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Terradagger in Applying for Wonderland

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Terradagger in Applying for Wonderland Empty Terradagger in Applying for Wonderland

Post by Terradagger on April 19th 2009, 10:11 pm

Name: Terradagger

World: Wonderland

Quoted Role-play Sample:
Terradagger wrote:Terradagger heard the words of the Biscuits of Heart, that was apparently now going by Jet, though he hadn't realized that himself yet. He began to tremble from excitement, fury ringing through his body like a roaring fire consuming all life, and Terradagger stood at the brink of sanity, almost ready to jump and strike at Biscuits, though anybody who had seen Terra fight and anybody who had seen Biscuits fight would know how that would have ended. Terradagger would have done enough damage to slow Biscuits down, but he would have ultimately gone home with broken limbs and possibly fatal wounds, though if Jet had the feeling to, he would have been able to destroy Terradagger with ease. Speed, that was the prime of Jet's abilities, and Terradagger knew this. The fight would have probably started with Terradagger forming his strongest spell, Fury of the Magus, and the essences would have had their way destroying the library from there. Terradagger imagined this all very clearly before he blinked his eyes only to see Jet walking away.

He sighed and his body grew less tense. Terradagger simply watched the scene with Lenneth and Azumi and wondered and was curious as to what was happening. They were rambling and Azumi said the words "La Vaeas" and Terradagger's ears twitched into the conversation in a somewhat comedic way. He was listening and Lenneth had confessed that the La Vaes was nowhere to be found and Terradagger simply wondered, Why would he say that? Then he realized the way Azumi worded it probably seemed like he was trying to dump his responsibilities on someone that was more reasonable a fighter. Terradagger turned and looked at all the books, and to his surprise, some of them had elemental essences, showing they held information with magical proportions. He pulled several books from their shelves, including a book that was glowing white that was entitled, "Illuminatis" and another book that was glowing all of the colors that Teradagger's own aura held, and so he pulled that book out as well. His curiosity began to overcome him so he pulled two books, one that was glowing a pink, and another green. Terra knew that the pink often alternated with a different shade of green and that it would explain plant life, and hopefully Azumi's connection with nature. The green was another color Azumi had around her and so he was curious as to what the text would hold about this curative school of magic.

Terradagger sat down, all the books floating right in front of their places, and Terra made note of them. They began to whiz over to Terradagger, stacked into a pile, and gently fell onto the table in front of Terra in the order he pulled them out with his magic. He began to open the first, the text reading about light magic and hopefully explaining some of its principles to Terradagger.

Illuminatis, Book of Light wrote:There are many who believe that light is nothing but the shade of the room and sometimes the environmental factor that affects how well you can see in a certain area. However, this is in fact untrue, and there are many properties of light that can affect those who wield its power and those who don't. The ability to use light magics is quite narrow, and those that can use it and use it well are prized warriors and mages in the sense that if they can master the element and the very properties of the magic, they can eventually conquer all of those that stand in their way, or however different the situation may be, help them. It has been fabled that warriors that hold the abilities to light seem to pour energies fourth, not from their bodies or not from those around them, but from their heart.

Many believe that the magical properties of the heart unique in that there are only two elements that can live within the heart as proven to this age. There is darkness, the very absence of light, and light, the very absence of darkness. Some find this an enigma, a mystery to be unsolved as one must understand the heart to its fullest measure to understand and believe the magical classes to their fullest measures, and as soon as one train reaches its stop, another must continue your journey to your full destination; in that, one cannot even begin to realize the strongest qualities of the magics before understanding the heart's fullest qualities. Some believe, and it has been proven to a quite substantial degree, that when one's heart is overcome by darkness, a heartless is born. However, the equilibrium between the two magics is so intimidating that one would expect for one's form to be overcome by some other means if the heart is overcome by light. Could there be an opposite effect? Studies have undergone and most believe that there are certain hearts that have formed this way and they have reached utmost prestige and potential. However, none realize who or where these people are, and in specific, it is highly unlikely that anyone will learn in the coming years.

