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The Project of the Ages [Seth]

on April 24th 2017, 10:21 am
"No, no, nononono..."

Within the confines of a cluttered, dirty workshop, there was a single light on, situated in a desk and illuminated the many precision tools and blueprints that were scattered about there. There was no windows, and so the bright afternoon light eluded those within the shop. A comforting warmth brought on by the burning forge tucked away on the far side of the room.

"That's not right either..."

A pile of scrapped metal lay off to one side of the meticulously working synthy. To the other, a hall that housed their many inventions, which ranged from simple hand-held devices, to towering automatons. Every single one was her pride and joy, though what parent didn't have their favorites? This particular parent favored the towering automatons, who were frequently her only source of interaction and conversation.

"If I do it like thiiis...."

The light tinking and scraping that came from the desk was soon overshadowed by a loud bang, and the area was quickly engulfed in smoke. Coughing loudly, Lunaria waved an arm to try and clear the area, covering her mouth to avoid inhaling.

"GODDAMNIT!" Her voice boomed across the metal strewn room, and a large, floating automaton entered in through to hall. Luna got so overzealous with its size, that she had to remake all her doorways so that the massive thing could fit through.

"It seems you have once again failed in completing your task. This makes seventeen failed projects in a row within the span of four days. Hours slept: eleven. Calories consumed: ten-thousand six-hundred fourteen. You truly must take better care of yourself, Creator Lunaria."

As the machine chastised her, the woman who sat curled up in her chair had turned away from it, mocking it with a hand. Swiveling back, she gripped the arms of her seat. "Is there something you need, Core? Or are you just reminding me of how much I suck? 'Cause I swear, I will reprogra-"

"Creator Lunaria has a guest and possible customer.It is advised that-" Before it could finish, Luna had bolted from her seat and off down the "Pride Hall" that lead to the front of the shop where others could request her services. Behind her, Core continued to advise Luna how to conduct herself in front of company, that she should clean up, and other such things. She was grimy, covered in oil and dirt, and smelled heavily of the forge. To top it all off, it was evident that she was awake and wired to to some form of caffeine.

"Welcome, welcome, to my humble shop, patron!" Luna burst through the doors the separated the two areas with flair, bowing in a deep, formal fashion. Doing so had only earned her a swift knock on the noggin as she bowed straight into the counter before her.
"Ow... Shit that hurt..." Luna mumbled to herself, her whole personality shifting from excited to brooding as she rubbing at her forehead. There was a subtle 'ahem' from Core, who hovered behind her, and Luna had bounced right back to her cheery self. Turning to face that who had entered her store, she smiled brightly. " What can I do for you?"
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Re: The Project of the Ages [Seth]

on April 24th 2017, 11:01 am
Rumor had it that there was some mechanical egg-head with the skills to make damn near anything. Seth had to come along and see if that was true, considering that he had an idea for a temporary solution involving his dead sister. The one's voice still hadn't left his mind. Should this "Luni Luna" character have the talent to create the device he had in mind, then she'd be a perfect contact to have in the future.

Coming up to the shop, he took a glance at how it was structured and colored, wondering what the person behind the door would have looked like. Once in the shop, however, it appeared no one was there. Seth waited for a moment before he finally spoke up.

"Hellooooo? Anyone home?" He asked aloud, leaning on one side of his body and placing a hand at his hip. The half naked man showing no sort of care about his appearance, what with his wild, white and green hair tossed about. Seth truly did look the part of some sort of homeless rogue.

"Maybe they stepped out for lunch?" Pretti's voice rang out in his mind, only for the older brother to shake his head.

"Naw, not from what I've heard around town. The shut-in apparently only comes out to get supplies and whatnot. Doubt she has any reason to leave unless she ran out of food." He reasoned and as if on queue, there was a loud yell, followed by the doors being tossed open and the proprietor of the shop smashing her forehead right into the counter.

Seth hadn't said anything for a long moment as he just stared at the blue-haired, oil covered woman. "You're Luni Luna...?" His voice sounded as if he couldn't believe it, and not in the good way either. Like he expected someone else.

"Zephyr, be nice!" Pretty chastised.

