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Leo's Leadership Application for Agrabah

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Leo's Leadership Application for Agrabah Empty Leo's Leadership Application for Agrabah

Post by Leo on July 16th 2009, 6:11 pm

Name: Sir Leo Smith
World: Agrabah
Quoted Role-play Sample:
Leo wrote: So many things had occurred the past two years or better. Sir Leo had changed completely from where he first started. To begin with he fought for the Empire, joining along side Riku in the first major war of the worlds. He had fought hard and was fatally wounded by Felonix who had used him as a shield. Leo had gone on afterwards, leaving the empire and forming his own group, The Guardians of Restoration, which he led for a good while before leaving them and the group under Terradagger's direction. It wasn't long after that the Guardians fell and became almost non-existent. Even after that Leo refused to give up on the faint hope that he had started with. And as time went on, the light of the eternal hope began to fade and soon not even the slightest trace of the magic could be seen or felt. Leo had become a darkened soul, full of hatred and pain. He cared not of his own existence, he cared not for the next breath of fresh air. He had sadly and regrettably become as a Nobody...heartless and emotionless.

Leo had gone into hiding for the past six months or so. His recent adventure had been to attempt to find himself. Unfortunately it was already too late, his soul, his center core was scarred. He would never again be the guardian of light that he once was. He had embraced the darkness and actually welcomed it in.

On this particular night, the sky was black as the heart-shaped moon slowly cascaded downwards through the open air. The clouds hung sadistically with their yellow glow, seeming to taunt the guards that walked upon the walls of Kingdom Hearts. There was an eerie feel about the night, shivers ran up and down the guard's spines unmercifully. There was a story behind the feel, yet the story would remain a mystery, at least for a moment or so longer.

In the distance a darkened figure stood against the horizon. His blackened glory remained hidden from all the inhabitants. This devilish figure stood tall, yet his identity was shrouded behind a long black cloak, the hood erect. Black gloves held captive the hands that sought out to do harm to all those that would oppose he and his allies. Their plan was nothing original, nor meant to be. They were to rampage and ambush Kingdom Hearts and thus far it appeared as though they were going to do just that. The three allies thus far, Max Aeros, Etzolix, and Sir Leo himself, might not escape with their lives, but they would always be remembered for their efforts, for their rebellion against the Empire and for all of the political stand points throughout the worlds as a whole. They would literally write their name in the history books with their own blood.

The dark figure loomed still on the steady path, slowly making his way towards the first guard post. His emerald eyes shot through the darkness will a demonic glare. The mysterious intruder quickened his pace, eventually reaching a steady sprint. As he reached the wall, he planted his right foot firmly against the cobblestone wall. He then proceeded to race up the wall at extreme speeds. Once at the top, Leo, the hidden demon from the blackness, performed a front flip. In the middle of his flip he drew his sword, which had been on his back for quite some time. He then with one fatal swipe completely cut through one of the guard's throat. Blood shot in every direction as the guard screamed in great agony, gripping his throat. Leo stood watching him with a sadistic smile on his face. The Lost Guardian then kicked the guard in the chest with his right foot, causing the guard to sail backwards over the wall, crashing down on the ground below.

"For so long my sword has hungered for blood yet the thirst was not quenched...not until now!"

Sir Leo walked over to the edge of the wall, gazing down at the fallen guard. Blood was everywhere, even on Leo's cloak. He then turned without another wasted minute and raced down the wall's edge. Leo leapt high into the air, catching the next guard by surprise. First he kicked the guard's left knee which made him fall backwards onto his back.

"You fiendish demon! You shall pay!! the guard said as he sprang to his feet reaching for his sword and yanking it out of its sheath. He then swung downwards at Leo's arm yet Leo was too quick, he stepped to the side and watched as the guard stumbled.

"Let me make this easy for you..."

Before Leo's last word came forth from his mouth, he was already in action. Leo punched the young guard in the face with his left fist and then followed the punch with another kick to the knee. This time the guard fell to his knees, dropping his sword close to his side in the process. As Leo looked into his eyes, he could see the fear, the pain that he was experiencing that very moment.

"You have no idea what true pain is...I'll see you soon young one..."

The guard gave Leo a look of confusion, but it would do no good. Leo kicked the guard in the chest and raised his blade high into the air. As a clash of thunder rang out Leo thrusted his sword into the guard's heart. Another shriek of agonizing pain could be heard all over Kingdom Hearts. The Lost Guardian then vigorously pulled his sword from the dead guard's chest cavity and walked down another path that led to the middle of the court yards. Once directly in the middle of the path Leo lowered his hood. He looked up at the throne room and all the other windows that the palace held. Lights in each room were coming on like a domino affect.

"Now let the sleeping giant react...

Sir Leo looked over at his friends, Etzolix and Max Aeros, he tried to smile yet his lips refused to move. He simply nodded to his comrades. He knew that this would be their last fight, so they would make it one to remember. They would shake the Empire's foundation forever more.

After a moment of contemplating his next move, Leo formed a ball of fire in his left palm. He then shot the fire at a guard adjacent to him. The guard caught fire and ran down the post of his fellow archers, screaming and crying out to the gods. Eventually the guard ran off of the wall, away from the safety of his post and fell to his death, unless he died from the fire before his body smashed against the hard ground. Leo then shot fire at the throne room's window. He could tell that the fire had caught inside the castle and it would only be a matter of time before many more guards and soldiers piled out of there.

"Etzolix...Max Aeros...Let us not be remembered for our faults nor our dark pasts...yet let us be remembered for tonight! Let every man or beast shake at the sound of our names, let our names bring fear to ALL!!! and to all a good night!

Profile: https://kingdomhearts.forumotion.net/character-profiles-f14/leo-s-profile-t1934.htm#14189

Reason: I have great leadership qualities. I am someone that can be counted on and I am as loyal as they come. No one seems to want this world, no one seems to be capable of ruling it and bringing it to its true glory…I am the man for the job.

Preferability: No one else wants this world. I am willing to call it home. Also, read the reasons again.

Success Chance: I think that Agrabah will do very well.

Alliance: For the time being I would remain neutral. Eventually I might choose a side, but I’m in no rush to sign my name to any contracts.

Reason for Alliance: I choose not to align with anyone mainly because I want to spend my time working on bringing Agrabah back to life and not focusing on other worldly affairs at the moment.

Population and Entrance: All shall be welcomed. If they slip up, a night in the dungeon they shall soon find. After that if they continue to slip up or break the laws of Agrabah, they shall be banished to the wastelands.

Military Status: I would do my best to build them up and begin training so that we could be prepared in case of an attack or another emergency.

Peace or War: Agrabah will stay out of all the other world’s business. We won’t be aggressive, at least not for now, we will be somewhat peaceful, yet not one to mess with.

Ambitions: I have a few plans at the moment. I plan on putting Agrabah on the map. I wish to build a great name for the world, and not a necessarily bad one. For the first little while I am just going to focus on building the world back up to a higher power, next I plan on working on the military and eventually join a side or just start my own federation of sorts.

Recommendations: Not that I can remember. I have talked with Lenneth and Morpheus about this. When I first obtained ownership of Agrabah on the old site Katsu and Demyx recommended me, however.

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