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Yukina for Atlantica !

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Yukina for Atlantica ! Empty Yukina for Atlantica !

Post by Tarka on April 24th 2009, 2:58 am

Name: Yukina Tarka.

World: Atlantica.

Quoted Role-play Sample: https://kingdomhearts.forumotion.net/rpg-f96/of-keyblades-and-heartless-jeremi-open-t1396.htm

The evening sun was slowly drifting down through the sky, the moon taking its place behind the long strip of clouds. The air was cool, and a slight breeze was picking up as the day was coming to its close. The streets of Hollow Bastion were filled only by a few people, most others were at home or heading there. It was an average sort of day in the town, nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Sure, there had been the odd heartless attack every now and then but that was to be expected. With the sever influx of keyblade wielders the heartless were becoming more common; they attacked keybladers over others, so therefore with more wielders became more heartless attacks. But this knowledge was a mystery to most, and very few people cared about this kind of thing. Heartless were evil, they must be killed. That's what most thought, anyway.

But, there were a few who would question the slaughter of heartless because, after all, they were human some time ago. A girl in the town was pondering this very thing as she sat alone on a bench, her name was Yukina Tarka. Her azure locks were hanging loosely by her side, and her matching eyes were scanning the area as she thought. She was wearing a simple white t-shirt and a black mini skirt, and that was pretty much it. She didn't wear shoes or any real accessories, to be honest she didn't see the need. She was on one of the streets in the town, near the shops. The girl didn't really know her way around, so as usual she found herself lost in an unfamiliar world... this happened all to often for her. It was probably why she chose Olympus as her home, it was the smallest world she could find which made it easy to find her way around.

Anyway, it was getting late and she was rather tired after her long day of exploring the world. Any longer and she would collapse, it was time to find a suitable place to stay or find some way home. She got up from the bench and walked down an alley, it was probably unsafe for a girl of her age to be wandering around at night but she really didn't think about that at all. She did have a sword attached to her waist after all, it wasn't like she was completely helpless. She yawned as she walked, still thinking about heartless and keyblades...

Profile: My Profile

Reason: Although I am fairly new to this website, I have been role-playing for a while now and have moderated and ruled a world on Pinky’s Final Fantasy Forum. ICly, Yukina is primarily a water and ice user so Atlantica would be the perfect world to match her. She will fight for what she believes in, but try to keep peace which I think will make her an excellent leader.

Preferability: Although I’m new, I think that I should be chosen simply because I would think every action through before taking it. I am a decent Rper but there is room for improvement and I am willing to further my abilities, and I think ruling a world would help me to define my role-playing. I would accept everyone into my world for at least one chance, and most of the time she will forgive residents when they do wrong. This is because it is in Yukina’s nature to be forgiving, which I think makes an excellent leader.

Success Chance: No one can tell the future, but I can see Atlantica prospering under my rule. I have a fair few friends in the forum and with the support of them I believe my world will succeed.

Alliance: The Federation.

Reason for Alliance: Because the Empire is now becoming extremely powerful, and there needs to be someone to fight back and that is the Federation’s aim.

Population and Entrance: Most, if not all people will be able to join Atlantica. No matter what their race or alliances are they will be allowed at least one chance to live in the world.

Military Status: For the most part I will be using the same military that the rulers before me set-up for the sake of keeping the system familiar and simple. I believe the current system to be very effective, with everyone separated into sections that reflect their current skill level. There would be leaders of every section of the military, and I would have a select few of three or four who would help me make military decisions but overall I would retain control.

Peace or War: Peace, because in Yukina’s nature she would not go to war for no reason. If attacked, however, she would try to cease the fighting before attacking back to try and preserve the beauty of Atlantica.

Ambitions: I would like to eventually turn Atlantica to a safe haven for humans, heartless and nobody’s alike. I would also like to align with the Federation, but I would not attack the Empire without real reason. Atlantica would remain a place for Federation members to meet, but would also be open for any of its residents to hold meeting in the watery realm. I would also like to further my skills as an Rper to be the best I can possibly be.

Recommendations: Pinky Rose, Biscuits of Heart, Forte, Etzolix.

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