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Ral Zarek
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Ral Zarek

on July 28th 2017, 6:11 pm

General Information

Name: Ral Zarek
     Aliases: The Planeswalker
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Species: Human through and through
Appearance: That guy up there...
     Space Paranoids/The Grid: No accurate alternative appearance yet
     Halloween Town: Same
     Christmas Town: Same
    Atlantica: Same
     Pride Lands: Same
     Toy World: Same
Personality: Ral always stands up perfectly straight and has a tendency to carry his arms high. This, along with his smirk, outfit, and well cared for appearance, show that he generally has a high degree of charisma, self-confidence, and more than a little bit of arrogance, basically representing his way of saying "I'm a genius and I know it." However, for all his confidence and charisma, he has a weak point in a slight temper problem. Like a thunderstorm, he can come crashing down on foes, allies, basically anyone who either disturbes his work or provokes him just a mile too far. Nonetheless, he can be quite a gentleman when first met and always strives to show his best when he deems the situation acceptable for it. Behind closed doors however, he is as crazy as you might expect from a scientist of his caliber.


      STR ---- 4 How hard does your character hit?
      CON ---- 6 How many hits can your character take?
      AGI ---- 6 How fast is your character?
      SYN ---- 8 How skillful is your character at crafting items and weapons?
      MAG ---- 10 How adept at magic are you?

Elements: Choose your elements from the list:
- Thunder
- Time
- Gravity
- Arcane
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Re: Ral Zarek

on July 30th 2017, 7:16 pm
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