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Jason Brone

on July 20th 2017, 12:30 am

General Information

Name: Jason Brone
      Aliases: Jumble
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Species: Human

(I couldn't figure out how to get it vertical)

      Space Paranoids/The Grid: Same outfit, but neon brown
      Halloween Town: Bloody clown outfit, Clown mask
      Christmas Town: Same outfit, Red scarf, santa hat
      Atlantica: Swimming shirt
      Pride Lands: Brown haired wolf
Personality: Jason always greets people with a smile, and is a nice guy, but will treat you like shit if you deserve it. He's protective of his friends, and sticks up for them regardless of the situation. He's always there for a good word, or a hug.


       STR ---- 5
       CON ---- 4 How many hits can your character take?
       AGI ---- 6 How fast is your character?
       SYN ---- 4 How skillful is your character at crafting items and weapons?
       MAG ---- 1 How adept at magic are you?

{Please note you may start off with as many points for stats as you wish, to be distributed, up to 50 points.} 
Elements: Fire, Water, Thunder, Aero
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