Groaning just a bit and letting out an exasperated sigh, Seth scratched the back of his head. "Anyways... I got something I want you to take a look at."

Walking up to the counter, Seth took out the blueprints for a weapon of sorts. Rolling it out onto the counter and revealing it to her, he pinned it down with some paperweights before standing up straight and pointing to the finer details.

"See this right here? This is a gun that has the ability to trap spirits within it and when aimed at a focal point, allows the spirit and point to merge as one being, granting the being temporary access to the spirits identity and abilities, alongside empowering the focal point's own. It works and looks like a normal gun, but isn't really." Seth explained as he moved his finger down the list. "Everyone else I've been to says you can't fuse magic and machine like this, but I say bullshit. I say that you can and I would have done it myself, had I the proper skills to do it. Then I hear someone in this cozy little town has the ability to make anything. You." Those green eyes of his had then peered directly into her own. "So what do you think? Can you do it?"
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Re: The Project of the Ages [Seth]

on April 24th 2017, 11:35 am
When her eyes finally beheld that which stood in front of her, they widened far before handing hands slapped over them. Beneath them, Lunaria could feel her cheeks growing hotter. Why was her first customer in ages naked of all things. Well, he wasn't entirely naked. So half naked? Regardless, the doubt in his voice stated all that she needed to hear.

"I am the great Synthy Supreme!" She called out, his words being like some sort of challenge that had to be accepted. The fact that he was nearly naked was no longer a thought in her mind as she gazed at her customer with a fierce gaze. "There is nothing that I can't create!
Fusing metal and magic is my forte! This service is, as of now, available no where else. I call it MagiMedal. The name's still in the works, of course. Copyright pending."
The last tidbit was state quickly, with Lunaria taking on an pensive pose.

It was then that Core managed his way through the doors and into the lobby. Unlike the forge in the back, the front of the shop was kept neat and tidy. Creator Lunaria, it is unadvised to bore customers with unnecessary information." The metallic, digital voice spoke. Core hovered some feet away, turning from the girl to the shirtless man as he made his explanation of his blueprints. "I assure you that Creator Lunaria can perform the task. Your concerns are unwarranted."

As Core handled the customer service, Luna stared hard at the blueprints. Just from a quick overview, she could see several design flaws that could be easily fixed, and some others that would take quite a bit of tweaking to get to work properly. But what she saw was easily doable. Snatching up the blueprints, Luna scrambled away with them, and crawled atop Core. Her legs dangled in front of its visual sensors, to which he kindly asked her to move them. Luna did, still engrossed in her mental processes.

"I can do this. I'll have to make some heavy modifications to the overall design, but I can make it bigger!
Badder! Better!"

"It is advised that Creator Lunaria keep as close to the customer design for satisfactory results."

"Screw that. I need to get it to work, and if I'm going to do that, I need to make the changes. Don't tell me how to do my job, Core! I'll downgrade you! Don't think I won't!"

"I am merely following the prompting protocol in my coding. Any unsatisfactory commendation made is on the error Creator Lunaria.

The synthy groaned, pounding her fists on the round metal surface of the automaton like a child. "Don't you back-sass me, you hunk of metal."

"Creator Lunaria, we are still in the presence of a customer. Please mind your actions."

Luna stopped almost instantly, coughing into a fist,
seeming a bit flustered. "Yeah, I can have it done in about a month or so. I'll need you to stick around for a while so that I can so some preliminary testing and whatnot."

"This is to ensure the weapon's efficiency during use. Creating tools that only their wielders may use in an insurance and promise stated under section 23-b of business protocol."

"Taking about boring the customer... Luna mumbled under her breath, rolling the blueprint up. Pressing a button at the base of Core's cat-like ears, one ear opened up and Luna stuck the roll-up paper inside for safe keeping. That way, Core would have vital customer things somewhere safe.
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Re: The Project of the Ages [Seth]

on April 24th 2017, 12:45 pm
Seth felt the doubts within his mind only grow as the erratic and energetic shorty continued to have her back and forth with her creation. At the very least, though she knew what the hell she was talking about. The way how she analyzed the blueprints and critiqued it so harshly, meant that her area of expertise was confirmed. That little bout with her being a "Synthy Supreme" was a little startling, if not childish, but maybe her observations could overlook that opinion he had of her.