Terradagger read with ease, his mind absorbing all that occurred. The thought of equilibrium was fascinating and he wondered how his heart was affected by these elements? He couldn't know, and since he knew he didn't have a heart, than did he still apply? How can the elements affect what was not there? Could they? He continued on to the book that held his own aura, and it read:

Elementalists, The Few and the Dangerous wrote:Understanding many elements at once is a unique ability, and even though many have succeeded in the mastery of four elements, many do not quite understand the significance of the links and ties that each element holds to one another. One might say that an elementalist is someone that holds numerous elements in power and be able to understand them in the greatest of their abilities. The properties and the very similarities and differences between one another is what an elementalist realizes in order to combine the elements in the best of their effects, and in the most optimal sense. So one might assume that once they understand these traits, they are elementalists and can utilize the elements at their fullest.

This however, is untrue, and as it has been shown in past years and years to come, for one to be a true elementalist, there has to be a certain way that they can divide their magic into four spirits and then combine them into one. For some people, such a thing is an impossibility, and for others, it is as easy as the very breathing they partake of. Most elementalists this day and age can only combine two elements at a time, learning the very essences of the elements and then throwing them into such a great transformation. They divide their spirit by placing their hands outward and they focus onto those two points in the center of each of their palms. This allows the elements to flood outward. However, some have reached such a mastery of that same skill that such a gesture is hardly necessary. In fact, some believe that they will conquer the very mysteries of elementalism by meeting with the one who holds all that they do not. Such a legend is only fabled and nobody knows how great that potential is.

The most common sort of elementalism, and likely one of the most dangerous, is the holding of the four primary elements. These elements are what hold ties to almost every other element that the imagination can conceive, and so for many to be able to hold this class is a miracle. The elements are earth, fire, water, and wind, and they are so revered because any one of these combination can be named a different type of element, and that is why this mage is so feared. If one is truly to be able to hold this distinct power, if they use an ability or cast a spell that utilizes all of these elements to their fullest and in reaction dazes that person who was casting the spell, they reach a stage in their minds where they are neither existent or nonexistent. They simply flow with the spell in front of them, allowing the arcane to give them much more power than their bodies were ever capable of. What a mystery such a thing was, but many were not confused by this question. Many have claimed to understand it, but say that there is no true way to explain the sensation to its fullest, but that it is similar to casting your first spell or your body escaping to its first ability. The satisfaction one gets is at its prime, and so that is the only thing comparable.

OoC: I think I've been getting my spark back, bud. Did I tell you this?

Profile: [link]

Reason: I have ruled it before and I know the mechanics of the world. I have added to the world the Pool of Tears and I think that it would be in the world’s best interest to be ruled by someone who knows what they are doing. Terradagger has had many situations take place within this world. Terra also has many types of neutrality that have arisen since his awakening. He has strength enough to defend his world and he will personally train all members of his military to make a fighting force that is quite unique.

Preferability: Terradagger has history with this site and even though I have been absent, I would consider myself a veteran. I know that I have made many mistakes, but I’ve come back with a wiser head and so has Terra. Someone that knows the world and all those that would have any malice towards it combined with a passion and love for the world would make the greatest leader. Any that join, it would be Terra’s personal goal to train.

Success Chance: Yes. In my opinion, and probably other’s opinions, when I ruled it the first time, it improved as a world and slightly as a power, hopefully making it a blimp on the radar. I believe that Katerina was a good ruler, but rather passive. Terradagger acted as a force of the Empire. However, there will probably be a slightly more passive feeling to Terradagger joining until there is another war or until he chooses sides with someone by allegiance or some other form of friendship.

Alliance: To the members of the Guardians of Restoration and to probably select Imperial and Federal worlds. However, he will probably ally himself to any worlds of his friends, but only if found to be world leaders.

Reason for Alliance: Because Terradagger prefers not to back down, even from Biscuits, and he prefers to keep his friends.

Population and Entrance: Terradagger would allow all, but only if they enlist in the military at the very least as part of the militia. The militia are also trained, and so as long as they are willing to fill the requirements.

Military Status: Reinforcement and fortification of the world of Wonderland would be Terra’s primary concern, and then secondary goals would include assisting allies in defense of their worlds. Tertiary goals would include attacking enemy worlds on rare occasions.

Peace or War: This world would be peaceful, however, it will NOT be walked all over.

Ambitions: Terradagger will rule it as he once ruled it, the place probably increasing in beauty and magical potency. He hopes to bring to the world the sense of Wonderland, probably to allow more traps.

Recommendations: Yima, Lenneth, Etzolix. However, these are the few that I asked. I would hope there are more recommendations.

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