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Twilight Town Defenses: (Neutral)

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Twilight Town Defenses: (Neutral) Empty Twilight Town Defenses: (Neutral)

Post by Guest on July 23rd 2009, 9:51 am

The World of Twilight Town is considered neutral, however, if in the event of an attack, or some other unfortunate incident, there are other safety precautions which warrant the safety of the people living in the town.

Mayor: Pinky Rose

"Discipline" Committee Leader: Prince

Twilight Guard head Commander: Terah Gothic

These people are allowed access to all of the restricted areas, which include Ansem the Wise's computer room, the Pod Room, and the White Room. They may activate the world's defense systems at ANY GIVEN TIME, provided there is a previous threat.


--The Computer Room--
The Computer Room is an area which allows any of the three commanders to access Ansem the Wise's Computer. This computer not only allows entry into the Pod Room, but also programs for the "False Twilight Town" program. Only Pinky Rose, Prince, and Terah Gothic can enter the password which activates entry into these two areas.

---False Twilight Town Program--
Once the False Twilight Town Program has been activated, all people who are considered enemies are transported to a false version of Twilight Town. Here, there are thousands of Nobodies, and the only escape from the False Twilight Town is to enter the Betwixt and Between, on the far East side of Town.

---Tower Glyph---
This glyph can be drawn out in any mannerism. Once the glyph is drawn, all enemies and allies are transported to Yen Sid's Tower. Here, Yen Sid is controlled as an NPC, and fights for the defending team using third level spells.
HOWEVER, this glyph can only be activated when there is danger of enemies escaping from False Twilight Town, via Betwixt and Between.

=======Defense System=======

Twilight Town is home to both the Twilight Militia and the Guardians of Restoration.

Twilight Militia:
The Twilight Militia is made of four groups, with each group having a sub-category. The sub-category is an advancement in rank in the military.

The Swords--Elite Bladers
The Shields--Elite Knights
The Snipers-- Elite Assassins
The Magicians-- Elite Black Mages

Guardians of Restoration:
The Guardians of Restoration are made of four groups as well, but have no sub-categories, and are the best military power available.

-The Vigliant Blades
--The Ghastly Assassins
---The Vandals of Destruction
----The Guardians

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