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Passion Unexpected (Private: Yima)

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Passion Unexpected (Private: Yima) Empty Passion Unexpected (Private: Yima)

Post by Terradagger on June 26th 2009, 10:09 am

Terradagger spilled from his gummi ship that was hovering in the sky of Halloween Town. He was surprised that there weren't any intense difficulties getting here as he had never seen the world and wondered if some of the passing ships were members of the military that would serve this world. Either way, he had arrived just like he planned to without letting Yima know.

He wasn't trying to be rude, but he was simply trying to surprise him. He had with him a necklace that was woven from a special silver that could only be found in Wonderland, or as far as he knew, that was called emiror. It was something that he titled himself, but he didn't know of any sort of metal that had the same properties as it did.

In fact, the metal would allow several different types of stones to float to it and then dance around it gracefully, and if the stone was clear or without color, the chain would flood it with some sort of color based on the magic that surrounded the stone. If there was no magical potential at all to be seen by the beholder of the stone, then there would be nothing that the stone would fill with.

Terradagger continued to walk forward through the terrain of the world, not understanding why his appearance had changed. He had arrived someone odd and awkward, not like the king he had left Wonderland as. There were leather and vinyl belts that were surrounding him, gazing at his skin as though starving for flesh, hungry. The seconds passed and more belts began to flood towards him until finally they coiled around and constricted him.

Not sure what to do, Terradagger just allowed the thing to happen, and found himself with a new change of clothes. He felt something else change and a slight twinge of pain in his left ear followed by coldness. He had an earring in that ear then, just a black star stud. He felt a burning sensation around his eyes and so he walked to a puddle of water that was nearby in order to discover why he was feeling that such pain.

His eyes were surrounded by eyeliner, something he found rather distasteful and disgusting, though as long as it was on his body he would have to do his best to stop hating it. He noticed his eyes were white, surrounded by a thin line of black, giving his iris some actual figure. This world was an odd one indeed, and maybe even as odd as Wonderland, but in a different way. Wonderland couldn't wrack someone's self esteem as quickly and as dangerously in the time of two minutes.

He passed into some gates and found a number of odd people in the area that he was in. One man even had two faces, on on the back of his head and one that Terradagger could watch as it moved and reacted. He felt a little heat surround him because he realized the chilling night. Fire wasn't ever a bad thing to carry in your mind.

The necklace he had intended to gift to the lord of this world materialized from thin air, seeing as Terradagger no longer had pockets. His eyes averted to the gem on the necklace that was ever changing its colors. It was called a mystic topaz, and though the colors were always brilliant and rather ethereal, the chain gave the gem an even greater amount of mystery,

The gem would flood with purple, and pink, and green, only to be replaced by blue, red, and gray. The cycle would repeat itself and Terradagger only smiled as it would deem itself beautiful, and hopefully useful under the correct interpretation. He started looking for the qualities of the elements that Yima held, his eyes that a seer would be grateful for drifting and looking for the cloud that would be Yima's being.

"Would you... know where I could find... Yima...?" he asked the nearby man with two faces. He wasn't excited to ask and hoped that the answer would be direct, not a novelty in its own.

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