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Jordan (Shouen-ai)

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Jordan (Shouen-ai) Empty Jordan (Shouen-ai)

Post by Terradagger on July 17th 2009, 10:40 pm

DISCLAIMER: All of these characters are fictional and so are the events that they participate in. The use of these characters without authorization is prohibited. Also, this is lemony and shouen-ai-ish. (Meaning there's not any intense tension, but there is some tension between two male parties.)

Jordan woke from the mist that enshrouded him called night and dreaming, only to realize that all he really wanted to do was go back to sleep. Fate had a cruel and unusual way of depriving him of the solace that he really sought, his mind grayed and his happiness shadowed by the blotch of death, scarring his history and forever plunging his mind into despair. Or so he thought.

Recently, his mother had been victim to a drunken driving accident which had killed her. The driver came out living, perfectly fine by some miracle of God which was also cruel in itself. The man had lost his job earlier that day, laid off by some fraudulent CEO because of some internal affairs glitch. In essence, there was no reason for his firing. And what was a man’s response to depression?

He got hammered that same night, drinking heavily. It was so bad that the bartender started refusing him drinks and said that he’d call a cab for him to find his way home. Insistent, the drunk had only screamed like a banshee that he would call his nephew to come pick him up. Lying not only killed his happiness, but completely destroyed another family’s joy.

In essence, his mother died and the old man paid a check to the young boy monthly, not out of requirement, but out of sorrow. Upon sobering the man attempted to kill himself because he had felt the intense guilt that one should feel after taking another’s life. By no means happy about what he did, he would continue to bring money until he died.

Jordan, also, had no available father to help sustain him through this time of sorrow. He was living in Australia, doing some sort of expansion and outsourcing project for his work. Instead, he had his boy emancipated legally and gave him a couple thousand dollars a month as to pay bills, buy food, and etcetera. However, this left little wiggle money for Jordan to buy luxury or to do things he wanted. He would have to phone his father if he wanted extra money, even so much money as to buy football equipment for the upcoming season or to turn on their sprinkler line again.

Though horrible and quite sad, actually, the boy had improved his place of living while wallowing in despair. He knew that distraction was one of the best means of dealing with depression, and even though the situation saddened him, when he would finally become happy, he would appreciate the experience and what life gave him as he would understand better the life that was approaching him.

Even worse than that, he had to support his younger brother as well, a simple seven years old and misunderstanding of any major concept, he was certainly too young to understand what had happened to his mother. When Jordan had to explain to him after being alerted by the police officer what happened to his mother, he probably used some sort of euphemism. Jordan didn’t even remember it himself because of how blurry everything became.

He remembered standing up when he picked up the phone, walking around as most people do when on the phone. He was lunged into hollowness as he hit the floor, his knees scraping against the hardwood and his hands dropping the phone. Tears fell to the flooring as he began to cry, his blond hair hanging over his face. He wasn’t sure he understood what was going to happen, but he had to have had faith that everything was being okay.

Now, though, it was the start of a new school year. It was Jordan’s junior year in high school, turning 16 previously that summer. His younger brother had turned 8 that spring and was going into the second grade. Jordan, after dropping his brother off at the bus stop and seeing him off with a pat on his head and waving away at the school bus, was approaching his large high school.

The school had grown over time, and eventually had to be remodeled. The school had a large field around the sidewalk to the main entrance, the one that Jordan would have to take. He walked with his head hung, remembering to go to homeroom the first period of the day. Jordan finally did approach his class and simply sat in a desk, quiet, and shy.

The time seemed to blow by quickly and homeroom was over, the students receiving lectures concerning the proper use of school equipment and the importance of maintaining grades. Some extracurricular clubs were mentioned and some students seemed to perk their excitements towards those but Jordan seemed rather uninterested. As he was leaving, he was stopped by the teacher as he was making his exit.

The teacher had short, buzzed blond hair and shaved facial hair. For being in his lower thirties, the teacher didn’t look half bad, but what was the subject of the matter was disturbing and seemed to steal away from the teacher’s distracting charm. The lips moved quickly but the words seemed to drag on for eternity.

“I heard about your mother, and if you need anything, I want you to know I’m here,” he said politely, making sure to smile at the end of his sentence. Jordan couldn’t tell whether he was being polite out of force or out of whim, and even then the smile seemed fake. Jordan simply nodded and put his earphone in once more, listening to some classical music.

He walked to his science class, what was next in his daily routine, and sat down with a curious gaze at the desk. A person came and sat next to him, probably new to the school Jordan judged as he had never seen him before. The boy had a dumb grin on his face, despite the emo appearance he seemed to have gathered through the fads that every young pop culture managed to shove down society’s throat.

“Hey, my name’s Rory,” the boy said and he held out a hand for Jordan to shake. Jordan looked at it and then looked at the boy. He didn’t see any harm in doing it and being cold is the last thing that he wanted. He put out his hand and shook the newcomer’s with hesitation still present.

Rory looked at Jordan for a little bit longer and then realized what was so odd about him. Besides the fact that he was shy, Jordan wasn’t exactly the worst looking kid in the school. Pretty features were adorned by an odd teal color of eyes and his tan skin only managed to make his eyes explode, drawing focus to them without effort.

“Dude, you’re eyes are way cool! Do you wear contacts?” the boy said shamelessly. Jordan shook his head, saying no, but the boy wouldn’t believe him. Throughout the class, he kept asking whether through note or whisper, even when the teacher had scolded him for talking too much. Jordan tried to laugh at the situation, but realized that he only laughed inwardly. The accident seemed to have taken a greater toll on him than he though it would have, affecting his appearance.

