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Chan's Application For Twilight Town

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Chan's Application For Twilight Town Empty Chan's Application For Twilight Town

Post by Chan Gama on December 7th 2010, 6:43 pm

Name:Chan Gama

World: Twilight Town

Quoted Role-play Sample:
Chan was in the Land of Dragons with a grey shirt and black pants on. It was pouring rain, but right now Chan didn't care. He had just placed a gravestone of his partner Kori in honor of his memory. Chan was still saddened by his death and never wanted to fight again, but he knew that wouldn't happen. Chan had just put a set of roses on the grave and he had wrote "In Honor Of A Comrade." He placed Kori's keyblade on the ground so that way he could rest in peace. He pulled a hood over his head so he would not get as wet and went to sit down on a bench to do some serious thinking. Right before he laid down and went to sleep he felt a lily pad fall on his shirt. Chan finally fell asleep and slowly thought about what had happened so far and what he would do next.

5 Years Ago...

Chan was in Disney Castle with Kori performing a science experiment for one of his classes. He and Kori had been working for weeks on it and were close to a breakthrough that could restore Heartless to there human form. One night Kori decided to work for a couple of extra hours after Chan had retired for the night. Kori was working with potions, equations, and light from his keyblade. When he thought he had found a solution to this experiment and tested on a rat that had been infected with darkness. The potion worked and Kori could not wait to show this to Chan and his classmates.

The next day when the two presented it to the class it failed and Kori was really confused. He showed everyone the rat that they had been given and saw it was stripped of its darkness. Unfortunately the two got a C, but were moved up to a higher class. Later that day Chan had scolded Kori about working ahead of schedule because Chan did some research before the project and he discovered that if it was done to fast or to slow it would work at first, but the effects would wear off after a day or so. Chan forgave Kori knowing he was only trying to help and even gave Kori a secret vile of it so that way he could always be reminded of what he accomplished.

Present Day

Chan woke up from his dream and wondered what happened between them that caused Chan to become aggravated towards Kori. The two had always been good pals and Chan had made a promise to always look out for Kori. He would never be able to forgive himself for what happened at the Realm of Darkness. Chan slowly fell back asleep after brushing the lilies off of him and shaking the water off of his clothing. Once Chan fell back asleep he had another dream that took place about 2 years ago.

Two Years Ago

Chan and Kori were fighting off Heartless in Disney Castle during an invasion which had been started while most of the defenders were away on missions. Chan was fighting off Solider heartless when Kori tried stepping in to help him. This had been Kori's first time fighting a war like this so he had no idea what to do. Kori ran behind what looked like a Heartless and whacked it from behind realizing it was Chan. Chan was knocked un consciousness and Kori had to fend for the both of them. After about two hours Kori was almost out of energy and almost passed out, however reinforcements had arrived and Kori and Chan were rushed to the medical center.

About two hours later the two regained consciousness and Chan wanted to scold Kori about how things turned out, but he decided to instead tutor Kori in the art of fighting so he would be more prepared. In there first lesson the two had gone to the Realm of Darkness and both were dressed in all black to teach Kori about recognizing sides. When the Heartless showed up Kori accidentally hit Chan about five times. After the fifth friendly hit the two left the world and went back to Disney Castle. The two then had growing tensions between the two since Chan could not trust Kori.

Present Day

Chan woke up and realized where it had all gone wrong. Chan hated himself for what had just happened a few days ago. He remembered what happened so well and he would not forget what happened. He wanted revenge on The Aoi Thief and to avenge his friend. Chan summoned his keyblade and as soon as he did a few shadow heartless appeared. He performed a 3 hit combo on all of them which killed them. The combo consisted of three heavy slashes to the head of each heartless. It had then stopped raining and Chan took his cloak off. The clouds had broken and the sun was shining once again.


Profile: https://kingdomhearts.forumotion.net/character-profiles-f14/chan-s-profile-t3819.htm

Reason: I would protect the citizen's and rule them with a fair sense of judgement. Also I would make sure the economy stayed stable and that the town would be in safe hands by the military.

Preferability: I know a lot about towns and big worlds so ruling a world like this I would know how to run it efficiently and make sure everyone was happy. I would also ensure that each and everyone who joined the world would receive something special

Success Chance: I believe the world will be prosperous and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

Alliance: Yes and to Renzenku and Zihark.

Reason for Alliance: I would make alliances with these two because I can trust them in character so if someone does declare war on me I know that they will help me defend my world and honor.

Population and Entrance: Everyone would be able to join after making a oath not to betray me, but may leave the world if they wish. I would do this so that way if someone does join they fell like they can be trusted and that they could live peacefully.

Military Status: I would keep it active in training and I would make sure they are ready for invasion because other leaders are unpredictable and its hard to predict when war will come.

Peace or War: I would make this a peaceful world because I want the citizens think I am not a powerhouse.

Ambitions: I plan on making some renovations to bring the buildings up to date and making sure if there is an invasion everyone is prepared. I will also turn The Old Mansion into a research facility so that way we can experiment new weapons. I also plan on holding local struggle tournaments so that way the citizens can enjoy themselves.
Chan Gama
Chan Gama

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Chan's Application For Twilight Town Empty Re: Chan's Application For Twilight Town

Post by Etzolix on January 15th 2011, 1:51 pm

Deemed invalid due to switch of characters. Place here as a reminder for admins in case it slipped their minds.



In this cold reality,
I made this selfish war machine.

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Chan's Application For Twilight Town Empty Re: Chan's Application For Twilight Town

Post by PaleoRoxas on January 15th 2011, 10:47 pm

Yeah I know, thanks for the reminder though.

Chan's Application For Twilight Town Roxas Chan's Application For Twilight Town Autumn_Requiem_Set_3_out_of_4__by_HaruKun

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Chan's Application For Twilight Town Empty Re: Chan's Application For Twilight Town

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