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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Ren stretched slightly; his white high collared cloak billowing behind him as his white t-shirt stretched with him. The Angel yawned before moving forwards again through the town of Hollow Bastion; light glared off the pristine surface of several buildings and bounded into the alleys off the sides of houses. The sun seemed to yawn as a flash of brighter light lit up the entire city as the sun came from behind a fluffy white cloud, and pure bliss seemed to eminate from the people of the city. It seemed like no heartless were out today, and everyone was taking advantage of the peace to talk to friends in the streets and helping each other rebuild some of the more damaged houses that couldn’t be protected during various attacks on the city; in one of the few attacks the defences possibly couldn’t entirely halt.

The Blue-Eyed male took step in front of step while scratching the back of his head as he browsed through the wares of several shops, and stopping to buy a hot chocolate from a quaint café off the main road. It was possibly the best hot chocolate he had ever tried and the angel enjoyed every drop of the liquid chocolate, and before he even finished he contemplated buying another but decided against it; Not today, I need to save my money to buy something for Fillicia… The male was reffering to his and Filicia’s ‘Anniversery’, they weren’t married or even dating but it had been customary for them to get each other gifts once a year on the same day they first met. A faraway look enveloped the males features as he thought back to the moment.

The child took a few steps forwards, and then broke into a full run; tripping on a stone he hurtled forwards and scraped his knees on the ground and received a cut to the cheek from a separate stone. A second child, this one female, approached the fallen subject carefully; as if warey that he might bite or harm her. The four year old child on the ground looked up into the girl’s eyes as tears streamed down his face, and he buried his face into her blue shirt; tears seeped into the cloth as the child emptied his eyes of tears. The female child, no more then four herself, only awkwardly patted the other child’s head, and tried to sooth him through calm words and the tone of her voice, but when the male child stopped crying his head shot up and he stood instantly; once again the strong four year old kid he was before he fell. ”I’m not a crybaby!” The girl in blue only smiled politely and stood, shaking her head as she did so, ”Of course not, it’s only natural to cry…” The male in white smiled at her and extended his hand to her’s, ”My name’s Ren! What’s yours?” The enthusiasm in his voice penetrating the quite of the green field they were in, and the girl smiled; stepping into the hand and past it she pecked him on the cheek and turned to run away, ”Filicia! You can’t catch me!” The girl in blue ran, and the guy in white smiled and ran after her.

Shaking his head Ren smiled blissfully, and noticed he was standing in front of a massion, if not a castle. Cocking an eyebrow at the extravagant building he walked to the doors and noticed they were open, and being the curious person he is Ren walked through the doors and into the brilliant building. The Angel’s breath was nearly taken at the sight before him, but he was snapped away from his revery of beauty when he noted an extremely faint noise in the distance. Wanting to know what the sound was he followed it through corridors and hallways, rooms and bathrooms, and as he traversed the mansion the male converted all the knowledge of his paths and travel to a memory map of the building; in case of further need for it. Smiling as he ran with stealth through the building, and made not a sound as he traversed ground and the noise got louder, and everytime he spotted a being of sorts he would hide and hold his breath with calm control so he wouldn’t get removed from the building after all his work. This building is huge…I swear I’ve gone in circles at least twice, but the noise only gets louder…

Turning the next corner he found himself back in the main room and the noise once again far away, and Ren frowned slightly at this. His curiousity not fulfilled he shrugged and took a separate path, and this one went on a downwards slope deeper into the ground. As the noise became permeating the Angel glanced left and right, and noticed a venting system grate; Ren sighed and shook his head the cloak shifting with his head movement and his black pants stretched as the male sat down cross legged and focused his thoughts and perception. How can I be such an idiot? Of course it’s a venting system… Now just to locate… Deep in a meditative state the Angel pinpointed the source sound as being off along the path he was along; and that was only assuming that the venting system was layed out a very specific way.

Ren continued along his path and developed a sense of amusement as he found that his calculations were correct and he found himself in a fairly large room with straw and cloth training dummies strewn around the floor, and several were propped up and already torn apart. The Angel quickly noted that a male was training against one of the dummies, and no better word described it other then “pulverized”. Ren smiled slightly and he scuffed his boots on the ground to tell the other male he was there and the smiled could be heard in his voice as he asked the question that was becoming natural to him; ”May I join?” The way Ren had found his way there in itself was unnatural, but hopefully the other male wouldn’t question him to much on it, as Ren got there mostly by fault of direction.

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