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Post by Guest on May 4th 2009, 10:42 am

Name:.............Pinky Rose.

World: TEH WORLZ DAT NEV@ WUZ......just kidding, Twilight Town.

Quoted Role-play Sample: ((Well, if I *COULD* pull up stuff from the old website, I would totally get some stuff from that battle in the World that Never Was, but since I can't....I'm gonna settle for second best.))


Profile: Pinky Rose

Reason: Let's see....I've been here for almost two years now....I *had* Atlantica, but dropped it because I really thought I was gonna move in with Jere......Jeeze, you people honestly know me long enough now.....

Preferability: 1: Do you see anyone else applying for this? 2: You people know I make a good ruler.

Success Chance: That really all depends on what happens in the future doesn't it? But you can quote me on this one, members are the lifeblood of any forum.

Alliance: The Republic

Reason for Alliance: Let's face it, the Empire has a whole lot of worlds all nice and powerful and evilish. They have a CRAPLOAD of people on their side, so heck, why not make the whole thing even-steven? Besides, Roxas has always been my homie, and I feel that a friendly approach (unlike the DOOM that the Empire kinda gives off, ((NO OFFENSE RIKU.))) is really welcoming to newcomers.

Population and Entrance: It's a world for new people to settle in, of course. You're gonna have a lot of uneasy and unbalanced people out there, and it's always a good place to start out, really. I won't be too particularly picky about who I let in or not.

Military Status: I intend to keep the Militia (if anyone even applies for the thing, despite how hard I work to make militarism look pretty,) well balanced, with melee, magic, and ranged fighters, depending on preference. Since Twilight Town isn't really a hot spot on Morpheus's hit list (hardy har) I don't think the military will have too much to provoke it.

Peace or War: Twilight Town has always been a rather neutral world, and I intend, for the sake of the new people who want to live there, to keep it like that, unless another war breaks out.....in which case we will be putting up maximum defenses to make sure that we're all nice and safe and cuddly in our little hamlet.
--I also intend, since it seems Disney Castle will no longer be under Jere's lookout, to move the HeadQuarters of the Guardians of Restoration to Twilight Town, in the Old Mansion.

Ambitions: I really feel that Destiny Islands, Twilight Town, and Traverse Town are real highlights when it comes to attracting newer additions, because people know those worlds. They aren't disney alligned, so it's easy to start out there and build on your adventure from there. I want to make people (old and new) comfortable with RPing to the best of my ability by providing a....well, kinda "Hi nice to meet you, lemme give you a hug to start you off" kind of feeling for people. Twilight Town is quiet and peaceful, and I hope that people will get that warm fuzzy feeling when they come over.

Recommendations: .....*pulls out a list of website vets and other noted people* Ahem......Kairi....Biscuits....Lenneth...Ansem......Yukina.....and a whole crapload of other people if I bothered to ask them.

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