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The Love That Is Naught

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The Love That Is Naught Empty The Love That Is Naught

Post by Alexa on June 15th 2009, 3:11 pm

I'm Deciding to repost this since now i want to finish it, i did base the beginning off of a comic that i found once but only the beginning. Thae rest is my creation...

Chapter I: The Triangle starts

Axel sat down on to his favorite leather fire proofed couch to watch the latest episode of ‘Hannah Montana’. He hated the show and especially Hannah but Jackson, Oliver and Jake were pretty hot and that was all that mattered. He sighed as the opening music started playing, the thought of making the TV burst in flames was a vivid picture in his mind but he kept on watching it.

Demyx in the meantime had been checking his party invitations, quite pleased at the results. Everyone wants a piece of me…ooh Orlando Bloom he thought with a smile stretched out on his face, teeth showing. Not noticing Axel’s presence he sat down on the top cushion facing the wall and inspected the celebrity invitation with glee.

Axel still watching the TV heard a noise beside him and took a quick side-glance at the person but all he saw was an organization cloak. Thinking now that it must be his boyfriend Roxas he grabbed the body and said to him ”Hello sexy, how ya doing?” Demyx gasped for air in surprise, he had been crushing on Axel for months and now finally his dreams were coming true. How shall I tell Xigbar? the water master thought.

Axel still thinking it was Roxas grabbed at number nine’s waist some more while Demyx started giggling frantically at his luck and dropped the numerous letters in his hands with this sound Axel looked up but did not see the face of his love, Roxas.

“OH GEEZ! D-demyx I’m sorry!” He yelped with surprise.

”No…it’s okay” Demyx answered a little sad realizing that it wasn’t him that Axel wanted, only Roxas and walked out of the room. Number nine smiled though, at least he had a few moments of pleasure.

Xigbar who had been watching all of these events on the ceiling frowned and followed his boyfriend out of the room by crawling on the ceiling. He knew that Demyx had a crush on number eight for a long time and was quite jealous when he saw the smile on the water master’s face.

”Hey Demyx!” He called, finally speaking ”I SAW that!

Demyx gulped, not daring to look up thought quickly and answered his lover ”It’s not my fault! He was molesting me!” and quickly made his escape by portal, embarrassed.

Xigbar wasn’t the only one who had watched this harassment. He hid in the shadows with his hood up over his face and a video camera in his left hand and turned the record button off. ”My, my I found you out, my love. Say good-bye to your beloved Roxas” the person said and chuckled.

A small strand of pink hair could be seen from his hood, marking him as number twelve; Marluxia and he portaled out of the room unnoticed.

Chapter II: revealed and exposed

Roxas was in his room like always, writing in his diary and dreaming about tonight when Axel would come. He enjoyed those nights and when he thought about one a big goofy smile will spread cross his cheeks as one did now, he and Axel were tighter than ever. Or so he thought.

A portal appeared in the middle of the blonde hair boy’s bedroom and from it came Marluxia, his hood down to reveal his shiny pink hair.

Roxas quickly shut his diary, protecting his doodles of him and Axel holding hands from his fellow Organization member.

”Hey Marly, What’s up?” number thirteen asked his friend with a friendly and polite smile.

Marluxia drooped his head and looked at the floor as if depressed and said softly, “Oh Roxas…. I am so sorry” Number twelve shook his head side to side, his hair moving along with it.

Roxas’ smile faded as he asked, voice shaking with confusion “W-what? What happened Marluxia?”

Marluxia could barely contain the devious grin about to rise on his face but managed to still look sad and surprised. ”Oh what? You don’t know? Well um here” the organization member said while handing the video camera over to Roxas and pressed play when the scene between his lover and the other member began.

As Roxas watched the scene his eyes held a teary likeness and his cheeks were red, the young boy looked like he was going to cry. Marluxia on the other hand was biting his tongue to stop himself from laughing and quickly turned the camera off before the scene when Axel realizes its Demyx started.

”like I said before I am so sorry” the pink haired organization member whispered.

Roxas was silent for a few seconds, breathing in and out and faint mumblings could be heard in between the breaths ”It’s not true…. It’s not true…. It’s not true… This is a joke…. It has to be… Why?”

Marluxia spoke again, his voice dripping of kindness like honey “I am so sorry my friend. Perhaps Axel may have gotten bored of you and settled for someone near his age”

Still the younger boy just kept mumbling to himself words of complete nonsense but after a few seconds Roxas burst out into a cry though no tears ran down his cheeks.

The thirteenth member of the organization ran to his bed and the pillows he buried his face in muffled his cries. “Why?! Why would he do this? Axel!!”

Number twelve put his hood back up and smiled underneath it as a portal started to consume him. Everything is falling into place He thought as he disappeared.


Axel walked to Roxas’ room with a smile on his face; he had completely forgotten the incident with Demyx and was unknown to Roxas’ discovery of it. He just wanted to have a good time tonight with his lover.