The bell finally rang and Jordan started towards his other class, Rory hollering at his back, telling him bye. The boy continued towards his next class, which was English, and he sat down at the desk, awaiting the teacher. In a secluded area, he hoped that someone who was funny at the very least would sit next to him. He found that he was graced by none other than Rory.

“Hey, I guess we have this class together too!” Rory proclaimed in a voice that was becoming more of a familiarity rather than an annoyance, kind of like an annoying brother that you loved to be around. Jordan turned and attempted a smile, looking into the boy’s pristine green eyes. They seemed to sparkle happiness at Jordan, and it made him wonder if he had that same happiness or if he had lost it.

“I guess so,” Jordan muttered and the smile that he had attempted had apparently passed with flying colors. The boy in front of him simply gasped in awe and wonder.

“What, is there something on my face?” Jordan asked in confusion, his hand glancing upwards, tracing his features in confusion as to feel for any irregularity. Finding none, he simply looked at Rory with skepticism; his glare returned by a gaping mouth and confused eyes. Whoever this kid was, he seemed to be an amazing actor.

“No, it’s just that… you talked…!!” the boy said, his precise words gathered and then separated by the pauses that seemed to add a dramatic effect. Any sort of tension that Jordan had would be released as he punched his new acquaintance in the arm. Flinching and reaching for his shoulder, Rory seemed to disapprove. “Dude, that hurt,” he grimaced.

Apparently, the time spent in grief had given Jordan the advantage of forgetting his own strength. The lecture continued of the English teacher, talking about similes and metaphors, as though the class hadn’t learned about those back in the third grade. The notes between Jordan and Rory became more frequent, and read thusly:

Rory: “Sup dude?”

Jordan: “Yes…?”

Rory: “Just wanted to talk again. Dude, this teacher does NOT know how to shut up lol.”

Jordan: “Don’t remind me :) So are you new here?”

Rory: “Kinda. I just transferred from Calvary across town. Man, this place is so much better. I don’t know, I guess I enjoy the new stuff, you know?”

Jordan: “Sure. So do you have any friends here? I mean, considering you’re new…”

Rory: “Nope. Just you! :)”

So then it was official. They were at least friends, and considering that Jordan was his first friend, that relationship was bound to grow. Jordan crumpled up the note and tossed it, turned to Rory, and affectionately smiled. The look on Rory’s face wasn’t of astonishment or surprise, but of gratitude and beaming warmth.

Not much time passed and it was already the end of school. Rory turned to Jordan and they started talking about some sort of sport or game; it’s hard to remember. Jordan laughed for a bit, the happiest he’s been in a while, and turned to Rory to ask him a question.

“Hey, if you want to, you can come over to my house. I have a younger brother there, but we’ll be the only three home,” Jordan said, almost confessing his situation. The look that Rory gave him was one of confusion, but then one of agreement as he nodded and flicked his cell phone out to start to text. He texted his mother that he’d be home late as he was going to a friend’s house so everything would go well.

They walked home and Rory looked at Jordan with a bit of confusion. “How is it that he does it…?” he asked himself. “How is it that he manages to be so damn cute, but so far off everyone’s radar? He seemed like a sadsack earlier, but his day got better. Go Rory, you the man!” Sure enough, feeding his ego was the last bit of his thoughts.

It was then that they started rough housing on their way to Jordan’s house. Rory and Jordan were pushing and shoving until Rory finally pushed Rory too hard. Jordan winced and fell, but not before gripping on Rory’s hand and yanking him down as well. They both landed, one’s hand in the other’s, panting and in the dirt, a bit of mud from past rain soiling their clean clothes.

They looked into each other’s eyes, not saying a word. It was silent, and then Jordan twitched for a bit, his face drawing closer to Rory’s. It was then that Jordan watched his green eyes, so beautiful and so mysterious, green and leafy yet billowy like waters dancing. The trance would last a couple more seconds as Rory’s face got closer to Jordan’s.

Rory struggled to his feet as he dusted himself off. Grinning and giggling, he looked at Jordan once again and said, “Dude, I didn’t think you were so weak!” Playfully he pushed Jordan’s shoulder, who only reacted by yanking on his arm, bringing their bodies even closer.

“Thanks, pigsty, I’m going to have to shower now. You don’t mind, do you?” he asked with a bit of sarcasm in his tone. Rory shook his head and they continued to walk towards the home…

(To be continued… maybe…)

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Jordan (Shouen-ai) Empty Re: Jordan (Shouen-ai)

Post by Lensilrist on July 19th 2009, 4:48 pm

i like it
seemed a little rush since we already know they have a clear attraction to them, like the ending could have been such a foreshadowing if we didn't already know they like each other XD

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Jordan (Shouen-ai) Empty Re: Jordan (Shouen-ai)

Post by Terradagger on July 19th 2009, 5:00 pm

Thank you Lennsters. xD I just wanted to post this cuz it wasn't serving a purpose otherwise and was just time lost, which in essence, it still is.

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Jordan (Shouen-ai) Empty Re: Jordan (Shouen-ai)

Post by Yima on July 21st 2009, 6:25 pm

^-^ That was sweet and cute; you have shown what can be expected but left so many doors open I am not entirely sure what will befall the two young men.

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Jordan (Shouen-ai) Empty Re: Jordan (Shouen-ai)

Post by Terradagger on July 21st 2009, 11:47 pm

Maybe I enjoy being tragic? Maybe not. I'll continue it I think.

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Jordan (Shouen-ai) Empty Re: Jordan (Shouen-ai)

Post by Sponsored content

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