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See it with my own eyes (open)

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See it with my own eyes (open) Empty See it with my own eyes (open)

Post by Fullmetal~Flame on December 10th 2010, 1:59 pm

Time cannot stop and it cannot fix things for me
What I have become can never be changed
I can only cry and wonder why
but you don`t find the truth it finds you

Zak decided to walk around and see the area. Envy, was off a little ways, ignoring him. She was never anything but trouble. He shook his head as she ran around, trying to look at everything, all at once. Zak took this moment to wrap white bandages and completely cover his hands in them, from each fingertip to his wrist.He made sure each part fitted perfectly, before he flexed his hand, and moved each finger, the bandages fit like a glove.He had done it perfectly, it did not restrict any movement, and he could handle his weapon with ease if it was needed. Envy walked up to him."Nice job, you`re getting better at that."Envy remarked. Zak glared at her and his eyes threatened her. He did not even need to use words to tell her off anymore. Then he walked past her with a small growl,still upset over what she had caused. He did not understand why she had to do such things."Hey don`t be mad."Envy sang after him teasingly. She followed after him, a dark grin on her face. "You know everything I say is true."she finally decided to add. "Go AWAY, Envy, now I WILL NOT ask you again.."Zak warned. Envy`s grin dropped and she slunk off like a beaten cat, but did not leave completely, only stuck to the shadows. Zak could tell this, but he did not care as long as she was not tormenting him. He would not have had a meltdown if it had not been for her. He knew eventually he would have to fight back, get over the guilt laid thick with her words.

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