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Need to Vent (feel free to discuss)

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Need to Vent (feel free to discuss) Empty Need to Vent (feel free to discuss)

Post by PaleoKairi on May 6th 2010, 11:50 am

Alright, I'm going to tell you all a little story about something that happened only one hour ago. I've already had my freak out about it, but i still need to vent in a positive way. This is the story of Kairi and the assholes up the ramp.

Aila, Sylfaen and I all have been sitting on the ramp at school, towards the library. It's an incline in the floor. Our group of friends (before everyone pretty much left for higher education) have been sitting there for more than the last 4 years. I'm a high school senior, and a student leader. I'm on the principal's executive council and almost all of the teachers know of me, or my reputation for being a good kid. There is a group that has steadily been getting bigger who sit up the ramp from us. They are, by every sense of the word, a group of loser geeks who will never ever get laid. It sounds mean, but there are no other words to describe them. They constantly make old internet jokes and surprisingly, never talk about anything intelligent. They're idiots who are chained to their computers. The one time, i burned them in secret because one says to the other, "want to know whats better than a computer with a dual usb drive?". i leaned over to Sylfaen and said "uhm, dunno, sex with a girl?". Once again, mean, but necessary.

Now, I've been listening to their tripe for the last 4 years, and i swore to the girls that one day, i was gonna snap. Well, guess what day today was.

They had been making bad jokes the whole time, and it was really starting to get me in that mood of "oh god, shoot me, my brain is crying". Now, my high school has a class for those who are developmentally challenged. From a personal viewpoint, my aunt has a mental disability, so i can relate. One of the boys from that class walked by with his teacher aide. He makes fairly loud noises, and can't really control himself. He must've been having a good day, because he was squealing happily as he ran past us, his aide running after him with a huge smile on her face. I was like "thats so adorable". Because it was. He's such a sweetie, and it made me smile to see him so excited.

Well dumbasses up the ramp were talking about how "retarded" he was. Now, normally, i can take that word in stride, but from them it was almost like "wtf, are you guys honestly that cruel. he cant help himself, and he looked much happier in the last ten seconds than you've ever been in your lives." i wanted to turn around and tell them that before they started making jokes about it and i was gonna slap a bitch.

aila said, "theyre idiots. its okay, sweetie." i nodded, with that look in my eye, that i was just about near the edge.

heres what sent me off the deep end.

"so there was this rock right, and it could predict the weather. so if the rock was still it was sunny, if the rock was swaying back and forth, it was windy. if the rock was bouncing up and down, it was an earthquake, and if the rock was missing, a n***** stole it."

they all roared into laughter. Aila dropped everything in her hands, and froze. sylfaen touched my arm as she saw my reaction change. and me? i was done. i turned around.

"do you want to repeat that joke to me? because i could've sworn, you just used the n word."

well, i was completely enraged. the stupid, ignorant asshole told me that i shouldnt have been listening to them anyways and to "plug my ears if i didnt want to hear it". this was after i said, "how many countries have you been to?" "not many" "exactly. ive been halfway across the world, im white, and even I take offence to that. i dont ever want to hear you or your little friends using that word ever again!"

he gave me a look that said "whats this dumb bitch talking about." i nearly screamed. i yelled about it being inappropriate and that our (primarily white based) small little shit town is not the centre of the universe. now, as i yelled at him, i dropped the f-bomb, and at that moment, a teacher walked by.

she asked me what was going on, and i explained in one sentence, "he just used the n word". the look on her face was past irritated. she told him to never talk like that, said she didnt want to hear bad language from me, and could see that i was past upset. i was shaking like crazy, my nails digging into my own palm as i held it in a fist. she told me quietly what room she was in if i needed anything, and then walked away. aila and i walked outside.

