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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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Post Count : 11
MAG : 9
Name: Cereus of the Moon
FP Cost: 5
Additional cost: 33% of Midori's life energy, returned to her on summon's end
Duration: 7
Quantity: 1
Appearance: Cereus is a Faerie, complete with wings and diminutive stature. Cereus has violet hair, about halfway to shoulder length. She wears a top made of flower petals, a bottom made of vines, and a blade of some sturdy plant-matter covered in thorns. These are all decorative, however, as she is made of life energy.

      STR ---- 1
      CON ---- 1
      AGI ---- 5
      SYN ---- 0
      MAG ---- 8

Element(s): Aero, Thunder, Cure


Skill Name: Dualcast
Element(s): Cure, Aero, Thunder
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: N/A
Effects: Immediately following Midori's cast of any spell, Cereus may freely mimic it at her mistress' will, within a few seconds. She can only mimic spells associated with the listed elements.

Skill Name: Faerie Race
Element(s): N/A
Duration: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Effects: While implicit, I decided to make a skill to formalize it anyways. Being a Faerie means that Cereus can fly, and in Neverland can grant flight to other people for the duration of their stay.

Skill Name: Extension of the heart
Element(s): Arcane
Duration: Indefinite
Cooldown: N/A
Effects: Cereus is a being with very very low personal will. While she can express her own thoughts and identity on rare occasion, all she really is is a large chunk of Midori's life energy given shape. To this end, Cereus can not truly ever die, so long as Midori lives. Cereus is always available and ready to be called upon, though she can be dismissed and reabsorbed. When her summon time is effectively over, Cereus can only serve in a non-combatative capacity, and formal summoning only serves to awaken her powers. As Cereus is really just a piece of Midori, she shares in her emotions, and when reabsorbed, their memories merge.

Spell Name: Cura
Level: 2
MP Cost: 75
Element(s): Cure
Range: 15 Feet
Description: Heals low-moderate wounds and damage at target. Single target only, Line of sight required.

Spell Name: Ascend
Level: 2
MP Cost: 200
Element(s): Cure
Range: 15 feet
Description: Resuscitates unconscious target to the equivalent of 1 HP (to the brink of functional consciousness). Can theoretically raise dead to this state, though only if their soul has not yet left them. This spell takes about 20 seconds (or 3 posts, whichever is greater) to fully cast and charge, and Cereus may not take other actions besides this during casting.

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