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Raiding the Forgotten Caverns (Open)

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Raiding the Forgotten Caverns  (Open) Empty Raiding the Forgotten Caverns (Open)

Post by Zeji on July 10th 2010, 8:40 am

Zeji was walking around town in Agrabah. He was still covered in darkness but the light of the sun revealed some of his royal armor. Zeji was in a very good mood right now since he had been hearing rumors around town about a mystic Light Amulet that gives someone the ultimate control over light. Zeji had become very interested in this artifact and had decided to do a lot of research on it. A few days later he came found a big problem that may cost him his only chance to become normal again. He had found out that the enterance to that area of the cave was blocked off and many had tried to find it but all had failed. So he decided to journey off to the caves alone. The weather at the enterance was normal for a desert. It had winds picking up and it was night out which meant a sandstorm may start up so if anyone were to join him they had better hurry. As he approched the enterance the Guardian of the Cave of Wonders said "Who disturbs my slumber?"

Zeji responded with "It is I Zeji former Royal Guard of the Emporere in the Land of Dragons and I have come to find my light." The Guardian did not reply and he kept his mouth open. Zeji walked towards the enterance and felt the wind really picking up. As Zeji entered the cave he slowly descended down the long stairwell to enter the chambers of the Cave of Wonders. He saw where many explorers had made marks in there travels that may give him some clues. He decided to wait for some others to show up before continueing since he knew that Zeji would need some help.

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Raiding the Forgotten Caverns  (Open) Empty Re: Raiding the Forgotten Caverns (Open)

Post by Yima on July 10th 2010, 9:46 am

Soaring in the deep night sky the pumpkin king dipped his luminescent wing span into the darkness around him only lite by the sailor's tears shining above him diamonds in the rough. Below him deserts of wind whisked sand stretched out farther than the human eye could hope to see and at night unlike the day the sand were cool unless you went deep or where an enchanted lion head poking out of the... With a jolt Yima spin his head around seeing that cavern active was a rare thing especially in a time when most had forgotten the place existed let alone gone to venture within it. Dive bombing toward the lion's maw he tucked his body into itself trying to prepare himself encase the granule based feline decided he was lunch rather than visitor he might have a better chance of getting through. Curiosity was stirring in the king of all hollows' eve to what kind of being he would find in the far reaches of this treasure strewn hiding place.

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Raiding the Forgotten Caverns  (Open) Empty Re: Raiding the Forgotten Caverns (Open)

Post by Tinkerbrat on July 13th 2010, 9:59 pm

Not again....

Tinkerbrat felt the winds beginning to pick up, and whether that meant a sandstorm or not, she began to panic. ...and me without a pocket to hide in!!

This little fairy had already been through one sandstorm with Solomon Black, and even though she cowered within a vest pocket, Tinkerbrat did NOT want to go through something like that again!

Then off in the distance, Tinkerbrat saw something glowing from the sandy dune hoizon and headed straight for it hoping for shelter should she need it. Yet the closer she flew, it was obvious this was no village or city.

A head..... a big...head? Coming out of the sand? And it looked nothing more to her than one big kitty cat head! Ever the curious fairy, Tinkerbrat flew at her quickest speed and was excited to investigate! It's mouth was wide open to reveal a staircase that decended deep within the ground, but fairies weren't known to take predictable routes.

Instead, Tinkerbrat shot straight for the face of the enormous tiger head and landed on top of it's nose. Once on her knees, she grabbed the edge of one nostril and bent over upside down to look straight up inside.

"Heeeellloooooooooooooooooo........" Her little voice echoed up into the nose. As she leaned further inside to see if it led anywhere, her voice changed to disgust as it echoed even more.

"EEeeeeeeeWWWWwwwwww...... sand boogers!!!"

No, not 'Tink"....I'm dah 'Brat'!

Raiding the Forgotten Caverns  (Open) Fairybanner2

... I didn't do it >.>
[11:24:41] Tinkerbrat : Leo... your character have a tail too?
[11:25:07] Leo : Yes , I'm half wolf.
[11:25:18] Leo : Wolf ears, fangs, and even a cute bushy tail lol.
[11:25:22] Leo : True doggy style.
[11:25:40] Tinkerbrat : O.O
[11:26:08] Tinkerbrat : fairies like ears >>
[11:26:21] Leo : they like them or they like to nibble on them?
[11:27:15] Leo : I think you would try and put the moves on me, buuuuuut lol
[11:28:04] Tinkerbrat : i may just move in your tail >>
[11:28:08] Tinkerbrat : build me a condo....
[11:28:30] Leo : Tink, you can do whatever you want to me....

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Raiding the Forgotten Caverns  (Open) Empty Re: Raiding the Forgotten Caverns (Open)

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