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Another Ad vid... Empty Another Ad vid...

Post by Azumi Cho on May 4th 2009, 5:38 pm

I've been getting a good idea for another ad vid, but...I figured I'd put this here, in case other people had ideas/requests. I can try the character pics thing again or did what I did the first time I made an ad vid. So, if any of you have ideas, I'm open to them all. I'll try my best at advertising for this site. A little off-topic, but would starting, say, a Facebook group be a bad idea, or a good one?

Anyway, please give me your thoughts, people...also, I'm humbly requesting that someone give me the site's Promo channel on youtube's password and stuff, so that I can post it there...if it's all right to do so... (If for some reason it's not OK, I'll just use my own account...)

Thank you for your time...please, people, let's put aside our differences for a while and help this site grow into a true community...where people get along with pretty much everyone without being "out-of the loop" or "Worthless", because it's a lot harder for people to have fun when they know they're hated/not treated nicely.

I do truly mean no offense by this, but I think it's time for a true change, and, maybe if we get a few good members who stick with us, that could be a small step...please, I'll do my best...please, try to do your best too!

EDIT: I'm thinking of a few songs to use, but I do need some input here, people. Song choices:
Now or Never - Three Days Grace
Riot - Three Days Grace
Time's Scar - Chrono Cross OST (Can put the links in later).

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