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The First Dawn [Open]

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The First Dawn [Open] Empty The First Dawn [Open]

Post by IamPinkyRose on May 5th 2017, 6:07 pm

Dawn had slowly taken the skies of Radiant Garden. Peacefully, birds sang songs of morning bliss, and the denizens of the world woke to another calm start to a easy day. As the marketplace began bustling with people, bakers opened their windows to waft the scent of their work, blacksmiths and armorers heated their forges and sheened their tools, and the fountain trickled gently to mingle with the sounds of the morning. The castle towered overhead, once a symbol of dark times, now passed, reminding all who beheld it that the future was bright, and that they were safe so long as it stood proudly before them.

A child dashed through the central square, out of breath but full of energy. His eyes glittered with wonder and excitement as he pushed his way to the fountain, standing on its base and waving his arms.
"Th-The Golden Warrior! She's here! She's here at the Fountain Court!"
Heads turned. The usual chatter of daily life turned quickly to whispers of investment and interest. People began quickly withdrawing from the market square, headed towards the fountains nearby. Shopkeeps hesitated, only for a moment, before closing up their places of business. As a throng of bodies began moving to the appointed place, a figure in gold, flagged by followers in white, observed from the high point just above the descending waters.

"To think I ever doubted your acceptance of recruiting local youths," one of the white-robed followers muttered, his tone implying his surprise.
"That you doubt our leader is troublesome, brother, but I hope you have seen the error of your ways," another responded, haughtily.
"Of course, brother. I meant no disrespect. I will not question Lux Fortis again, I assure you," the other stated, quickly trying his best to apologize.
"Squabble not amongst yourselves," the golden one instructed, folding her arms across her chest. "To error is human. I too once ignored the power of children in my ranks. But I have grown to realized their purity of heart and strength of will is matched by none. I would be foolish not to utilize all my weapons to combat our foe."
The four bodies behind her bowed their heads.
"Of course, Lux Fortis. Your wisdom is the beacon of truth."
"Quite so," the female returned, plainly. "Prepare yourselves. I will enlighten these people of their true purpose momentarily."
Again, the four bowed, deeply.
"Yes, Lux Fortis."
"At once."
"As you wish."
"By your word will it be done, my lady."

As the robed ones departed, Victoria Lux Fortis stood, watching the curious and excited people pouring into the rather small section of the town. Some several of them had children perched on their shoulders, while some strained on their tip-toes to get a glimpse of her. Those in the front were nearly being pushed into the fountain, and she could spot some few climbing the walls, trying to get to the top to view her properly.
Her loyal, white-clad quartet positioned themselves each at the cardinal points of the area. They were meant largely to be an example of the order's strength, and intimidate potential enemies to the cause...but mostly, they kept the crowds from growing too overzealous.

Feeling as though the mass of bodies had grown large enough, Victoria cleared her throat, and began to speak. Her arms opened wide, a welcoming motion, to the throng of people below her.
"Children of Radiant Garden...I thank thee for journeying to this humble gathering. I come to thee, thy humble servant, from lands afar and beyond this very star, with a message from the very Light itself. A message all who find goodness and peace in their hearts are sure to stand behind with all their beings..."
A round of applause. Short, but it seemed most people had been caught in the web of interest.
"My name is Victoria Lux Fortis, and I am a warrior of eld...one who has been trapped in nigh-ceaseless combat with thy most desperate and terrible foe...but from mine imprisonment, I hath returned, to bring thee succor and shelter from the ever coming tides of the black and dark." Slowly, she drew out her iconic weapon...a blade forged herself in times long past...a sword in the shape of a Keyblade--a fake by every standard but appearance. Whispers of awe and shouts of startled excitement leaped from the crowd as they gazed upon it.
"Know this, citizens of this humble star...I shalt rest not 'til every scrap of this plague hath known the purity of light! I shalt rest not 'til every babe sleeps in peace, and every family knoweth not the pain of losing their own to the ne'er-ending horde which threatens to swallow us all. This, by mine power, by mine weapon, is my oath to thee and thine."
The clapping and cheering grew louder. Some few people screamed their joy, but the throng was not yet stirred the way Victoria felt was proper. She placed her heart over her chest, slowly, and put her face downward.

