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Solomon Black application for Traverse Town

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Solomon Black application for Traverse Town Empty Solomon Black application for Traverse Town

Post by Solomon Black on August 1st 2010, 10:02 pm

Name: Solomon Black

World: Traverse Town

Quoted Role-play Sample:Hitori’s walked through the lightning country with relative ease. He was not a famous leaf ninja; actually, he was barely one. He had no squad, no teammates, no headband and no jobs from the village. Really he was here on orders of Death, the Raikage. He had no quarrels with the job, it was simple. Enter the lighting country, take note of everything you see and report back. It would take a while; it was not exactly a small area to scope out.

He was on a small dirt road, his bloody red cloak covering every inch of, making him seem like a simple wanderer. The hood extremely large and went past his chin when over his head, the sleeve’s went a couple inches past his hands and it went down to his ankles. Underneath it all he was not a simple wanderer. He had his two chakrams; Chicko and Fred, at his side and the average leaf ninja clothes on. Strangest of all, underneath all of that his body was 100% completely covered with bandages.

His thoughts were interrupted when three men wearing white baggy pajama type clothing wielding short katanas in their hand walked toward him each form a different direction. “ You got any cash on ya? “ One said in a raspy voice, Slowly spinning his sword. Hitori shook his head, trying to keep his temper.

Another that was pointing his straight at Hitori spoke next with a hissing voice, “ What now Boss? I say we just cut ‘em down. “ He motions toward the one behind Hitori, who’s sword was still at his side. The apparent leader nodded his head and hisser lunged forward stabbing at Hitori’s left side. Ducking down under the stab Hitori sweep kicked the bandit then kicked him mid-air, away making him lose his sword.

The other one after seeing his comrade get knocked away swiped at Hitori with his sword. Hitori took a simple step back then digging his foot into the ground, kicked up sending dirt into his eyes. He followed that up with a kick to the jaw, knocking the man straight out and shattering his face. The other had gotten back up and started kicking combo’s on hitori. They were not random, had much skill to them, but were to slow.

Backing away and sidestepping each kick he then suddenly stepped forward and kneed him hard in the chest, taking him out for the count. Turning around he looked at the leader, “ Is that all you got? “ He said tauntingly.

The leader, who was in blue pajama’s (Must have looked hilarious.) maneuvered very fast launching his sword at hitori, then doing hand signs turning it into six.

Hitori laughed as he side stepped the real one and the fakes just harmlessly passed through him. Then a chakram fell out of his cloak and flew at the leader, slicing clean through his arm, cutting it off. It pulled itself out of the tree and returned to Hitori’s hand as the leader fell to the ground and screamed for mercy. Hitori walked up to the man and said in a sweet voice, “ No mercy. “ As he cut the man’s head off.

Continuing on his way through the country he wiped the blood off his chakram and put it back at his side. Entering a village nearby, he went to a Ramen shop and ordered a bowl, then ate on the go through the village, looking for anything suspicious.

He found a few things strange, but none warranting anything really, but he added it to his report anyway. He asked around for many things, he met one nice woman who told him she was been around a lot and that if Hitori wanted to know something, a gambling place down the street is where to ask. He thanked her and went on his way to the gambling place, that he found out was called Pull Me Harder.

The place reeked of cigarettes and booze. He walked up to one man with a tattoo on his arm that said if you close enough to read this, you get a prize and said this is the place to get info, he replied telling him to head to the back and ask for Moshemi. The back stunk even worse but he called for the man when two burly men stopped him, “ I am here to speak to Moshemi. “

A man in shadows replied, “ I am Moshimi. “ Hitori could see him despite the darkness. He had too many piercing to count and tattoo’s everywhere. He was fairly skinny, but you knew he could hold his own. “ What do you want kid. “

Hitori replied in the most threatening voice he had without raising it, “ I come from the Fire. I wish to know as much as I can involving the relations and possible anything’s between the two of us. “ He took a step forward, the big men stopped him though. Instead of an answer he got a snap of the fingers and a attempted punch in the face.

Hitori was too quick for that, avoiding the punch he plunged a kunai he had in his hand the entire time into that guy’s skull. Before the other could move, Hitori released the kunai and pulled out a chakram, flipping over the guy, he decapitated him on the way. Then rushed the Moshemi as he got up, landing on his chest he knocked him back down and held the Chakram to his throat, “ Tell me everything! “ Hitori hissed.

Moshemi spit at Hitori, “ Screw you! “ That was when Hitori’s temper snapped. Taking out a shuriken he plunged it into the man’s genitals and twisted. Moshemi went to scream but hitori held his mouth shut. When he let got the man he nodded, “ I’ll tell you, I’ll tell youuuu! “ He cried.

Hitori nodded a obviously nod , “ Good. “ He then waited as Moshemi told him everything that was going on in the country, even things Hitori did not need to know. Hitori wrote everything down and walked out of the room, “ Thanks, you’ve been a great sport. “ He brought all weapons with him as he left.

He left hastily as he just got in the bad book’s of some very bad men. He was sure he could take them, but did not want the hassle. He returned to Death with a Massive report containing everything he saw, heard, and was told. Surprised he got so lucky with Moshemi.


Profile: Haven't made one yet, will get along to it quickly though, edit it and put it here.

Reason: Solomon has great leadership qualities. He is fair and just, he does not let emotion dictate his actions. He is extremely intelligent and can keep the peoples best interest in mind.

Preferability: I would be a good leader. I wouldn't try anything stupid

Success Chance: Yes, since Solomon is great at making money and is himself extremely wealthy, with enough money to fund the town on his own. He would be very nuetral and not take sides in a war unless it involved the saftey fo his people.

Alliance: Nuetral

Reason for Alliance: Solomon hates taking sides and prefers to have a nuetral view on matters.

Population and Entrance: Yes I would allow people to join without issue. It is a town and open to everyone, there is no reason to turn someone down.

Military Status: I would give a powerful defensive military, but only really that. Since I plan on attacking no one.

Peace or War: Peaceful, nothing good comes from war. I would only lose subjects.

Ambitions: I plan to make the world powerful and prosperious. We shall be respected and hopefully have allies with every other world.

Recommendations: -Shirou

I am here to reap your soul. Display your neck or face my darkness.

Solomon Max magic: 100
Spells: - Boo  - Death's Reach
- Darkness Will Take Over
- Dark Wight  - Dark Cannon
- Singularity: Class 1 - Paradoxical Action

[00:07:48] Solomon Black : Gimme a sex [00:07:50] Felonix : Omg yes
Renzenku : Solomon, Threat Level: Medium: Reason- Badass.
Solomon Black
Solomon Black

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