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(Open) Shuttle Down Empty (Open) Shuttle Down

Post by Alma Taschner on July 8th 2017, 5:54 pm

Alma Taschner was not much of a poet, nor was she awake at the time, so her ability to describe the event was limited. The most she got was, "Boom".

When the young Conjurer awoke, she was not in the shuttle she'd fallen asleep in. She was lying face-down in a firm floor of dirt, with the wind flowing freely around her and a great heat coming from somewhere behind. There was a crackling noise, and the air was thick, making it difficult to breathe. Her eyes opened, revealing that there was some sort of night-darkened forest around her, lit partially by an orange glow. Just like the heat, it came from behind her, and she understood what it was, but not why it was there. In an attempt to come to a kneel, she noticed a sharp pain in her leg which convinced her to remain on the ground.

A turn of the head, and she looked back to see the source of the fire. The shuttle she'd taken, a Gummi model designed for public use, was no more. Pieces of the discrete gray ship had burst apart and fragmented, now laying strewn about when they weren't sticking out from the side of what few trees were standing in the area. A large majority of what remained was situated at the opposite end of the scene, lodged in the dirt and set ablaze, generating great light and heat from what fuel had been in the engine.

Her leg begged her attention, and her eyes searched. There, a short distance away, a tree branch had struck the ground with such a force that it was now stuck, and pointed upward at a minor slant. She reached toward it with an open hand, repeating in a quiet, rushed voice, "Heal, heal!" After some coaxing it conceded, withering and curling tightly while its energies were taken elsewhere, drifting through the air as a long, bright wisp until it connected with the injured mage, granting all the energy she needed. The pain in her leg soon ceased, and though she remained sore, she was able to put it out of her mind, and let her arm rest against the ground as she considered her next step...


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Alma Taschner
Alma Taschner

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(Open) Shuttle Down Empty Re: (Open) Shuttle Down

Post by Manjome on July 25th 2017, 12:05 pm

(Open) Shuttle Down GC3FYRe

Snow littered the mountain, as a boy clad in a haori slid down it's crestfallen peak. The dreary and clean white, ripping as he snowboarded with his sandals behind him. Today would be a marvelous one, full of the most genuine of beginnings. For today was the day the man would finally thrust himself into the spotlight of the story, and the realm of this beautiful, scrumptious, delicious, universe. He wanted nothing more than to devour this feast of power, and take it as his own. But to no surprise it would take more than typical planning to do so, he would have to amass people to his goals. Conform them and share attributes of his own divine foresight. However, nothing was in writing yet. these were the pre-game exercises and he had a long road ahead if he intended to have his visions come to light. After all, not everyone would so willingly pay respect to the self-proclaimed ruler...

"Today... Today is a good day."

He would say, as he jumped off the cliff's edge. Sometime later, he would finally be down the mountainside, when a rocket-ship spiraled from the sky to crash land somewhere in the forests of china-- not far from where he was. It took no time at all, to tread amongst the underbrush and clear a path to his first interview with the captain of the vessel. He came right out of the bamboo just as she repaired her wounds.

"Magic. Well, Why, you're talented-- are you not?"

The boy reprieved. Signaling a smile, as his messy hair, fluttered with the wind. The male wore earrings, a choker, and a kimono. Very traditional, but typical, in a world like this. So assuming he fit this word's basic look, it would be hard to judge whether or not he was a traveler of the worlds. Or-- if he sought the hearts of them to boot. He gave her his best toothy smile! Raising a hand as if to wave in her direction.

"Aren't you just lovely then, my friend. What say we explore this place together, maybe we can find a way to fix your spaceship."

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(Open) Shuttle Down Empty Re: (Open) Shuttle Down

Post by Alma Taschner on July 26th 2017, 8:53 am

There was a voice. Someone nearby spoke up, commenting that she was 'talented'. A quick turn, and she was able to locate he who spoke. It was a man- That much was clear -wearing a strange set of robes. Perhaps calling them strange wasn't right, though, as her own garb wasn't very normal either. He carried on, calling her lovely and suggesting that they explore and fix the ship. Blinking, she turned, confirming over her shoulder that the ship was still effectively a pile of flaming parts.

"It's not really my... I don't..." It was difficult to form a response. This stranger was rather nonchalant about her predicament, as if it were a matter of formality rather than a genuine problem. In the end, all she could think to say was, "Who are you?" Whoever it was, they seemed willing to assist, though there remained something odd about them. His unfitting calm was the most blatant thing, but it wasn't the only. His robes were bright, but there seemed to be a lack of color about him. The longer she looked, the more gray he appeared. Was it a trick of the eye, perhaps? Chances were that her eyes might not be working all too well after the impact.

She'd ignore that phenomenon, she decided. In the meantime, she took to her feet, slowly rising to stand on the leg that was useless but a few moments ago. It was painful to weigh on, but it held up well enough. A couple steps, and she could pull from the ground that branch which she'd sapped to heal herself. It was a stiff, dense, dead thing now, and even should she leave it there would be nothing left for it to give to the soil. Instead, she'd take it with her. It could be leaned on, and perhaps used as a catalyst for magics. After it had helped her here, she owed it something more than to leave it behind.

(373 + 330 = 703)

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Alma Taschner
Alma Taschner

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(Open) Shuttle Down Empty Re: (Open) Shuttle Down

Post by Manjome on July 29th 2017, 9:33 am

Manjome eyed the young girl, his cunning masked behind a smile so sweet it would fool God. She was so weak-- oh how she was dripping with use to his cause. It only takes the right amount of talking, and anyone could be manipulated in the right way. Surely then this fifteen year old was no different!"I'm sorry, what was it you just said?"

