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Zihark Collection Empty Zihark Collection

Post by Zihark on April 7th 2013, 7:24 pm

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Destroy all that is good, so that all that is evil may flourish.

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Zihark Collection Empty First Impressions

Post by Zihark on April 14th 2013, 3:11 pm

Things are just as I've left them. Prominent characters remain stagnant. There are quite a few warriors who have become complacent. This is bad for business, so to speak. Despite these going-ons, my own goals are picking up speed. I have met 3 fairly new warriors that will help me achieve this. Unfortunately, to achieve this help, the power I will attain must be split between the four of us. If, they become useless, they will be severed from the program. I do not need all four, but it was the hand I was given. The future looks bright.

On a side note, Mantra has shown spikes in resistance. These spikes increase around people who I am close too. Mystic and Balendin in general cause Mantra's personality to peak through the curtains. Needless to say, this isn't all bad. Mantra's naivety has helped keep Balendin in the Darkness of my more sociopathic endeavors.  He has also led to a smooth relationship with Mystic, despite their rocky path including Mystic's forced, undying loyalty to me.

I now realize that I went about obtaining underlings in the wrong way. Instead of seeking naive people, I will seek people who crave the power I  possess. In exchange for this power, they will give me what I desire. I will need a large amount of allies for the coming events. All resources will be expended. This includes Shirou Velox.

Looking back on Mantra's encounters during my absence, it appears that Shirou recognized Mantra as a being of Zihark. Despite this, Shirou did not attack Mantra, but instead helped him. This will prove useful.

Despite the overall slothfulness of most warriors, there are more alliances than I previously thought. This includes the Organization, and the new DARMA Initiative. This will be a touchy task to achieve. Despite my hatred of the tip-toe method. The sensitivity of this issue requires finesse.

I will achieve what I desire, and those under me will benefit from it.

Last edited by Zihark on June 14th 2013, 4:25 am; edited 1 time in total

Destroy all that is good, so that all that is evil may flourish.

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Zihark Collection Empty The Passing of Time

Post by Zihark on June 14th 2013, 4:25 am

With the passage of time comes many consequences. This moment, will always be different from the one before it. The key to achieving what I desire, lies in making sure that each individual moment continues to grow, rather than degrade. 

I admit that I have been hesitant, in achieving my goal. Fear is not a word I would use to describe my emotions... because it doesn't. My hesitance stems from my arrogance. I am aware of my arrogance, as if viewing it from the outside in. I know it is a weakness, but as I am aware of it, perhaps its hold on me lessens. Regardless, this self-awareness makes me weary of the impossible; that I could be defeated. I have met few soldiers that could hold my candle, counting 4 in total. The world is a big place, maybe this number is low. Some of them may have died off, or even become stronger than myself. I fear one man, and one man only, because of this dreaded heart. Before it, I feared no man... as a nobody. It is to be expected, as a part of the human condition, that I fear this man. It is, however unnecessary. He has proven useful to me, helpful, and even magnanimous. However; emotions will not let me forget the moments in which my life dangled in a way never matched. Remembering it now is different. I shouldn't feel emotions about a time when I was apathetic to everything, but that is the hand I've been dealt. 

My arrogance has reached a new high. I've come to realize that I am a higher being. More than a human, a demon, or a nobody. I've transcended to a higher dimension, sought after by mere mortals.

Destroy all that is good, so that all that is evil may flourish.

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Zihark Collection Empty Not Gone, but Forgotten

Post by Zihark on August 28th 2013, 12:49 am

A culmination of the past events flooded through Zihark’s closed eyes. The faces of passed enemies came to Zihark. His feelings? Fading. His originality was returning; and the worlds would come to recognize Zihark as the sadist that he was. His old self was resurfacing as Mantra began to take solace in the back of his conscience, unable to fight it. The outcome was clear to their singularity, but as separate beings, disagreements arose as to the conclusion of this saga.

Their roles has been diminished, and Mantra couldn’t keep going with the fire power that he had. It was too much. The sociopathic tendencies couldn’t be controlled any longer. His memories were spare, and the need for his rise was becoming great. He couldn’t keep the beast controlled as he was, not with the resources at his disposal. All of the lives Zihark had been forced to spare, would be for nothing, as Zihark would once again walk the universe unchained. The horror; unbearable.

Zihark opened his eyes, and he lay still in his ornate bed, plush and decorated with useless metal; precious is what some called it. His trance kept him oblivious, but once he regained his consciousness, he noticed his breath. It was visible and thick. His eyes grew wide as the roof was destroyed and his room was ablaze with a storm of ice. The heavy snow fall above the estate had caused the roof to cave in and his room was destroyed. During the trance, Zihark had managed to summon a blizzard on his own property. His house was destroyed, but Zihark didn’t mind. He was at home… In more ways than one. The Age of Ice continued his slumber, pulling his leg out of the covers, feeling a bit too warm. The blizzard continued to whirl and whine. The servants fled to safety.

Mantra woke up in the courtyard. Not of Traverse Town, but of The World That Never Was. The birthplace of the bane of his existence. The one who had took his sanity and his life. It was stolen from him in the prime of his youth. The concrete was cold and barren. No warmth and no comfort. What could he do? He was fading away… losing hope. Nothing. He could do not a damn thing. He clinched his fist.

Click Clack went Zihark’s boots against the pavement. In patterns of two. Click Clack then nothing. Then Click Clack again. Zihark reached the body lying still on the floor. The chill of the floor enveloped Zihark, slowly instilling him with the confidence to end this conflict. His arrogance combined with his home field advantage. Zihark’s favorite way to deal with Mantra’s type. The nice guys. The heroes. Each one of them was just as bad as Mantra. They all prevented change, prevented innovation. Guided by their self-indulgent views of good and evil. It was sickening. The whole lot of them were worthless wretches. Zihark looked at his own, bare hand, and Karamat flashed into their plane of existence. The original manifestation of Zihark’s aggression. His negativity. Everything of Zihark’s belonging to the Dark Arts was embedded in the blade. Zihark could see the deeds he had done in the past in the gleam of the blade. Horrible thing, decapitation, mutilation. An Agraba citizen imploded, his entrails coating his best friend who was casually enjoying their previous time together. Zihark looked on in genuine fondness and nostalgia as the images passed. Zihark raised the blade, straight up, at the sky that never existed.

The blade raised high and the moon reflected in the blade, clear as night. The blade was swung down upon him and Mantra closed his eyes. His body felt cold and dead. He opened his eyes, expecting to meet the Master of the Universe and he did. Zihark lay before him. It was worst than Mantra had imagined. There was no escape.

In blink of an eye Zihark was gone, and the blizzard blurred Mantra’s senses, as the blizzard was meant to. Zihark shoved the now dull blade into Mantra’s chest cavity. The gleam of the blade returned once again, and with it Zihark’s power over his own being. Snowflakes dotted the blade, and the snow turned bright red with blood. The blood of Zihark’s chains. His cage was gone. Busted open in the struggle for power; for dominance.

Zihark was victorious, and the conclusion of this saga had yet to commence. This was more of a message. A warning, to Mantra, not to interfere with the coming events.

Destroy all that which is good, so that all which is evil may flourish.

Destroy all that is good, so that all that is evil may flourish.

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