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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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General Information

Name: Aochi
     Aliases: Chi
Age: 9
Sex: Male
Species: Human

     Space Paranoids/The Grid: An armor with a tecnologyc aspect, including a helmet that covers his head and eyes.
     Halloween Town: A ghostly form of himself
     Christmas Town: He takes form of a little elf
    Atlantica: A golden fish
     Pride Lands: A small-size leopard
     Toy World: A plush version of himself

Personality: He's a complicated child to deal with. At first, he's very agressive with almost everyone, specially against darkness users. If you do something suspicious, it will be a matter of seconds until he attacks and try to kill you. Bad as this behavior may seem, we can say that this behavior is just his "natural instinct".because he lived on his own since very young, and had to be agressive in order to survive.
But he's not like that all the time. As a lonely kid, he deeply wants to approach and be friends with other people but he's afraid of doing so and his agressive behavior end up being stronger. When he actually trust someone, he show up a very lovely and friendly side of himself, being loyal to his friends until the end.
He sometimes also show a very childish and stubborn side. After all, he's still a kid.


      STR ---- 2
      CON ---- 7
      AGI ---- 8
      SYN ---- 5
      MAG ---- 3

Elements: Light ~ Aero ~ Thunder ~ Illusion

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U gud 2 go. Approved.

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