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Cry Little Sister (open)

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Cry Little Sister (open) - Page 2 Empty Re: Cry Little Sister (open)

Post by Shirou on November 22nd 2010, 6:17 pm

"There's a method to this madness."

The last thought Shirou had said vague-like yet thoughtfully. He watched silently as Chan and his companion seemed to try to impress them even more. He internally sighed, flexing his hands once again. He was sure Trent wouldn't mind if he kicked them around a few times, and Etzolix has stated he would just watched. Maybe he would tear an appendage or two off...

Then, before Shirou could do anything, he saw a figure fly out of a nearby window. By the scent, Shirou could tell it was Balendin. Interesting. He watched as Balendin dealt with two thugs, thinking to himself. Balendin would probably be against it. He already thought Shirou was a devious little bugger. Would he stop him, though? Perhaps. Who knew. As he weighed the options, he waited for Balendin to reply to Etzolix. He then glanced at Trent and saw that he appeared to be more calm. He had smirked at Trent's recent actions. Trent was quite amusing.

"Hey Shi get back here silly!" Etzolix said running naked and ended up in front of people. "...." "Awkward.."

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[02:13:16] Etzolix : YOU WON'T
[02:13:18] Etzolix : I GOT YIMA ON A LEASH

[1:41:03 AM] "Ansem": I only have
[1:41:09 AM] "Ansem": 500 munny
[1:41:20 AM] "Ansem": ....IMA WELFARE PIMP


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Cry Little Sister (open) - Page 2 Empty Re: Cry Little Sister (open)

Post by Trent on November 22nd 2010, 7:03 pm

Chuckling a bit more at the sight of the young keyblade wielder's "servant" delivering food to them. He wanted to drink yes but perhaps not that much to trust another person that hes not paying for the goods. Could have rape date drugs in them anyways and maybe it was best to remain sober for now. Seeing Sara's eyes on him for a second he smiled smuggly before another unpredictable situation occured. From a window three men crashed from it and started to fight; looking first like a simple bar brawl then turned into somewhat of a crime scene. It ended with one criminal helping his buddy up and going back in to pay or return what had just caused the problem. Oh well, in the mind of a bystander details didn't matter unless they affected him personally. The man then bowed in front of Etzolix, the boy's eyes at the sight of this act wondered why. He was standing on a wall yes but that wasn't much to bow about. Maybe if he was able to ducktape himself to the ceiling he would be declared a new God. 

Everything was still a little silent to the group; most were just acquaintinces or strangers to the boy. In fact this quietness from him could have either been the calm before the storm or the calm after the storm; the signs have gotten fuzzy right now but he couldn't help notice Shirou's hand movements it was quite weird. 


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Cry Little Sister (open) - Page 2 Empty Re: Cry Little Sister (open)

Post by Chan Gama on November 25th 2010, 7:59 pm

Chan watched as two thugs got there asses kicked by a man and went running in to pay for the damage. "Ah Balendin its a pleasure to meet you I am Chan and this is my friend Kori." The two gave a respectful bow and then sat down. Chan looked around and saw that everyone was either bored or annoyed. "Kori dispose of the food please you are done here." Kori grabbed the blanket and ran off into the 2nd District.
Chan Gama
Chan Gama

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Cry Little Sister (open) - Page 2 Empty Re: Cry Little Sister (open)

Post by Balendin8 on November 26th 2010, 3:26 pm

"Pumpkin King Etzolix. You might be aware that Governor Forte has disappeared. Things have been...less than lawful as of late. The Militia, the former pride of Traverse Town, is in shambles as the higher ranking members try to seize power. Traverse town's already substantial criminal base is running rampant doing as the please. I guess it's hard to see under this calm exterior the town has been putting up, but trust me; things are pretty bad right now."

Balendin pointed to the pub.

"Those two hellions not only tried to ignore paying there tab; they also tried to rob the place. I let them throw me through that window just to make sure we did not involve the other patrons in our scuffle."

Having explained the situation to Etzolix; Balendin stood back and waited for something to happen. He did not really know a bunch of the people here, although he thought this Chan character might be the same guy who fought Shirou after Balendin did in the recent tournament. Balendin had not watched the fight, but apparently Shirou had knocked Chan out of the tournament in seconds if the rumors were to be believed.

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[22:33:21] Zihark : I didn't know lenny died?
[22:33:29] Zihark : how long did he stay after he died
[22:33:47] Etzolix : Uh idk.
[22:33:55] Etzolix : He let himself die cause he wanted to live.

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Cry Little Sister (open) - Page 2 Empty Re: Cry Little Sister (open)

Post by Etzolix on November 26th 2010, 3:45 pm

"Huh, I see Balendin...how about you try setting a revolution of some sort. It seems healthy and reasonable. Tho' I must be going now...I have some business in HalloweenTown to care off now that you mention it."

(I'm gone it's whatever and yeah.)



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Cry Little Sister (open) - Page 2 Empty Re: Cry Little Sister (open)

Post by Sponsored content

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