"Alas, I am but one humble knight to thee. Mine strength alone is not near enough to face what terrors wait in the deep. One soul, no matter its purity, its kindness, and its strength, cannot fight alone." Lux Fortis turned her gaze back towards the people. "And thus I ask thee, wouldst thou not fight for thy homeland? Wouldst thou not fight for thy peace? Wouldst thou not fight onwards, for Light to reign o'er all the worlds for all time, throughout and forevermore?"
The exhilaration of the masses began to ignite, as more and more people began to catch into the feeling of unity and desire. Victoria could practically taste the once-hidden anger and passion broiling beneath the surface of these people...she merely had to coax it out.
"Alone, alone we are but mere mortals, all of us," Victoria bellowed, her voice cutting over the running water and errant cheers. "We alone cannot fight this plague. But together! Together we might join our hands and our hearts as one, and rise up, and proclaim our freedom...Freedom, from tyrannical beasts what sup upon our homes and our families, 'ere gluttonous monsters with a ne'er ending appetite for destruction and suffering! Freedom to live lives where no child ought fear the night time skies! Freedom where none shall tremble for the passing summer storms, for worry all they know might well end!"
With the grace of a well-practiced knight, Victoria pointed her weapon to the heavens, clenching a fist with furious might.
"Stand with me, children of the Light! Stand with me, and know our might combined will slay these monsters for all time! Stand with me, o ye of purest hearts, and know thy salvation cometh not from one soul, but the collective souls of all! Cast out thy doubt and thy fears, hold thy steel and thy heart true to thy chest, and know thy strength!"

The roar of agreement from below was strong enough nearly to knock a less-prepared person backwards onto their ass. The eruption of cheers rang through the bulk of the common areas of the cityscape, and could be heard from even the taller points of the castle itself. Satisfied she had their full attention, and pumped their blood properly, Lux Fortis lowered her sword, and folded her arms across her chest once again.
"The true of heart will know the Light to be thy guiding beacon. It is our salve in our times of need. Belief in it alone will not be enough in these dangerous hours. Nay, my friends, we must do so much more than simple belief in the Light. Dedicate thyself to it, wholly and utterly! Light sprouts within the hearts of that which it hath created--everything and all things! Only allow the Light to grow in thy heart, and let it nurture thee, let it cast itself upon thy very being...and thou shalt understand its true power! Such is the nature of Light, my friends!
And for those who wouldst doubt such words...those are the souls who doubt the Light,"
she continued, her voice going serious and cold. "They harbor Darkness within them, my friends. They hath been touched already by the very thing that threatens to swallow us. But fret not upon those who express initial distrust! They but are as lost as any of us once were. Treat them not as enemies, but as those thou must save! The Light abandons none--it can only be abandoned by the corrupted heart!"

The people below were becoming frenzied now, their zeal reaching a zenith that Victoria utterly relished in listening to. The cries of joy, the pleas for salvation, the threats of death to unbelievers...it was beyond any manner of pleasure she could possibly fathom.
"Spread the word and the glory of the Light, my people, my warriors, my friends in arms! Only by the Light will we know peace, and only by Darkness will we know oblivion! Join us in our glorious purpose. Join us in fighting back against the damnation of all we hold so preciously dear to our hearts. Join us, the True of Heart! Pledge yourselves to the Light, and to us, and be not a mere bystander in this terrible war! Fight! FIGHT! FIGHT!"

As the mob mirrored her passion and energy in their shouting, Victoria bowed, leaving her perch above the fountains to begin moving through the bodies before her. She planned to stop in the central market square, so there would be ample enough room for those who had been stirred by her words to pledge their loyalty to her. Some several dozens more would likely come to her, begging for blessings or solutions to their problems. Others would simply plead to touch her, in hopes she might give them fortune and cleansing through contact. Overall, Lux Fortis was used to such trivial tasks. And so she took her seat at the fountain, filtering out most of the drivel of the commonfolk, watching and waiting for true potential warriors to show themselves.

[tl;dr - Deus Vault, motherfuckers.]

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