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Alexa and Armand ::Skits:: Empty Alexa and Armand ::Skits::

Post by Alexa on May 7th 2009, 3:07 pm

If some of you noticed my sig sometimes has little scenes in it mostly (Always) involving Alexa and Armand. ._\\

Cause some of these things are longer then the maximum sig limit thing i'll be posting them here. I would have actually made them into comics if i could actually draw but i like this way too. I'll be editing this thing, so check back and stack up the views <.< (Meaning i'm not posting if i add more or not)

::::Cellphone Troubles::::
*Alexa's cellphone rings*
Alexa: *answering it* Ello
Armand: Hey it's me, just wondering what world are you on?
Alexa:.... Aren't i supposed to be your stalker? Not the other way around <.<
Armand: -_- I just need to know how much time i have until you come back. So i can enjoy not being burnt or hurt in some way.
Alexa: But It's fun to watch you cry D:
Armand: Just answer the question
Alexa: Well there's buildings
Armand: What Kind?
Alexa: Tall ones
Armand:.... Kay now tell me something that's not completely obvious.
Alexa: Well there's a weird building
Armand: What does it look like?
Alexa: That one there!
Armand: What building? Describe it
Alexa: It's there i'm pointing right at it!
Armand: Say.. Alexa... Those heartless took more then your heart didn't they?

:::Die Bitch:::

Armand: Hey Alexa guess what? =D
Alexa: They're not suing me for burning down the orphanage?
Armand: Uh No- Wait what did you do?
Alexa: Nevermind, so what's so important?
Armand: THe person who made us may make me her new character!
Alexa: Finally maybe i can get away from those retards who think they have feelings- i mean uh those 'special nobodies'
Armand: Hey Alexa do you think that one day i can be stronger then you?
*Armand bursts up in flames*
Alexa: Die Bitch. -_-


*Alexa is reading*
*Armand leans on her*
Armand: Make me a nobody
Alexa: *Not looking up* No
Armand:: *Get up and walks out of room* Damn i thought the speedo would work
Alexa: Speedo?!?!? Wait!!!!!! COME BACK!!!!!!!!1!!!! !11!!!!! D:


Alexa: Yes.
Armand: No.
Alexa: YES
Armand: NO
ALexa: Please?
Alexa: *Staring at his shirt* Hey armand =3
Armand: What?
Alexa: Your shirt's smoking
Armand: *Quickly takes of shirt seconds before it combusts into flames* o_O
Armand: You know that pyrokinesis is just a cheap way to get guys to strip in front of you -_-
Alexa: Yeah... but it works =D

:::::::::Alexa and Heartless:::::::::
Lestat ((Me)): Hey Alexa I have a surprise
Alexa: New torture Devices for Armand?
Lestat: Nope
Alexa:A spell or something?
Lestat: No
Alexa: I give up what?
Lestat: You're new sister
Alexa's Heartless: Ello!
Lestat: I haven't thought up a name yet so... Yeah. I'll leave you two to chat.
Alexa: -_-
----Five Minutes Later-----
Alexa is sitting on a trash bin
Alexa's heartless: Let me out of here!!
Alexa: Not till you stop existing!!!! D=<

Armand:Hey, Alexa Guess what?
Alexa: What?
Armand: I was named after The Vampire Armand
Alexa: You seriously didn't know that?
Armand: No i just started reading it
Alexa: Whatever
Armand: But who do you think Marius would be?
Alexa: Me.
Armand: Why you?
Alexa: *grabs whip* >=3 Time to make you feel like a human
Armand: Aww... shit, that's why.

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