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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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"If you ever find yourself falling into the depths of the unknown, remember that there will always be one thing to guide you throughout the darkness of uncertainty: Light."

General Information

Name: Eos
     Aliases: WA--RNING: Da...Ta CO//RRuPT
Age: 21 Years
Sex: Female
Species: Human(?)
Appearance: Eos is a woman who bears soft colors in her features, her hair a distinct mix between the roots of blonde and brown while her skin is nearly as pale as the snow from Christmas Town itself. The woman's eyes are a soft shade of brown mixed with a sheen of black and gold to them, although those are very subtle colors. Her lips are a soft shade of pink while her cheeks are always a faint hue of soft red.

She is a simple woman who likes to conform to a more relaxed style of clothing in any occasion, so she doesn't care for wearing too formal a style of clothing unless the situation absolutely calls for it. Instead, most would see her with her hair down, stretching to just above her hips with simple jackets, buttoned shirts or plain, skirts or pants, and heels or shoes that provide the utmost amount of comfort from whatever material it's made out of. From time to time, one would see her with rather small earrings pierced into her ears colored white.

To finish it all off, Eos stands at a height of 5' 6" with her weight a factor that is currently unknown. (She prefers it that way.)

     Space Paranoids/The Grid:
"ST;;atus UNkn[[own":

"In a world within a world, deep past firewalls and code, a grid exists. Programs are represented as people with emotions that are just like a real person's. They protect the system and communicate with the outside world through a computer, acting as warriors within a motherboard. Eos has visited Space Paranoids and The Grid on countless occasions, although the reason is unknown as to why she frequents such a world."
     Halloween Town & Christmas Town:
"The Ghost Named Eos":

"Once upon a time, in an age of fairytales... there was a woman named Eos. She was a wanderer who traversed the lands in search of ways to fend off the most terrible of fiends in the world among the stars. However, upon visiting a mysterious town, she encountered the king of horror and terror unlike any she's ever seen. She was so frightened by his terrible shriek that she passed on from one world to the next... and was forever cursed as a ghost! However, fear not, my friends! It is just an old Halloween's tale!"

"However, on Christmas Eve... It is said that there are rumors of a ghost that floats about that matches Eos' description. However, the only different is the ghost's appearance seems to be cloaked in a hue of red with white fluff on the hems... and a jolly red hat matching good ol' Saint Nick's."
    Atlantica: DaT//a UnAva--ilabl=.e
     Pride Lands: DaT//a UnAva--ilabl=.e
     Toy World:
"Adventurer Eos":

"Hey, boys and girls! Do you want a toy action figure that can walk, talk, and fight?!"

"Then Adventurer Eos is for you! She can protect your world one kick at a time, and with her explorer outfit and awesome catch phrases at the ready,
no evil can stand a choice against Adventurer Eos! There's only one available at the ready, so grab yours today!"

Personality: Eos is a quiet, curious woman who tends to drift off into her own world quite often. A rather shy spirit and a flub when it comes to social interaction, she does tend to tell jokes that are aimed at lightening any situation often. Even if it means poking fun at herself, she's rather used to it in order to break the ice whenever meeting anyone new in any world among the stars. She can, however, hold an optimistic perspective on certain aspects and situations in life. Although, if one talked with Eos long enough, they'll find the maiden doesn't seem to know much about basic things in life if asked personally.

Almost as if she's been shut away from the worlds in reality...

Another trait the woman carries is that her self-esteem isn't quite the highest, nor does she tolerate the forces of Darkness causing havoc among the stars. She'll go to great lengths to see it snuffed away in a place unreachable by all, even charging in to dangerous situations without so much as a second thought. One might think a reason to fear such forces of the worlds is wise, but Eos isn't afraid of the opposition. If anything, her curiosity gets the better of her. Whenever she catches something that grabs her attention, she goes to investigate despite the possibility of danger lurking within the answer.

Eos is also rather 'innocent' in regards to certain situations and circumstances. Despite her age and ability to hold her own in life, she still has much to learn about any world and any land. Therefore, she doesn't pick up social cues appropriately or accordingly when others are nearby if she's become engaged in conversation with them somehow. Beyond her innocence and inability to socially interact properly, Eos is a woman that holds unanswered questions to her own past and background. If one were to ask her, she wouldn't be able to explain such a personal detail to an individual.

For she doesn't know herself.


      STR ---- 10
      CON ---- 10
      AGI ---- 4
      SYN ---- 4
      MAG ---- 5


  • Time
  • Illusion
  • Light
  • Fire

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And done! Thank you very much to whoever reviews this! c:

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Inventory Notebook

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