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Could have gone better

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Could have gone better Empty Could have gone better

Post by Onyx on April 27th 2017, 7:19 pm

The main door's of the castle flung open as if they were made of tinfoil and the group began to make their way into the castle after being....well the best way to put it would be that they were humbled...Yeah, that's good. Making their way down the first porcelain hall, at first there was silence as the 'leaders' walked past the muscle that broke down the door. For the first time Isaias was in a matter of speaking shocked, that he was beaten.

Isaias having tasted death once before he was ready for it a second time, however he was offered mercy. A fate to the Adamantium creature was not only an embarrassment, but quite the stab at his pride.

Holding her daughter's 'furbabies' she had just finished tending to their wounds and both the dog's were sound asleep in her arm's. The young pup's had their midsection's bandaged up and seemed to be finally in a calming position. She had a choice back in that universe, either finish off that blonde or tend her to child's pride and joy....why she chose them in that moment? Honestly, she had no clue.

Slithering into the room was a snake who seem disinterested with being among the crowd right now, he was unhappy with his performance in the battle's and what's worse he took pity on his mirror and didn't kill his son. Instead he allowed the boy to live and it came back to bite him hard. For now he would simply stay on the side until, an order was given out.

Yosei had Victoria on her back who was still knocked out, she willingly chose to carry the girl feeling partially responsible for convincing the girl. To partake in a fight she initially didn't want too. The poor girl apparently released too much power during the fight, so she was going to be unconscious for still quite awhile longer, best to get her set up in a bed.

Prophet was one of the last three to walk in and boy was she hungry, tired, annoyed, and many other things. Sure the rest of them had there little one on one's or two on one's or three on one's. Meanwhile she had to deal with one vs a friggin army, granted her power's next to God's were the best to deal with that. Though still it got tiring, and then there was that crazy green bitch who came along literally rolling around at the speed of whatever. She was going to have nightmares of that green ball rolling towards her for at least the next week.

Meanwhile the leader in name and the leader in shadow's both stood quite a way's in front of the group, neither of them were happy with the situation, granted they had always prepared for their first 'lost'. Though the sting of defeat was quite a hefty one. They were both a little ahead of the group and for now both of them decided to walk into the next room to have a little conversation about the future. Isabella's tendrils shut the door behind them and it was a little obvious that the two of them were going to be awhile.

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Could have gone better Empty Re: Could have gone better

Post by Sin on May 8th 2017, 3:43 pm

There wasn’t a damn thing that could make the Dark Songstress happy at the moment. Just when they were going to start anew in a new universe, it all went to shit the moment they gave up on killing everyone. It only further solidified the idea that no one was worth leaving alive. Or so the woman felt at the moment. Once her mind was able to calm itself and think rationally again, it was likely that her opinion would change on the matter.

For the moment, all Sin could think about was the sickening ‘True Love’ that had ultimately brought her to her knees, that made her yield and wince in pain. There was no pleasure to be found in such violence. That woman who bore her face, even her name, had somehow managed to excel in power far beyond that which even Sin had, despite their powers being so similar in form. The only conclusion that the Dark Songstress could conclude was that the fight was unfair, her other self fighting alongside her knight and lover. That damn, sexy- no! He was a terrible man that had no end of trickery that caught Sin by surprise. His fucking “Ah-ha!” was still ringing in her ears. It disgusted her.

As the wounded, both in pride and in body, entered the castle that would serve as their new home, everyone seemed to disperse, likely to lick their wounds. Sin had done the same. Never before had she been to that castle, at least, not on her own. For the time being, until she was needed, the Dark Songstress would take to wandering the halls and find herself a nice corner or room to hole herself up in and relax. Should the want strike her, she might even do some vocal training.

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