"She's definitely... Different from the others. Give her a chance at least, Zeph?"

"Guess we'll have to..." He mumbled under his breath. "Even the robot is pitching in its own opinion, sheesh. Well, whatever, if everyone says you can do it, then I'll leave it to ya." Seth had stood up straight and gave a more confident smirk, maybe she could do after all. Where others said it couldn't be done, Luna went right into it with stars in her eyes.

It'd take a whole month to get the thing finished and she wanted him to stick around? "Yeah, uh, I'll just pop in every now and again. How about we do it like this, you set the time and dates you need me around and I'll do my best to come around. That fair?"

Zephyr couldn't stay in one world for too long, especially with the type of work he was involved in. Chances are he'd be found if he lingered more than he had to, so this was one of those tasks that needed to be done as quickly and discreetly as possible. That even meant pulling the wool over the poor inventor for the time being. The less she knew, the better.
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Re: The Project of the Ages [Seth]

on April 26th 2017, 9:03 am
”Well duh, I can make it.” Lunaria spoke in a sassy tone, responding to Zeph’s mumbled words. ”There’s nothing I can’t make. Though I do have to admit, this is a pretty interesting concept you got goin’ on here. I get what it’s supposed to do, but what’s it for? It’ll be easier for me if I get why it’s being used, that way, I can avoid any unnecessary or unwanted mods while building it.” The synthy would be lying if she said she wasn’t curious why a person would want a weapon like that. Then again, the intricacies of the human mind was something that Lunaria never quite managed to wrap her mind around. Machines were much easier to understand. They could be programmed to act a certain way, and built to perform a certain function. Humans were different, and uncontrollable. To the young woman, that was a frightening thing indeed.

”Due to the intrusiveness of Creator Lunaria’s question, please do not feel inclined to answer. Such information is irrelevant to development. Your inquiry is indeed fair. Periodical visits will also ensure Creator Lunaria does not suffer many distractions along the way. ”Core!” ”Though before any promises of results can be made, this is a business. As such, we will need to discuss an agreeable price for such a complex request.”

Oh yeah. I almost forgot about that...

”Does 50,000 munny sound adequate?

Lunaria blinked at her creation in shock. The algorithm that she made for Core to calculate prices for her commissions had always been pretty accurate to costs and labor involved, and until that moment, were pretty reasonable. The synthy hadn’t really thought about it, but was it really such a bizarre request? Yeah, now that she was thinking about it, she was gonna have to do some hella research and a lot of trial and error, on top of pre-build testing on this guy, prototypes, calibrating, and a whole mess of other boring technical stuff. ”Actually, now that I think about it, it might take longer than a month, with so many variables being taken into consideration…” Lunaria mumbled to herself, a hand at her chin. She was gazing over the blueprints which were laid out neatly over Core’s surface. A calm overview was providing a more difficult a challenge than initially thought.
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Re: The Project of the Ages [Seth]

on April 27th 2017, 7:51 am
Zephyr chuckled at the question proposed by Luni Luna. A woman inquisitive as her normally saw danger from more lucrative customers, he imagined. Then again, her odd personality and talking hamster ball probably kept the weirdos at bay.

"No, no, it's fine. I already told you what its for, based on what it can do. That's all there is to it." That was Seth's way of saying to her that she's not getting any answer better than that. "But if the visits are necessary to keep her from not forgetting, then I'll do it. This project is important after all." Immediately after saying that, however, there seemed to have came the one thing he hated hearing. The price.

