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Shadow and Adel

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Shadow and Adel Empty Shadow and Adel

Post by TwilightSunRPER on July 29th 2017, 2:34 pm

This is my first time using this site, so I wanted to try out an rp with you guys. I'm trying to get more inspiration, and also see what this would do when writing a few fics and whatnot. let's properly introduce my characters.


a male wolf and a female raven on top of his back come up to the viewers as an introduction.

the wolf speaks. "oh, hello! I didn't see you all there."

the raven speaks. "I did. saw your faces a mile away with the view of my amazing...bird-eye. hehe...ehh...bad joke. anyway, thought we'd introduce ourselves here to this side...?"

Wolf: "site."

Raven: "oh, sight! right!"

Wolf: "um, can't the audience see that's the wrong word?"

Raven: "hey, *I* break the 4th wall around here! MY job! MINE! heh. nah, teasin' ya." she gently nudges the wolf.

the wolf chuckles. "I know. I wanted to try it for once. anyway, let's introduce ourselves. we have a job to do and we have little time, even though I wish we could stay, so we might have to be brief."

Raven: "sounds goodta me! sounds as good as a clear sky! no rain! no snow! no fleas in my feathers! no turbulence in the air! no--"

Wolf: *holds up his paw* "yes, yes. I gotcha, and so do the humans out there. you're feeling good. anyway, let's begin!" *he sets his paw down*

Raven *rolls her eyes and folds her wings like arms* "buzzkill wolf. nah, kiddin'! let's do it!"

General Information

Name: Wolf: "my name is Shadow. nice to meet you, all." he nods politely.

Raven: "I'm Adel, nice to meet all ya fine peoples out there!"

(I am going to be using actually two characters at once, if you would allow me to try so. they usually don't go without each other. I don't mind using two lines at once.)
Aliases: Shadow: "I was called runt, kid, and squirt at first by one of my mentors. after that, I was called a proud male and leader later on by him, and "the best friend I ever have" by Adel."

Adel: "aww, thanks, Shadow! that's very nice of ya! I'm called birdbrain and turkey by those I have conflicts with, and dignified birdbrain by myself as a counter-remark, since I'm a tell-it-how-it-is type, and "my best friend." by him!" she nuzzles Shadow, who smiles, and thanks her.

Age: Shadow: "I'm about two years and close to three. That's in human years. in wolf years, I suppose I would be closer to my twenties."

Adel: "I'm somewhere around the same age as my fine buddy Shadow." (still thinking about this one, but she is close to his age.)

Sex: Shadow: "I'm a male." Adel: "I've got a slot between--"

Shadow: "SHH! Adel...! kids might be seeing!" Adel chuckles. "heh. sorry. had to. I'm a girl. my bird-bad.

Species: Shadow: "I'm a wolf."

Adel: "I'm a raven. couldn't see us behind those screens? nah, ya couldn't."

Appearance: Shadow: "I have brown eyes, and I have half gray fur, and half white fur. gray on top, white on bottom."

Adel: "I have nice black wings, and beautiful crimson eyes! when I soar, I am majestic as can be! All can see how awesome I am! ...wow, *I* got pretty dang poetic there. but seriously, I got black feathers, some feathers on my head resembling a human-like appearance, and red crimson eyes."

Personality: Shadow: "normally, I tend to be a little shy around new people, but when I open up, I can be really social. I do my best to make friends as best as I can, and I do my best to fit in as much as I can. I also do my best to remain calm in many situations. I also have many other personalities. try to roleplay with us and see what you can find out! I can't just reveal EVERYTHING about myself, like my true nature. what fun is that?"

Adel: "yeah, what he said. I can't just reveal everything about myself, either. roleplay and find out! gotta keep mysteries up. his name IS shadow, after all. now, about me, normally...I can be...hot-blooded and snarky and a on the short-tempered side. I can be...a little insecure about my past, and get defensive very easily. I do my best to be nurturing, and kind with my words when others are being hurt or bullied. I DESPISE BULLIES. I also am a very logical type, and call out stuff I find weird, but I do give credit where things are cool! I also like having fun, and sayin' jokes and playin' a few jokes. that's my NORMAL personality. what other layers do I have? find out! not tellin' ya until ya roleplay! nyeheheh!"


      STR ---- 0 How hard does your character hit?
      CON ---- 0 How many hits can your character take?
      AGI ---- 0 How fast is your character?
      SYN ---- 0 How skillful is your character at crafting items and weapons?
      MAG ---- 0 How adept at magic are you?

{Please note you may start off with as many points for stats as you wish, to be distributed, up to 50 points.}

Shadow: "wow, 50 points, and we can pick any? hmm...this is quite a change from what I am used to in MY own growing. I going to stick what what I traditionally do, and try to balance out all 5 of these with ten points each. gotta be prepared for anything if I am at a disadvantage in one aspect. my way of growth in the worlds is kinda different than this chart when I was on my own adventures, though, but as we roleplay, I might show the humans what my growth is, and hopefully, it'll fit in enough with how they work things here."

Adel: "good choice! our friends and myself would say the same! the crafting seems a little complicated, so we may wanna check that one out first and get some knowledge. we'll get better at it, and we'll get more powerful with our knowledge. but, ya know, pick whatever ya want. you're the protagonist of your own story, after all, and I'm the sidekick. you're the brawn and I'm the brains.........nah, you're the brains AND the brawn, in a balance. I'm just the wings and the beak and the witty commentary. I can fight, though, if ya need me. anyway, pick some traits. any traits."

Shadow: "alright. I'll even modify it a bit to suit my tastes...here goes." *he holds up his paw to the chart*

Shadow's Stats:
      STR ---- 10
      CON ---- 10
      AGI ---- 10
      SYN ---- 10
      MAG ---- 10

Shadow: "there! that's more like it! perfect!" *he smiles*

Adel smiles too. "couldn't have done it better myself! al-RIGHT! you're ready to start your adventure! but wait...don't *I* get a chart? I wanna try things myself, as well. ah, wait. nevermind. the rping will do it for us."

Elements: Choose your elements from a the list

Shadow: "alright, we checked the list, and I actually use a lot of those elements in a different way than they might be used to."

Adel: "yeah, but we'll rp with these guys and see what they think. more mystery, ya know. if they hate it, there's always other sites, so no worries. in any case, let's start RPING AWAY!" she smiles.

Shadow: *smiles back* "yes! let's do it. see you all until then!"

Adel: "yeah! see ya fine folks later!" *she smiles again*

Shadow gets up, and Adel off his back, and the duo both race away, determined and ready for the rping world ahead of them.

(Adel may be added in later, if the mods don't want her at the moment. Shadow must join though. it's up to you all, though. Anyway, overall, as a last thing to say, I thought this was a good start as introducing them. they are characters in my book series called Twilight Sun so I thought this was a good chance to share them with the world, and in the universe of KH. these two would fare well in it, in my opinion. in any case, have fun with them, if rping them and WITH them on here's meant to be! see you all later or soon!)


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Shadow and Adel Empty Re: Shadow and Adel

Post by +/- on July 30th 2017, 7:00 pm

You can only have 1 character per account, but you can have as many accounts as you want. So, you can use both characters, they just need to be on separate accounts!

Also, you need to include the info in the application. It can always be changed later if you change your mind, such as elements.

Bump when you've made that appropriate changes to the application.

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