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Balendin's Application for Beast's Castle

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Balendin's Application for Beast's Castle Empty Balendin's Application for Beast's Castle

Post by Balendin8 on December 9th 2010, 8:52 pm

Name: Balendin Sleepingsword

World: Beast’s Castle

Quoted Role-play Sample:
The "Bonjour" Village. (Reina_W then open)
Balendin was a whirl of blades as he danced the forms with his katana. It had been some time since he had taken a significant amount of time to practice both the basics and the more advanced forms of his art. When he had been a soldier; he had practiced every morning. These days he was but a simple wanderer and had become lazy. Most of the world's he visited knew relative peace and if it wasn't for the heartless the need for trained warriors might have disappeared. Peace seemed to breed soft men, but Balendin did not begrudge those men. He would prefer a world of peace that was full of soft men then a world of endless war, like his own homeworld, where children were taught to fight and kill from their earliest days.

His brothers-in-arms used to laugh at his peaceful sediments. Not that they thought he was weak for having them. A dream of a peaceful world was why they fought these never ending battles one after another. The reason they laughed was that he was by far the most pacifist and peaceful one of them all, but at the same time the most violent and brutal one. When he entered the battlefield, a change came upon him. He killed without mercy or pity. The pleas of beaten enemy soldiers fell on deaf ears when this side of him was awakened. Sleepingsword, which he now used as a surname, was originally a nickname given to him by his brothers-in-arms. They said he was like a sword that slumbered until it's foes came against it; then it would awaken and slay all that opposed it. Balendin had taken the name to remember who he was and what he could become. "The Slayer", as Balendin called it, was now suppressed with all the will that Balendin could muster. If fate was willing; it would never come again.

Balendin's stomach rumbled. He had not eaten much today; only a piece of beef jerky for breakfast. That was unlike him, but today he was in a particularly somber mood. He still had been unable to locate his beloved wife and that caused him no end of worry. His master, the Underlord MopheusZero had apparently disappeared. The dragon dreams came more frequently. This could mean that the Dragon God was winning in his struggle with the Earth Goddess Territh over who had authority of him. Balendin could only shudder to think about what would happen to him if one side managed to overcome the other. To top it all off, he still had no clue what he was going to do about the Goddess Gaea that was plaguing his wife.

The reason he was in this world in the first place had been to search the library of the large castle that was located in this environ. These divine beings that toyed with his life and the life of his wife had to be stopped, but how to go about doing it? He had searched this library thoroughly, but had failed to come up with any useful information. Mostly it was filled with books of fiction and books about French history.

His stomach growled again telling him that it was time to finish up this training session and go get some food. There was a small town nearby where he could likely find something to eat. It was a cheerful place. When you walked down the street the people of the town would acknowledge you with a friendly "Bonjour", which translated into the common tongue would mean "Hello" or "Good Day", even if you were a stranger. Balendin though was not a complete stranger to a number of the residents here. When he had traveled with the wander Omzem and his daughter Schel; there gummi ship had actually broken down on this world and they had spent a while living here as Omzem repaired the ship with the limited resources this planet had to offer for such things. They had stayed with a Shepard living on the outskirts that Balendin would definitely have to go visit before he left the planet.

Balendin stopped his practicing and sheathed his katana. He walked over to where he had his green cloak neatly folded and picked it up. Draping it around his shoulders; he fastened the octagram brooch that kept it in place. He then began walking towards the village. It was a fine day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there was a slight hint of a breeze that blew through the leaves of the trees around him. The children in the village would be out playing after they finished their chores. Hopefully none of them stumbled upon any wolves. The wolves around these parts were notoriously dangerous; attacking humans all the time.

Balendin crested the hill that overlooked the village. He stopped at the top of the hill deciding to give the village a quick survey from above before he headed down into it to get something to eat.

Profile: Balendin Sleepingsword

Reason: I think that I would make a decent enough ruler. I am an active user and usually log on multiple times a day. I have been here for a while and know how things are run. I am certainly not near the strongest member on the site, but I am one of the stronger ones so I would be able to defend the world if it fell under attack.

Preferability: As mentioned before I am an active member and, although I might not have been here as long as some people, I have been around a lot longer than many others. I follow the rules to the best of my abilities and try to help the newer players out as much as possible.

Success Chance: The future is always uncertain, but I will do my best to see that this world flourishes. I think my chances are fairly good.

Alliance: Neutral

Reason for Alliance: I plan to keep things pretty neutral at first since that is my character’s tendencies, but it is always possible to change if my character develops over time in a different direction.

Population and Entrance: I would allow anyone to join the world as long as they are willing to follow any established rules and are willing to work towards the betterment of the world.

Military Status: I want to increase the size of the world’s military. Mainly for defense, but I also want to be prepared for any possible military engagements that I might be pulled into due to unforeseen circumstances.

Peace or War: The world will be peaceful for the most part, but at the same time will not let foreign powers push it around.

Ambitions: I have a number of ambitions for the future. Of course I want to increase the number of citizens and build up the military as I stated or inferred above. One long term goal is to establish a sort of center of knowledge something that is like a mixture of a library and a museum.

Recommendations: Etzolix, Shirou, Zihark, Azumi Cho, Trent, Chan Gama, Blake Blevins

Character Profile

Sovereign of Beast's Castle in Exile

Max Magic: 110
Elements: Earth, Cure, Fire
Theme Music: Soldiers of the Wasteland

[22:33:21] Zihark : I didn't know lenny died?
[22:33:29] Zihark : how long did he stay after he died
[22:33:47] Etzolix : Uh idk.
[22:33:55] Etzolix : He let himself die cause he wanted to live.

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