"F-Fifty thousand munny!? Z-Zeph, there's no way we can-"

"Fifty thousands plus more than a month to actually make it? Look, I said the project was important and I meant it. The design itself is flawed since I don't my way around magic all that well. Constructing things, sure, but not fusing the two concepts together. With what I have given you, a week is more than enough time to make that thing work without problems. Me giving you a month is being generous." He stated firmly, even scowling a little. "So here's how it'll go. You get this finished in a month and I'll pay up. Don't and it's free. Deal?" And just like that, he played at the woman's pride over her skills once again. A manipulative strategy sure, but he was pressed for time and needed the stepping stone necessary for finding a way to bring Pretti back to life. This all hinged on this gun's development. No tactic was too underhanded for him.
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Re: The Project of the Ages [Seth]

on April 30th 2017, 12:32 pm
Zephyr’s initial statement earned him a skeptical once over, with Luna have her lips puckered as a habit that came with the doubt. ”I’m not some child that needs reminding to do their chores...” She mumbled under her breath. But he would need to continue making visits as she progressed so that she could make necessary tweaks to its synchronization and alignment with his person.

Hearing that Zephyr was will to pay such a steep price, Lunaria’s eyes nearly popped right out of her head. Then claiming that a week was more than enough time was mind boggling! ”Ha! You have no idea what I need to do to make this work!” She exclaimed, leaning so far forward from her seat atop Core that she nearly fell off. But he continued to criticize her and her ability. The balls this man had. Did he not understand that she had a plethora of killing machines in the back. Actually, no he didn’t. No one did, really. She’d probably be shut down for something like that…

”Creator Lunaria does not accept barga-”

”It’s a deal! And if I finish before the month is up, then you pay be double!” With a stiff upper lip, Lunaria had hopped down from her seat and walked right up to Zephyr. She was short compared to the man. Being no taller than his chest, she had to tip her head all the way back to look him in the eyes. ”Challenge accepted.” She whispered in a serious tone, squinting her eyes at him. ”And don’t even think of stealing from me what I’m owed. I have ways of finding people that haven’t payed up.

”Creator Lunaria, it is not advised to threaten the customers. Such actions are unnecessary, and can lead to reviews of poor customer service in the future. Core called out to its creator, which caused the synthy to sigh out dramatically.

”Can I not seem like a badass for just a moment, Core? I don’t get to do it often. At all, in fact..” Lunaria turned a pout back towards the machine.

”....No….” Core responded after a brief pause. From there it spun around, exited the lobby through the back door, and began to drift down the hall to drop the blueprints off at Luna’s desk.

”Ugh. Such a spoil sport…” Lunaria mumbled, turning her attention back to her customer. ”Since Core won’t let me be cool, I’ll just leave it at the price mentioned before. If it’s that important, I’ll try to get it done asap. But to do that, I’ll need you to come with me for a moment. I need to run some basic tests to see what you got going on in there.” Lunaria gestured to Zephyr as a whole using her hands. Turning to the same door that she entered through and the one that Core had just left through, Lunaria waved the man on. ”If you’ll follow me. The sooner we do this, the sooner it is that you can be on you merry way to whatever it is that you do.
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Re: The Project of the Ages [Seth]

on May 8th 2017, 2:35 pm
Where Seth grinned inwardly, Pretti disapproved very openly. No one could hear the voice in his head, so he just let the woman complain his ear off. The whole point was that he managed to goad the woman into taking up his challenge. That was a breath of fresh air, honestly, considering he wanted the weapon done as fast as possible. After that, all he had to was let the synthy argue with her creation.

Zeph found it interesting that she programmed the thing to be a business asset to her, likely a weapon as well and yet couldn't even take its advice for what it was worth. A woman easily persuaded by her emotions was easy to manipulate, by anyone smart enough wanting to do so. Should her talents be up to snuff there's no doubt he could use her again for something helpful. That thought couldn't be expanded upon much further, since she had requested something of him. Seth gave a skeptical raise of his brow, but sighed out.

"Fine, fine. Let's just get this over with." The half-naked male said reluctantly. "I hope you don't wuss out because of our deal. I'd hate to waste my time and effort." He grumbled as he followed behind the petite woman.

The sooner all of that could be done, the faster he could get back to purging the worlds of their damn filth. Twilight Town was off the table for the time being, as he needed the weapon created from Lunaria first, before going about his business there. This could potentially give him cover from other authorities that'd try to investigate his path. Laying low could give him the rest Pretty constantly badgered him about too.
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Re: The Project of the Ages [Seth]

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