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A devil's blessing

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A devil's blessing Empty A devil's blessing

Post by Lensilrist on August 12th 2009, 10:18 pm

OOC: Red for Hrist talking green for the other person talking


The moon of the darkness glimmering with the wavering gales passing along the night as the stars kisses with their brilliant shine brightening the sight before its ruler’s gaze. His crimson gaze looking off into the waters before the beach and sand, cold and temperamental, yet with the passion of fire burning deep inside his thoughts as death and gore vigilantly lingered never the less as it was meant for this demon.

But this night appeared different for the vile monster of the heartless prince as from the exterior his facial features he was neither then crazed blood thirsty monster nor a hatefully child that cursed everything about his existence like a wounded animal. Instead his being took this solitude as a rare gift and break from his violent existence.

Even going so far as to seal off his telepathic connection with the one person that could understand him, his denied lover and the single person this lord of darkness trusted even a little. Hrist as his brand name was given sought complete distance from the world of reality, to escape himself and just suffering in silence at the sound of the flowing waves brushing on his toes.

A song he sang alone, a soothing melody that held attachment for him to what once was, a thread of humanity hidden he sang within this silence of the shadows

Toue Lei Zue Kroa Ryuo Toue Zue

Kroa Ryuo Zue Toue Ryuo Lei Neu…

Ryuo Zue

Va Lei Zue Toue Neu Toue Ryuo Toue Kuroa

Ryuo Lei Kuroa Ryuo Zue Lei Va Zue Lei

Va Neu Va Lei Va Neu Va Zue Lei

Kuroa Ryuo Kuroa Neu Toue Lei…

Kuroa Ryuo Zue Lei Va

Lei Va Neu Kuroa Toue Lei Lei

Again and again after finish he started anew, replaying his concealed connection to this melody in his own heart reflecting upon what could have been but was never given the chance to blossom. Even riku wasn’t allowed to witness this side of the fiend nor was the innocence of Lenneth. He knew all to well that this single fiber had removed and Hrist could have done it in a heart beat…and yet he would not.

“You always used to sing that when you found a corner to hide in…”
a women dressed from head to toe in a black dress with white feathers along the ends and a crown of feathers ontop her head. Her head of bright red laced down her back to her flowing like a elegant flame as she moved closer with her sights set upon the dark La Vaeas then with the thousands of violet daggers summoned around her just pointing their sharpness in front of her flesh as they floated their in mind flight motionless for the moment. Her skin pale as white gets, slivery shine almost even in that dim moon light behind the clouds of storms. Inching in from Hrist’s beckon.

“Aggressive as ever I see…”

“Have I ever mislead you in such a way?” Hrist muttered with his eyes shut and his hand from his spell placed back on his lap with his legs still crossed up top the dark stone as the sea breeze brushed pass his golden hair and flickered his bangs.

“ No admitly you have remained true nature. It has been a long time…”

“Not long enough personally, so what brings a bitch out of her dog house?”

The robbed women stopped her advancement for the front of the spell began to vibrate from warning her to stop motion all together. The green eyes she held was blank like a lifeless doll before the living. She had hoped to get a little closer before being notice by this child of darkness but she had underestimated his powers of perception.

“A transaction of sorts one that would benefit both of us”

“ Oh? What task from you would grant me anything but annoyance and frustration?”

“ I want you guide a key bearer into becoming a hero”

Hrist in his surprise rose to his feet and turn into at the female with shock and amusement as her face only spoke in the seriousness for such a task she just asked the prince of heartless. With his single arm crossed across his torso and his free one resting the elbow while his palm held up his leaning head the dark La Vaeas simply looked with mockery at the mere sight of the crazed women

“ So what might this task grant me in return? Since increase the number of key bears would be a little hindrance to my nature, so what mental issue do you have that would force you to ask a question you know the answer to?”
he asked with glaring sight of self assurement.
The red beauty merely paused her breath and thought nothing of his sharp tongue even less so with the prevails spell awaiting to crave her into a bloody mess.

“ ...In return I shall give you piece of mind for what happened back then so you can let go of that song”

Hrist’s bright eyes of blood color shot wide in surprise and revelation to her purposely, this caught the heartless off guard something unexpected. Never has he ever wanted the issue the two of them had to ever be brought up again. To put an end to their past ties would have been enough for him to consider this task and yet he still had a underlying hesitation to his impulsive nature. It took a few moments for him to question rather or not this was worth the risk of this women back stabbing him or the trouble and grueling pain it was to train a new warrior and a potential hero no less. There had to be an answer from him soon other wise she might have taken it as a moment of weakness, he would be rush and to the point weighing the reward with the work then throwing that out the window and just fucking with it.

“…Fine” Hrist muttered in agreement as a new chapter in his life was about to start wither he actually wanted to or not.

Overlord Of Darkness, Heartless Prince, Terror of Lust
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