT ME?!" She yelled, growing increasingly frustrated that absolutely no one had tried to help her. She cursed again, under her breath. People were looking at her now, that was for sure. One woman hurried her kids along, and Hope could have sworn she heard her warning them of the 'crazy lady on the bench'. She slid back on her seat, feeling sorry for herself. She had no idea where she was, who that man was and most of all, what to do next.

Profile: Hope.

Reason: As it is now, Hope is developing as a character who protects the weak and helps most anyone. This alone makes Twilight Town a fitting world for her to rule, as it is one of the three worlds that gets the most traffic from newer members. At the moment my character isn't very powerful, but as she grows I think that I could help Twilight Town to grow along with her, by providing a positive environment for newer characters to live in.

Preferability: Despite being relatively new to the site, I am fairly active and mostly log on at least once per day where possible. I have been Role-Playing on and off for a while now, mostly on a site based on Final Fantasy. There I have been a world leader and a moderator, and I have a fair idea of how these things work. Also, I think that the more new-user friendly worlds should have a leader to help them get a feel for things, and at the moment there are no other active applicants for Twilight Town.

Success Chance: I do think that under Hope's rule, Twilight Town will prosper. I believe this because it is her personal goal to help whoever needs it, and would act as a supporting leader to her citizens, hopefully winning their respect and loyalty.

Alliance: Neutral.

Reason for Alliance: At present, I am not aware of any major alliances that a world can join. However, once these are established Hope would more than likely join one, simply for the fact that they could help her defend her world and it's inhabitant's if anything were ever to happen.

Population and Entrance: Anyone would be permitted to join Twilight Town, and would be encouraged to stay as they grow stronger. However, I know that people's character's stories progress, and their would be no grudges held for leaving Twilight Town.

Military Status: Twilight's Town military would be a primarily defensive force, and members would be trained to know their away around the city to gain the upper hand were the world ever attacked. However, if another force were to attack Twilight Town, Hope would not be afraid to retaliate, given that she had a chance of success.

Peace or War: Peaceful, for the most part. However, if the motivations were right, Hope would join her world in an attack on another, if an ally requested her aid. Also, if a world were to attack Twilight Town directly, she would respond in kind.

Ambitions: The immeadiate goal for Twilight Town would to be gather active members to partake in the worlds military. The next most important task would be to grow and strengthen alliances with other worlds, so that the residents of Twilight Town could feel safe from attack. Anything beyond that is unsure, but the top priority for Twilight Town will always be to keep it's citizens safe.


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