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ah waddafux

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ah waddafux Empty ah waddafux

Post by Guest on June 12th 2009, 3:26 pm

Okay, so ive actually taken the time to say an appropriate goodbye, seeing as how i was a complete and absolute dick most of the time. To be honest i shouldnt have been that way with half of you even though some of you had it coming. In a way i began to understand those that left before me. (I.E. Celox, Trickster.) Most of my fondest memories are here on this site and ill never forget them. Now to get on with it:
Biscuits, my fellow Californian manwhore asshole, sure we had our off moments but it was overall a good experience talking about steve and such not to mention becoming friends. If you still have my cell phone number, drop me a line.
Chicken, damn man. You always had me laughing. Especially the random quotables. good times. if you dont have my number skype me and ill give it to you.
Morph, im pretty sure i annoyed you out of your skull but you never really gave a shit. You're not a bad guy, and i dont annoy you on purpose. It was mostly boredom.
Jesika, you were my first friend on the site and the first to hate me with a burning passion no matter what i said or did. Despite the fact that i usually never did anything to you. ANYWHO! you're not a bad person and sometimes im a jerk, well mostly but its just me.
Matthew, dude you're a lifesaver. we've come a long way since the whole Mansex card series. (i've taken the liberty and disposed of them from every place that i made backups so they never see the light of day again). you should get your own skype or something so we can keep in touch. Im getting my PS3 soon and im getting RE5, COD WAW, and some other crap. My gamerID ill send when i get back on.
Riku, well not much to say, but you're epic.
Roxas, ya crazy new yorker. Dont overwork yourself.
Kairi, ah im gonna miss running away for dear life while you enjoy the thrill of the chase. I hope everything works out for you. =D ill drop a line here and there. ^_^
Steve, i never ever really apologized, so i apologize for any shit ive ever given you. bleh.
Yima, thanx for being the guy everyone can go to. Hopefully you become one hell of a cook.

As for the rest that i didn't mention, im sorry but im glad you guys were there and such. =D i was never good in these bye situations.

As a final note:
here's how to contact me:
Skype: ramiro_galindo
MSN: darkenigma46@hotmail.com (i barely, if not, rarely use it)
YM: nightmarelovesdarkangel4ever@yahoo.com
AIM: edrk6
and then there's my myspace and facebook
the yahoo works for myspace.
my PS network ID i think is still Z3R0_N1Gm4
but dont use till like after July or so,
if you guys want my cell number add on one of the IMs and such.
Farewell Kingdom Hearts.

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ah waddafux Empty Re: ah waddafux

Post by Jet Enduro on June 12th 2009, 4:05 pm


Oh i thought you said you weren't a dick OK nevermind lata assbandit

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Jet Enduro
Jet Enduro

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ah waddafux Empty Re: ah waddafux

Post by Etzolix on June 12th 2009, 4:58 pm

Yea you were a dick >.>

lol see you later then



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ah waddafux Empty Re: ah waddafux

Post by Guest on June 12th 2009, 6:20 pm

He *IS* a dick....and I don't mean the good kind either.....how am I a lifesaver, I barely KNEW you!

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ah waddafux Empty Re: ah waddafux

Post by Guest on June 12th 2009, 7:43 pm

jeez nice encouragement
and by lifesaver i meant
sanity wise ya douche =/

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ah waddafux Empty Re: ah waddafux

Post by MorpheusZero on June 14th 2009, 1:15 pm

What? >.>

Fuck You.

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ah waddafux Empty Re: ah waddafux

Post by Yima on June 14th 2009, 4:29 pm

Thank you Max, have a good time in life as you walk it. ^^

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ah waddafux Empty Re: ah waddafux

Post by Sponsored content

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