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For those who want to know...

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For those who want to know... Empty For those who want to know...

Post by PaleoRoxas on May 20th 2009, 2:52 pm

Well I guess there are some of you who want to know how things have been going with me and blah blah, you know, all that stuff. So I'll explain some things but I don't feel like getting into alot of detail..so I'll keep it brief. I am pretty much done with all my college stuff, I've already gotten all my paper work in to the school I chose and they've sent me all the random papers you have to hand in before the school year starts, like medical records and stuff like that. Im pretty much covered in school finances because Im getting a ridiculously large amount of money, so much so that I didn't even believe it myself and had to call the school to make sure they didn't screw up or anything. And that is basically all the money from that school specifically, not any of the other random scholarships I applied for. Anyway....there is basically one downside to the money. I have to go for this early summer program thing for 5 weeks...the day right AFTER graduation....so Im basically missing all of the graduation parties with my friends and the fun i could've had. Yeah...my life tends to suck like that sometimes. So that means I'll be busy during summer vacation as well. It lasts from June 28th to August 1st...so ill have like 2 weeks before actual classes start..but who wants thier summer taken away...not me of course. At this point, i have major senioritis...so i don't feel like doing anything...i have to make some decisions, like if its really worth spending money to go to what Kairi keeps yelling at me to go to..even though I really feel like it will be a waste of time anyway but whatever..Uhh so thats it. I don't need any sympathy either, don't tell me your sorry that im busy or that you hope i get time to relax soon. I know you all mean well when you say that but becoming busy like this is what happens when you are on the verge of entering the real world, there is nothing I can do but face it, its part of growing up. So anyway, all of those who have been taking care of this place while im never here...im really thankful, you guys are doing a really good job and im sorry that I am barely ever on at all. i will be getting a laptop before i go off to college so that will help the accessability to the site, but that will have to wait until late June. So thats all, just in case any of you were wondering...

For those who want to know... Roxas For those who want to know... Autumn_Requiem_Set_3_out_of_4__by_HaruKun

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For those who want to know... Empty Re: For those who want to know...

Post by Guest on May 20th 2009, 4:11 pm


What, like we're not going to excuse you or something? You're busy with that...college stuff...and hobo-smashing.....and flirting with Canadian girls. This activity (or lack there of) just proves you're living your life....which we all kinda have to.

Besides, screw the graduation parties....they fail in comparison to the smashes FRAT BOYS hold. It's like a graduation party, but with quadruple the chance of getting drunk, crashing into things (like hobos) with your car, getting arrested, and waking up the next morning next to some chick you've never seen before in your life, after god knows what, god knows where, and with god knows who.

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