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Midori Zeikden

on July 28th 2017, 1:44 pm
Name: Midori Zeikden (Formerly: Victor Zeikden)
Race: Somebody; Species Unknown (Formerly: Human)
Sex: Female (Formerly: Male)


(Can't get the image to stand upright, sorry)

Midori stands at 6'0", has green eyes and violet hair. Her pale complexion and soft features lend a gentle air to her composure. She wears a white ribbon adorned with a red bow, with a sapphire enwreathed in gold at it's heart.
She wears a pink lace top, with a red leather halter over it. Her chest is of an average size.
Below this is a short pink skirt, similar in color to the top, and encircled by two red leather belts. Her thighs each sport a brown leather pack, supported by a few straps each. Her legs then remain uncovered until you reach just below the knees, where the tops of her red soft-leather boots begin. Other notable features are her cat like tail and ears, which are all that separate her from being human.

She is usually seen with a faerie, who will be described at length in her own post.

Atlantica: Midori can actually breathe underwater, and doesn't need to change shape.
Halloween Town: Midori becomes akin to a discarded doll, with seams appearing around all of her joints, some of which are slightly loosened. Her skirt appears tattered at the ends, her thigh packs are frayed, and her top is ripped in unoffensive places. Her eyes take on a glassy look, and her hair is unevenly cut. One of her ears also loses a large portion of itself, looking like it had a bite taken out of it.
Pridelands: Midori takes the form of a meerkat, of all things.
Christmas Town: Donning a wonderfully elvish look, Midori's skirt and top become red, while her belts, halter, and boots all become solid green. A pointy green hat appears on her head, slotted with holes for her ears, and adorned on one side by a single red carnation. Her top also covers her shoulders and becomes more of a scooped neck shirt, covering more area. Likewise her skirt doubles in length to reach just beyond the knees.
Space Paranoids: Midori's skin take on a pale violet hue, her clothes become somewhat more angular, including making her skirt a rigid cone. They all take on a slightly stronger violet color than her skin. Her eyes become a solid red, glowing and lidless. Along her skin and clothes are deep blue lines, giving her that "computer chip" like appearance.

Reference Chibis:

Personality: Midori is the reserved type, usually keeping to herself, but not afraid to act. To her, actions speak louder than words ever will, and she gauges a person's worth on this. She is currently very conflicted and confused about life, often unsure of how she even feels about herself. Because of this, an interesting paradox has formed in her psyche. She longs for companionship and love, but is far too afraid to let anyone become very close. As a result, she will often push people away, and this self-destructive tendency causes her more grief than she means, or deserves, from time to time.
Her morals are also currently under heavy self-scrutiny, as she spends much of her time questioning what right and wrong truly are. Occasionally, she will act in what she feels is the best way, and it will come back to haunt her later. These tortured memories only add to her ever growing hesitation.
Despite all of this, Midori can be cheerful, and oftentimes is pleasant to be around, subjectively, of course. She enjoys talking, especially about big topics like philosophy, and has a soft spot for chocolate of all kinds. She hasn't been a female for long, and this only compounds her confusion. She doesn't regret it, but it's shaken her to the very core. Midori is a lonely creature at heart, but is too afraid to commit to serious flirting. With the very few friends she has, however, she will flirt playfully and non-commitally.


Str: 3
Con: 2
Agi: 6
Mag: 9
Syn: 4



Combat Style:

Midori almost never picks up a weapon herself, as she usually never needs to. Relying almost solely on magic, and a little helper, Midori focuses and hones her talents, leaving her physical abilities wanting. Having said that, she does keep a pair of daggers, just in case. She specializes in barrier magic, but dabbles in every magic.
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