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Traverse Town Defense System

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Traverse Town Defense System Empty Traverse Town Defense System

Post by Forte on August 3rd 2009, 1:38 pm

Basic Defenses!

- When a hostile takeover occurs, the Guard Armor will usually appear to defend the town.

-If the battle is on the verge of losing, or if any intruders manage to infiltrate the heart of the world, the guard armor will become the opposite armor, and attack the highest priority threat against the heart of the world.

-The district doors may shut close during emergencies, at which point it becomes more difficult and time consuming to manage to infiltrate to the deepest part of town.

Advanced Defense Systems

-Should the Opposite Armor be destroyed and the world threatened, Heartless will began to enter the town, and will attack anyone and everyone in a massive swarm.

-There will be several opening traps that causes some soldiers to fall down into the sewers, as a means of delaying them. The sewers are a complicated maze of tunnels and there are only a few exits.

-Sewer discharge system : Sometimes, when identified enemies enter the wrong tunnels, a flood will occur and attempt to drive them out into the sea, or against metal grills for damage. If driven out to the sea, they will have to find some way to swim back.

-Shutdown system : If enemies enter 5 wrong tunnels, all the exits will be locked down, with only one exit that leads back to the entrance of the town, which is laid with several mines. Some Heartless also wander around this area, so be careful as you might get attacked.

-If the wrong tunnel(only one tunnel is the wrong one) is really entered somehow, you will drop into an underground prison(more like trap place..thingy) where you'll be trapped there. This tunnel entrance will only activate if Guard Armor has transformed into Opposite Armor, indicating serious threats. If you attempt to climb up that tunnel while dropping, a gush of water will pour down and continue pouring until you drown in the prison. However, not to worry, it's difficult to even stop falling so most likely this will never happen..The tunnel slams shut the moment you drop into the prison. However, non-NPC characters are very unlikely to drop into this tunnel, unless their really that stupid.

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Traverse Town Defense System Empty Re: Traverse Town Defense System

Post by Lensilrist on August 3rd 2009, 2:53 pm


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