for 15 minutes i was yelling about those boys in the courtyard next to the library and the staff parking lot. how i couldnt believe that people in this day and age were so ignorant. and bisc and ansem will be so proud of me, because it was them i thought of first. because NO ONE talks about that or says that word without deserving a nice sized kick in the ass and a punch in the face. its immoral, wrong, derrogatory, and just plain shit stupid. after my rant to aila (sylfaen was watching my purse), i told her i was going to go apologize to that teacher for "overreacting" (i kinda did, but they deserved it... assholes). so i walked in a way that i wouldnt have to see them, and went to talk to the teacher.

i apologized saying that i dont normally use that language (i'll use it when im angry, but other than that....), and i told her about all that had been said. she commended me for standing up like that. now, ive been to a few different countries, and i have friends of other nationalities, races, religions and sexual preferences. so of course i told her that, and said that i was a student leader in the school, and that it was unfortunate that i had to react like that. but she said the fact that i stood up to say something about it, (the fact i didnt punch one of them out, despite wanting to dearly), and the fact that i came to speak to her about it said "worlds for my character". she told me that she's very happy that my school has a student like me.

now, you guys can discuss this as much as you want, as long as there are no slangs or dirty comments, because then i really will beat someone up. my one question is, "what is it going to take for people like that to finally get that its not right?" because if it was bisc, he wouldve beaten them to a pulp... if it was riku and they made a gay slang he wouldve eviscerated them... and if it was roxas, he'd beat them for making me cry... and for making racial slurs. personally, i really hope someone takes the mickey out of them for doing it. id prefer it to be me, but off school grounds. i think i might have to tell a certain someone in a higher authority for them to "educate them". or else, i hope someone beats them up.

what does it take to stop racism? this is my story. next time, there will be blood and tears... and it wont be mine.

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Need to Vent (feel free to discuss) Empty Re: Need to Vent (feel free to discuss)

Post by MorpheusZero on May 6th 2010, 12:01 pm

Racism Can't Be Stopped--It's Like Telling The Wind Not To Blow. Kids Aren't Taught The Necessary Values Of Living Life Anymore. Integrity Is Something No One Seems To Have Anymore. Personally I Don't Have A Problem Hearing The "N" Word Because I Hear it So Much And Usually When I Do Here It--It's In A Common Everyday Usage By A Black Person...So If They Use It Then I Don't Really Care, But I Do See How You Can Be Mad If They Use it Out Of Context In A "Stereotypical" Manner. Although, I Would Have Been More Mad At Them For Making Jokes At The Kid With The Mental Disability, But We All Have Our Breaking Points I Guess.

People Have No Hearts And They Don't See The Good In The World Anymore Because Of Situations In Each Individual's Life That We May Not Know About. This Doesn't Give Anyone An Excuse To Put Others Down Though--But From The Standpoint Of The Secular View, It's Just Another Day--Another Story.

All We Can Do Is Live Our Lives As An Example. I'm Not Saying You HAVE To Be Christian Or Whatnot Or Affiliated With Any Religion--I'm just Saying, Be Someone Of Integrity And Through You The Lights Will Shine. We Can't Change The World Or The Way People View Things By Beating People Up, It Doesn't Change Anything. But What We Can Do Is Show Them The Errors Of Their Ways By Displaying How Life Should Be Led. If They Don't Change Then--It's Their Own Damn Fault. Some People Are Just That Fucked Up And We Have To Learn To Deal With It.

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Need to Vent (feel free to discuss) Empty Re: Need to Vent (feel free to discuss)

Post by Jet Enduro on May 6th 2010, 1:11 pm

Ahhh racism....i dont get bugged by it in fact it makes me laugh i mean really if i call someone a nigger im not calling them black im calling them a low class ignorant person...pure and simple.... the REAL definition for the word nigger but these moronic blacks decided to change it to mean black i mean hell it just makes them niggers then

as for other things...Its white peoples fault.....and not enough Journey feat. Jesus we need more bands like that....im sure we would all have a fun time...since Jesus can turn water in to funk....(not being sacrilegious just quoting family guy)

I also agree with morph on the fact that no one is brought up on morals anymore kids now days they just sit around and take shit for granted i mean. Hell i used to have to WORK MY ASS OFF to get free time to do anything for a summer i had to take a job cleaning dead frogs out of pools. i didnt get any pay but it built character....still not sure what character it built but shit if i hear the nickname frog boy again imma stab a motherfucker in the face...