He was annoyed by her phrase. It made no sense at all. In fact he was almost ready to kill her upon turning away from his gracious offer. Yet he walked forward calmly, watching he place hand to branch, it was a very... dull thing. Her magic must be sub-par. He could've just shot her with his, but then again rudeness deserved punishment. Might as well let her live with an ugly charred walking stick.

"Forgive me for saying this, but when someone offers you a hand you'd be wise to take it. No matter though, come, we must be off before the heartless arrive! I have reason to believe we can make it to china from these thickets. Would you like to join my team for a bit?"

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(Open) Shuttle Down Empty Re: (Open) Shuttle Down

Post by Alma Taschner on July 29th 2017, 5:31 pm

He was a persistent fellow, that much was obvious, but he was right about accepting help. There was no telling just how where the shuttle had flown before it went down- She'd need any advantage she could get, especially considering how this was likely another World. Wonderland had issues with minor Heartless, and fending them off was a simple enough task if a community was organized, but the other Worlds supposedly faced much greater threats than the occasional Shadow. The gray stranger mentioned a place called 'China', which she'd never heard of, so there was also the problem of navigating some alien wilderness. Never had she set foot very far outside her family's property, let alone left the World altogether.

At least it was wilderness. Being lost between dense, preferably-not-burning trees was something she would be able to tolerate for some time. She'd heard of cities with winding alleys and close-knit walls of stone and steel, and couldn't imagine coping with such an environment. This place, with pillars of wood and dirt to step on, would be no such challenge. She was safe in this green. Relatively. The Heartless would still be a problem should they decide to present themselves.

Alma followed close behind him, regardless of this. The pain in her leg was already fading, and a spring returned to her step. Walking alongside this stranger dispelled her immediate worries rather quickly, even though they were supposedly fleeing from creatures that represented the ever-present darkness of humanity in a physical manner. She forgot the Heartless, drove her mind away from the lines between natural and modern invention, and ignored the bleak feeling that came about whenever she drew a tad bit too close. "So where's this 'China' place?" she soon thought to ask. "What's it like?" It was one of the primary settlements of another World, by her estimation, and one she hadn't read on in the past. No, geography was never her interest. Conjury held her eye.

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Alma Taschner
Alma Taschner

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(Open) Shuttle Down Empty Re: (Open) Shuttle Down

Post by Midori on July 30th 2017, 6:18 am

"Yet another dark and cold evening..."

These were the thoughts currently inhabiting the mind of a woman who was walking amidst the trees.
Midori was her name, and she strode calmly through the dark, taking in the sights and sounds of the wilderness around her. It had easily been several hours and at least as many kilometers since she saw another person, but that was all part of the job. Truth be told, Midori was quite fond of both cold and dark, and loved the serenity that this place brought with it. Even so, her current attire wasn't ideal for this clime. With aught but a lace top, velveteen skirt, and leather halter, she looked more like she belonged on a beach, or at the very least somewhere much hotter than these unforgiving mountains.

Despite this, she carried on with her duty. A duty that, while no one person has bound or obligated her to it, she saw fit to place it upon herself. Her task was simple, chart all the lands, and all the worlds she possibly could. It was dangerous out there, only made more so by the general blindness that a lack of direction often entails. What this really was, however, was an excuse to get out there and see as much as she could, bitter cold mountains included.

Interestingly, the serene image did not last very long beyond this point. A bright star shone in the sky, at first she didn't take notice, but soon it streaked across the sky, proving to be something more than a star. Indeed, before she could even begin to puzzle about what it might be, it came hurtling down and with a noticable "thump" it presumably landed somewhere.

"A meteor?"

Her first instinct was that it was a rock, a very very fast (and now hot) rock. She couldn't be sure, and needed to feed her curiosity. To that end, she took off in a sort of jog, headed towards the object. The trek took some time, while it was close enough to see and hear, it really was only just so. When she finally did arrive, her curiosity, rather than being sated, only grew. A wrecked gummi, enwreathed in flames (flames that looked very inviting to a shivering traveller, mind you) rested on the ground. Close to it, but not so close as to be in any danger, were two figures. One was shorter, though she couldn't be sure of their gender through the clothes, and the other seemed decidedly male and somewhat taller. From this angle, and at this distance, it was fairly difficult to tell for certain though. Perhaps they knew something about this wreck, though she couldn't imagine anyone within survived. Still, no harm the asking, and so she trudged onwards towards the pair, spurned by the promise of excitement, adrenaline, and a little bit of desire to come closer to the presumably warm fire.
As she approached, she noticed the figures starting to take their leave. They didn't seem to have noticed her yet, and a thought emerged from the back of her mind.

"What if someone is stranded in that ship?"

She didn't want to think that these two would leave someone stranded in a burning ship, but she'd seen enough of the many worlds to know that there were people like that. To most, this would've been an impasse. Follow the people who seemed to know about the wreck, or try to save the potentially stranded pilot? Luckily, Midori wasn't most people.


She half-whispered this, and not a moment later a glowing white energy seemed to streak like lightning from every orifice on her body, coalescing into a small Faerie.

"You know what to do...."

Worldlessly the fey quietly flew ahead and followed the pair at a distance, trying not to give herself away, but aiming to be close enough to eavesdrop. Meanwhile, Midori scrambled over the burning husk, hoping it wouldn't suddenly explode as she searched it's innards for more people. She had a barrier mentally prepared, just for that very case.

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