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Post by Fuyuko on August 10th 2017, 3:06 pm

Fuyuko struggled to her feet as her sister watched, "This time, try not to be predictable."
She ran at Sumire with her training sword high as if she were going to strike like that. Just out of reach, she then lowered it to attack from below. The reward for her effort was the sword being kicked out of her hands and a headache caused by a wooden sword to the back of her head, "Come now, You can do better than that." Fuyuko slowly regained her feet and tried to punch her sister only to fall over exhausted, "We will resume your training tomorrow." And with that, Sumire left.

The thought of cursing her sister never crossed Fuyuko's mind as she slowly and painfully managed to get to her feet and hobble back home, "I wonder what Sumire will have me do tonight." When she finally reached her house, it was late and- "You missed curfew young lady." The clock next to the door showed it to be almost midnight, "I'm sorry. I'll try to be faster next time." Sumire's face softened, "There's no need to be sorry. I overdid it this afternoon and now you're suffering. I think that tomorrow will make an excellent rest day for you." She turned and strutted away, "I expect you to wake at your usual time". How can she go from cold to kind and back again like that? Not the first or last time the thought went through Fuyuko's head as she reached her room. Without even taking off her shoes, she faceplanted her pillow and was dead to the world.

She was falling, but it was slow and for some reason it made her feel at peace. Twisting to look below herself, she noticed that there was a circle of light. Fuyuko fell through the light and found herself at a beachside house, "This is..."
Welcome child. A power has been awoken in you.
"W-who said that?"
Time is short, and the answers long.
The door in front of her opened, revealing a hallway that seemed to be infinite in every direction.
You must give shape to your power. But be warned: All things come at a price.
"What do you want from me?
Give shape to your power.
What power are you willing to gain and which are you willing to lose?
This was getting nowhere fast. Fuyuko looked around and saw all kinds of weapons and items. She noticed a staff that had a sphere on one end and a blade on the other. It was a good foot taller than her, but when she touched it it just felt right in her hand.
The power of a spellblade, the power to destroy and heal, is this what you want?
Fuyuko nodded as she held the weapon close to her.
What price are you willing to pay for the shape of your power?
It really was a no brainer. She saw the shield and held it up.
The power of the guardian, a shield to defend your friends, are you truly willing to give this up?
Fuyuko nodded again and it faded into motes of light from her hand. Another door appeared and this one led to a meadow in a shallow bowl. It was sunset and the light shone through a rock formation that made it seem like a spotlight.
A feeling of compulsion came over her and she walked towards the light.
The closer to the Light you get, the greater your Shadow becomes.
Before she could utter another word, a shadow version of herself appeared behind her, holding the shield she had given up. The sword staff appeared in Fuyuko's hand and she got into the stance her sister had taught her. The shadow form rushed at her and started gracelessly bashing the girl with the shield. Fuyuko cried out in surprise but quickly recovered and started to parry the wild attacks seeing as the shadow was too strong for her. She danced around her shadow, trying to land a hit only to be blocked at every turn. Fuyuko felt energy channel through her and the grass suddenly grew to wrap around the legs of the shadow and crushed them. The blade of her staff then glowed with light as she brought it down on its head. The shield and arm it was on was sliced in half and shadows bled as the creature in front of her howled. Another blow and it was silenced.
The time is coming, grow, explore, become.

Fuyuko woke up just in time to see Sumire dump a bucket of ice water on her, "Wake up lazy. JUst because you aren't having training today doesn't mean you can slack off." Fuyuko's sister then strutted out of the room muttering about 'that immature child'. Fuyuko simply lay there, shivering as she tried to recall the dream. All she knew was that something bizarre happened last night but she couldn't remember the details. Oh well, it must not have been important.

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