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Zephyr "Seth" Lynnwood

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Zephyr "Seth" Lynnwood Empty Zephyr "Seth" Lynnwood

Post by Zeph on April 3rd 2017, 8:07 pm

General Information

Name: Zephyr Lynnwood
Aliases: Seth
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Zephyr "Seth" Lynnwood Zeph_110

Seth stands around 6'2" and has an overall fit and toned body build. He has brown skin with very few scars or blemishes on it, with tattoos belonging signaling his family lineage on his body. Another unique trait shared among his family is how their hair starts off a platinum blonde but as they grow older it changes to the color that best represents them. Seth's color in this case is green and has started to show near the end of his locks.

Prior to the incident with his sister, Seth used to have shorter hair that was tied up as neatly as possible. He wore a black jacket and a pair of black pants, while wearing steel-toed shoes and donning a pair of brown gloves. Almost always he wore a pair of bracelets on his wrists which were used to focus his strength and magic. After the incident, his clothing grew far too tattered for him to wear them efficiently so he ended up ditching the shirt completely. Considering he was always getting in fights he thought it best to keep the pants and shoes updated. Always being on the move has him homeless for lack of better words and unable to keep his haircut consistently, so now it's grown out and left wild.

Space Paranoids/The Grid: Tattoos glow a green color, no shirt and pants have green accents along them. Bracelets are more geometric in design and share a similar color scheme
Halloween Town: His tattoos glow a blood red and appear to be small rivers of blood with the occasional appearance of skulls flowing through them. His bracelets are pumpkins.
Christmas Town: He wears a red santa hat and red pants instead of black.
Atlantica: He has a mermaids tail.
Pride Lands: He's a panther with bits of green fur across the eyes.
Personality: Seth is a very gentle person when it concerns women. Seeing as he was an older brother who lost his younger sister due to an unfortunate accident, he's caring but strict when the mood calls for it. There's a particular disdain he has for men considering his past encounters with them and because of this, has no qualms with starting fights or even killing them flat out, if he deems them as scum and a danger towards the general populace. There is savagery coupled with mercilessness when he gets to that state of mind.

He is not completely gone, however, and ironically enough due to the voice of his sister residing in his mind.


STR ---- 8 How hard does your character hit?
CON ---- 10 How many hits can your character take?
AGI ---- 7 How fast is your character?
SYN ---- 2 How skillful is your character at crafting items and weapons?
MAG ---- 5 How adept at magic are you?

Elements: Aero | Light | Gravity | Earth


Zephyr started off as the oldest and only son to a couple who lived in Daybreak Town. He and his parents were always labeled enigmatic after showing up to the world, since they had come out of the blue. Zeph was merely a baby when the family first arrived and despite their new surroundings, managed to raise him well and teach him their past.

They were a family of Magus who inherited a select few elements based on their personality and aptitude with magic. By honing their strengths through constant practice, their family eventually found newfound power and were able to travel to different worlds which is how they happened upon Daybreak Town. After settling in, they immediately but lovingly taught their son all they could. Zephyr was only five years old at the time but held decent understanding and control over the powers inside him. It was also around this time that his younger sister was born.

"Pretti," was her name and mostly in part to the fact she was considered an extremely pretty baby. Their parents designated Zephyr as the one who would take care of Pretti, especially since she was born a mute, in case anything happened to them, a responsibility he took up eagerly. Though he was quite young the boy was willing to make sure his family stayed happy, considering he had big shoes to fill. Even in spite of all the tragedy that befell the worlds during his time growing up, Zephyr and his family managed to survive it all. Zeph was 20 years-old once the dust settled and his sister was 15.

It was around that time Pretti perfected her ability to utilize telepathy and through it, managed to create a psychic connection between she and Zephyr. A new way of communicating, the two bonded ever closer and the brother was able to hear what she might have sounded like, had she been born with a voice. Her beautiful voice matched her appearance, something Zeph's parents and friends reminded him of nearly daily, but it was also that beauty which had invited tragedy.

Visitors came from another world and had decided to stay the week there. Multiple times Zephyr had run-ins with them over menial things, such as bumping into them, or looking at them the "wrong way." One incident in particular, however, came when they were picking on his sister on her way back home. They mocked her for being unable to speak and gawked at her like a piece of cheap meat. Zephyr beat them up, taking a few hits in the process but ultimately warned them to not mess with his sibling. Of course, he was chastised after the fact but didn't much care, his sister was safe. Or so he'd believe.

On their last day, the men had managed to corner Pretti outside of the town and began to torment her. Her innocence was stolen that day and her face mangled in revenge for how Zephyr beat them. Surely she would have died had it not been for her scream reaching the brother. Zephyr flew into a rage and killed every single one of them, tearing them to pieces as his powers were left uncaged. When the dust had settled there was naught but a circle of blood stains left and Pretty barely even able to speak.

She'd never be the same again. Pain engulfed her body through and through, she was going to die anyways. A request left her. Suddenly, Zephyr's hands were around her neck and a scream filled the air. Snap. A final breath escaped Pretti's lips. Freed from the mortal coil, a brother wept beside the corpse of his beloved sister... But she spoke again.

Her voice never left him. Always in his head did he hear her and though he cried until his throat was raw, she loved and believed in him. They deliberated when it came to his next course of action. He'd leave his home, his parents, his past and leave it all behind, not looking back for good reason. Enslaved to his anger and thoughts of vengeance, he vowed to rid the worlds of people like the men he slaughtered.

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Zephyr "Seth" Lynnwood Empty Re: Zephyr "Seth" Lynnwood

Post by Hoshiko on April 4th 2017, 5:24 pm


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