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Alyssa vi Meredith
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The Forgotten Girl (Open)

on July 27th 2017, 12:32 am
There lives a world in between the realms of darkness and the light, a world where the unlikeliest of events seem to occur. A breeding ground for the creatures of the dark, but cast in eternal sunset where the light never fades... Twilight Town.

The quiet streets never seemed so peaceful than in this moment; though empty it did not feel desolate, and though silence hung in the air, it did not feel uneasy. As the warm light of sunset continued to illuminate the entire town, the faint footsteps against the path could be heard making their way through the Market Street. The footsteps themselves belonged to that of a young woman, a stranger among the town yet it did not feel out of place for her to be there. The girl forgotten to the world.

She continued along her way, reaching the shop by the foot of the skewed path and approaching it with a simple expression on her face. It did not portray any overt emotion of joy, or anger, or even sadness. It was a constant face, as though blank but still full of emotion as she spoke softly to the shop-keep. Her voice carried a simple tone of contentedness while ordering the items of interest that the store had to offer, and when she had the items in hand after paying the necessary Munny, she made her way up to the Station Plaza. Walking towards the Station itself, the girl made it up a few steps before tripping on the last step and beginning her descent to fall to the ground; that is, she would if she wasn't caught before hitting the ground.

"Yes, I have no memory. No, I'm kidding." - Alyssa
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Re: The Forgotten Girl (Open)

on July 30th 2017, 9:08 pm
"I'm hungry..."

The little boy said, while lying on the station's rooftop. He had just arrived at Twillight Town, and was pretty lost. After a long day walking and hiding himself into the trees of the woods, he didn't had any luck in finding someone which he could attack. Attacking and robing the others is the way the boy survived, altough this forced him to move from world to world quite frequently.

He decided to wait into the city's station. He was almost sleeping up there, but soon felt the presence of someone... The boy looked down, and saw a girl walking over the station plaza.

"There's my prey." He thought to himself, preparing to jump towards she. The boy normally only attacked people who were visibly carrying something that interested him, like food, but he was so hungry that he didn't even care: he would take anything off that girl, even if was only to trade for some money. If she tried to defend herself, he would have no remorse in attacking.

When he saw the girl tripping and falling, he jumped to the ground and advanced towards her. To help her? Of course not. In a quick move, the kid tried to take from the girls pockets anything she might have. He was hoping that she couldn't react fast enough to stop him because she was falling.

After that, he quickly retreated and let out a sharp growl, like an animal, with a face of someone that could attack at any moment if she got closer.
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