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Post by Azumi Cho on September 12th 2009, 6:28 pm

Azumi had come to this land after reading about it in Wonderland; her homeland had begun to change from summer to fall, which meant the air became cool and crisp, and the leaves had started changing colors. A place where people wear costumes and get candy... Lavender eyes looked at the slightly dreary land; everything was a faded brown, orange, and black.

No one was really out and about, except for a few people, who looked rather bored, as though they had always carried out the same routine. The half-ling took a moment to look at herself. She wore loose earth toned robes, that sort of resembled a toga, only more modest, and a wreath of leaves was on her head as well as transparent purple wings attached to her back. The look of a forest fairy was completed with pointed ears.

The girl wasn't sure what to do, other than begin walking around and see what she could of this land. Part of her wanted Terra there, but she always seemed to want her brother around when she was alone. At her side was a small sack that would hold candy, if she could get any. Sighing, she decided to try getting some sweets. Maybe I can take some home to Terra-nii-san.

Elements: Cure, Earth, Ink
Learning: Rose
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Azumi Cho
Azumi Cho

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