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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Daniel had been walking around his hometown, wishing he would bump into someone he knew. He had just been to the local record shop, which he pretty much used as a second home, and was currently walking home with two bags filled to the brim with old records and cds. His glove was on his hand, and his sword hanging at his side. He got a lot of discounts when he brought his sword into the shop for some reason. He walked through the streets to his house, walking by an old mirror in a shop window. Being as vain as he was he stopped to look at himself. He was wearing an old black hoody, black jeans, an old flip t-shirt and a pair of skate shoes. He smiled to himself, beforre deciding not to make some vain cliche. Instead he continued walking, in his mind listening to some Sum 41. Nothing better than some old punk/pop. He laughed to himslef before seeing leaning against na old lampost one of his only Friends. "Shock!" He ran over to the girl, a retarded smile on his face. He got as close as he could before giving her a hug. He let go, a massive smile on his face. " Man, I've not saw you in ages. Let Me guess...... Either you just thought I was such a great guy that my presence was needed for such a short matter as a hello or were going to The World That Never Was. Im guessing the second one. Ill go get my stuff." He ran up the stiars to his flat, pulled a suitcase out of the front cabinet, locked the door and ran downstairs. "ok lets head" He laughed.

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Shock smiled at her friends appearance and readiness. She turned towards the direction she came and coughed a little. "Well... I hate to be really quick about it.. but your right... we gotta go. I borrowed my friends Gummi, and I banged it up pretty bad.. so we need to make these treks as quick as possible. First we need to drop Luci in Hades... then we have to go to TWTNW and then... we can go wherever you want to go." Shock smiled, Now this is gonna be fun... Two boys and one girl in a ship heading to hell.. Joy. She came up on the Gummi and smiled a little bit more than usual. "Welcome to the Bullet Train. Please keep your arms and legs inside the train at all times, because I am one crazy bitch of a Driver." Shock stepped up the ramp and pointed to Track. "Luci this is Danny, Danny this is Luci. Hope you two hit it off."

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Track opened one eye from his plush bed, looked at Danny and Shock, and promptly pressed the key pad, making the door slam shut with a hiss. Well... hopefully this will not hinder my plans... I do also hope she knows that the ship needs to be repaired before we go out... She tries the H-drive again and we go... boom... well... If I'm not on board thats fine... The sand haired teen then pulled his shirt on over his bandages, then his sweatshirt. After taking a quick look in the mirror, he unlocked the door, which opened with a hiss when he stood near. His fingers were in a position so, if need be, he could make sure no Hyper Drive was activated. The only emotion on his face as he walked out was simply one of annoyance. If this guy is like Shock... then I am totally screwed... "Shock, making fun of some of the only memories I have isn't very funny... It only adds to the problem. So, please don't call me Luci... just call me Track..." Track quickly looked at daniel, as if to say he shouldn't do it either... or else. "By the way, this ship, MY SHIP, has been damaged. It needs to be repaired. But, we are in luck. I have heard of a guy in Hallow Bastion who can fix this. So, if you two don't mind, can you kindly allow me to take control of this vessel before we all get killed?" After a quick glance at Shock, he grabbed the controls, and began lift the ship off the ground.

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