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Need to Vent (feel free to discuss) Empty Re: Need to Vent (feel free to discuss)

Post by Solomon Black on May 6th 2010, 7:05 pm

Racism huh, well... I see what everyone is saying... I mean I was/am a spoiled brat of sorts, I take this shit for granted. I also think Kairi shulduv punched em out in my opinion. funfunfun. Though we also dont get nouthin on morals and integrity, at least I didnt.

I also think we all got something that we could relate the mental disability stuff to. Be it a friend or a relative. So the Racism for me is a just dont do that man type thing, and the mental dissability is a DONT DO THAT MAN... depending.

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Need to Vent (feel free to discuss) Empty Re: Need to Vent (feel free to discuss)

Post by Renzenku on May 6th 2010, 7:41 pm

And you know damn well Sully, that if I was there with you I would've held you back.... Then again, they'd probably make some gay comments, and you know that's the one thing that makes me angry >.<

And yeah, racism is essentially here to stay, we can't do anything about it really. I've said my fair share of rasist jokes, if only because we're currently doing WW2 and a lot of the time I'm basically quoting part of the Nazi party, and I hate it myself but... In terms of being mean to someone with a mental dissability, I don't like it, but on occasions I myself can't help but laugh at some, my family has it's fair share of diseases with us.... I guess it's just because I'm good humored, but overall I realize there are a lot of issues...

For example, our school does a Missionary trip to the Dominican Republic to help build things, Latrines it was this year, and I was bored as all get out during the assembly, I mentioned during the fourth slideshow "When is it going to eeeennnd" and my girlfriend got pissed off, saying "Maybe they're just trying to get people to help too. For people to realize what's going on there..." Our school has done that for 17 years or so now, and she brought up how people are spoiled here, now, I'm one who can't fold in an arguement easily, and I brought up a simple point after she said people are spoiled, "You mean like you? And me? And Andre there? And a huge portion of Canada? Canada is one of the most spoiled countries on the planet...." Needless to say, I don't like it when people argue something that they're a part of, such as mentioning people being spoiled when they're spoiled, to a degree...

I guess the only thing I'm trying to say here is you can't change people in their entirety, they'll live their bitter old lives and the rest of us will go with the flow. Getting mad at people because they're rascist, or insult someone with a disability is just stupid, I understand it's aggravating, but it's not going to change what they think. And it most certainly won't make you feel any better to bitch them out, because if it made any sense you'd be upset with yourself. Nothing can work by itself in our age, Newton's Theories exsist for a reason xD "Ever action has an equal and opposite reaction"

Well... Yeah... "Rant" Done ^^

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Need to Vent (feel free to discuss) Empty Re: Need to Vent (feel free to discuss)

Post by Riku on May 6th 2010, 11:25 pm

Well in my opinion we're never gonna stop people from saying the n word until it is completely unacceptable for anyone to do it. If its so offensive then rappers shouldn't be using it every other word in their songs. Can' get respect without self respect.

As for actually hearing people say derogatory slurs. I could care less. I ignore it. Hell I make racist jokes myself. I make GAY jokes myself. It doesn't make me racist or homophobic. It just means I appreciate comedy, which is all I saw that joke as. Yes it was offensive. Yes it was based on stereotypes. But all the best jokes are. And stereotypes are all based on some realm of truth.There are always people in a demographic who fit a stereotype, which makes it funny.

As for if it had been a gay joke, I would have laughed. Had I heard the joke in question, I would have laughed at that too. Its when it is said to or about a specific person (and not a general representation of a stereotype. If h hadcalled me a fag or queer I would have freaked. If he had called someone a nigger instead of just using it in a joke I would have freaked. But as it stands, I see it as no big deal

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Need to Vent (feel free to discuss) Empty Re: Need to Vent (feel free to discuss)

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