He wore a red bathrobe and under it nothing else and he expected when he opened his boyfriend’s door, Roxas would be in a checkered one. Then the fun would begin.

Or at least it would have.

As soon as the red head opened the door Roxas’ head rose from the pillows and shouted at him, his eyes red from trying to cry. ”OUT!! GET OUT YOU WHORE!! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!”

Confused and startled with the shout of his boyfriend Axel quickly slammed the door, his eyes wide with confusion.

”What did I do?” Number eight whispered to himself as Roxas’ cries became louder.

The red haired organization member went back to his room where Roxas’ cries could not be heard and went to sleep in wonder of what had just happened to the relationship he cherished.

Chapter III Aftermath

Marluxia was waiting that morning in the kitchen for his fellow members to wake up. It was casual since he usually rises early to tend to his garden, nothing suspicious about that. Really what the Graceful Assassin wanted was to see the aftermath of the break up, he didn’t want to miss it.

The first person to enter the kitchen was of course the superior Xemnas. Xemnas wasn’t the person to mess with or even make contact with in the morning, like a zombie he went over to the coffee maker and dialed the numbers robotically. Marluxia was not surprised to see him still in his black and white ‘zebra’ style pajamas and his hair not brushed. Before coffee Xemnas was mindless and it was a surprise he could even walk.

With his full mug of coffee that said ‘I am eternal’ on it Xemnas sat down at the opposite end where Marluxia was seated, the table went by their numbers, like everything else. As soon as the black liquid went down the superior’s throat a smile crept on to his face and he spoke to the twelfth member of his Organization with a cheerful tone.

”Good Morning Number twelve, such a fine day today. How is your garden?”

The pink haired member groaned but low enough that his superior didn’t hear it. “Fine, if you could just keep Vexen away from them the rest may survive.” The flower member answered.

The superior chuckled, everyone in the organization knew about number four’s experiments and how he needed ‘subjects’ but Marluxia was the only one who suffered because of that though so it didn’t matter to him.

”Right, right now excuse me while I go put on something.. More acceptable.” The superior said portaling out of the kitchen.

The graceful assassin sighed as two new portals appeared revealing it to be Demyx and Xigbar holding hands, they only wore their boxers; Demyx’s a light blue and Xigbar’s orange. Other than their underwear they were completely naked with big smiles on their faces.

Demyx, letting go of his lover’s hand went to the cabinet and brought out the Frosted Flakes while whistling a happy tune. Things must have gone well last night.

Xigbar approached Marluxia while getting his coffee and whispered in his ear. “Sex is better on the ceiling” and laughed loudly.

A little disturbed by Number two’s words, Marluxia shuddered and watched Demyx sit down a couple of spaces away from him, still smiling while eating his breakfast cereal.

Xigbar sat on the left side of Xemnas’ chair; being number two in all but anyone could tell that he would rather sit next the Melodious Nocturne instead. Marluxia smiled at the two, a plan hatched in his head.

In seconds the rest of the Organization appeared by portals, all taking their rightful seats, one person was missing, Axel.

Roxas had taken the seat across from Marluxia, his hair tangled and messy and his eyes red. The blonde haired boy looked to where his ex usually sits but saw the chair empty and was a little bit relieved, he didn’t want to face him yet or even talk to him.

”So Roxas how was it? Are you okay?” The pink haired Organization member said worriedly to the younger member.

Roxas opened his mouth to tell Marluxia how he screamed at his ex love and called him a whore but before the words came out of his mouth the last portal appeared and revealed itself to be Axel.

Roxas’ blue eyes narrowed as Number eight sat down next to Demyx and like always the water master blushed at the sight of him when Xigbar’s eyes were away but Axel didn’t seem to notice.

”You know Marly, I’m not that hungry. I’m going back to my room” Said Number thirteen as he was consumed by a portal.

Axel, watching his love angrily leave sighed deeply before taking a portal up to his own room where would just lie on his bed looking out the window in sadness.

Breakfast ended quite quickly and Demyx, doing his chores began to put the numerous dishes into the dishwasher while everyone except Marluxia went down to the living room to watch their Saturday morning cartoons.

Realizing that Marluxia was still at the table Demyx turned around, his eyebrows raised and asked him “Hey Mar, you alright?”

Marluxia simply nodded to Number nine, got up and began walking towards the other member.

”So… Demyx, you want to know why Axel broke up with Roxas?” The flower master paused and smirked letting the tension sink into the Melodious Nocturne’s skin.
… Because my friend Axel has taken a liking to…. You.

The melodious nocturne gasped and his mouth failed to close. It was too good to be true.

“But before you go rushing off to greet him perhaps you could show him some of your talents. Like swimming” the pink haired member suggested. “It will show him that you are not the wimp he has heard you are”

Demyx nodded, blinded by the words of his fellow member he began to run off to Xemnas’ office for a request but now before saying to the flower master “Thanks Mar and be sure to clean the dishes thoroughly.”

Marluxia turned to the stack of plates and dishes and sighed at the immense size. This is going to take a while he thought and began working.

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