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These spells are practically identical, so I'm listing them together.

Level 1:

Name: Thunder
MP Cost: 25 MP
Element(s): Thunder
Range: 25 Feet
Effect(s): Creates a jolt of lightning energy cast from the fingertips. Pretty self explainitory.

Name: Aero
MP Cost: 25
Element(s): Aero
Range: 25 Feet
Effect(s): Creates a very potent gust of wind cast from the fingertips.

Level 2:

Name: Thundara
MP Cost: 75
Element(s): Thunder
Range: 30 Feet
Effect(s): Creates a bolt of lightning energy from the fingertips.

Name: Aerora
MP Cost: 75
Element(s): Aero
Range: 30
Effect(s): Creates an orb of turbulent winds tossed from the fingertips.

Level 3:

Name: Rapid Thundara
MP Cost: 150
Element(s): Thunder
Range: 50 feet
Effect(s): Summons three successive bolts of lightning from the earth, each seperated by about a second. may only be used outdoors.

Name: Tornado
MP Cost: 150
Element(s): Aero
Range: 50 Feet
Effect(s): Briefly summons a cyclone at a point for a couple seconds. May only be used outdoors.

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