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Strudel Empty Strudel

Post by Strudel on July 31st 2017, 4:32 pm

General Information

Name: Sebastian Zefanya
      Aliases: Strudel, Sebass, Bash
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Strudel stands at about 5'11" and weighs around 155 lbs, depending on his most recent dietary habits. His short, dark brown hair is often styled so that the bangs are raised up in a triangular shape. His eyes match his hair in color, appearing to be black in unlit areas. Strudel build is only average, as the most exercise he ever gets are his walks to the train station or around town. He has relatively light skin, which tans under light sunshine but burns easily in extreme weather. On his left arm, just below his wrist, is a circular tribal tattoo depicting a gust of wind. His outfits are typically comprised of a simple T-shirt, a plaid flannel over it, and jeans. Occasionally, he'll swap the flannel for jacket or a long-sleeved sweater, although he almost always rolls the sleeves of all his tops to his elbows. He also rotates through different pairs of sneakers, all of which are darkly colored and simply patterned.  On his left forearm, between his wrist and the crux of his elbow, is a circular tattoo (pictured above).
      Space Paranoids/The Grid: (To be discovered)
      Halloween Town: (To be discovered)
      Christmas Town: (To be discovered)
      Atlantica: (To be discovered)
      Pride Lands: (To be discovered)
Personality: How does your character act around other people? What is their true nature? What are their flaws and strengths? A socially anxious young man, Strudel's interactions with strangers are usually awkward; full of brief statements, downward glances, and uncontrollable fidgeting. This condition is solved through one of two methods: frequent conversation over a considerable period of time, or the consumption of an alcoholic beverage or two. He also tends to shy away from confrontation or conflict of any kind, and will most likely ignore any altercation he may pass by (or watch from a safe distance away). If forcibly presented with or pushed into such a conflict, Strudel will choose the most pacified course of action, one that would result in the least amount of issues from arising. Additionally, he has an incredible amount of patience and understanding, and in any argument attempts to stay as calm as possible.

Strudel has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MMD), and as a result often suffers from low energy and a severe lack of motivation. Frequently, he struggles with the simple task of leaving his bed, much less anything else he needs or wants to do that day. He also finds himself bored by most activities, even the hobbies he enjoyed most previously--such as reading and writing. Whereas at one point in his life he lived vicariously through both of these pastimes, he currently has trouble getting through a single page of either. This only serves to contribute to his sunken moods, as his lack of passion has him worrying about his place or purpose in the world. Still, he does his best to hide his condition from those close to him, and hanging out with them helps to distract from his thoughts.


       STR ---- 1
       CON ---- 1
       AGI ---- 1
       SYN ---- 1
       MAG ---- 1

Elements: Aero, Ink, --, --

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Strudel Empty Re: Strudel

Post by Jojo on July 31st 2017, 7:09 pm


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