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11.1.2017 - Kingdom Hearts RP is now closed. We'd like to thank everyone who invested time on the site for contributing to a wonderful experience which lasted for many years. All stories must eventually end, but while this may seem bittersweet, it can't be stressed enough what a pleasure it was to create and share them with you all. Goodbye everyone.

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General Information

      Aliases: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Age: 20 (Eternally), 89 (Since Conception)
Sex: Male
Species: Fortunatus Lepus
Appearance: A black 3' high rabbit with a foot high ears. He has four fingers on each hand and his feet have no discernable details on them. He has the classical cartoonish face, a completely white with a long nose, two black ovals for eyes, and a mouth that at points span the entire width of his head while at other times are the size of 'normal' mouths. He has a relatively thin body until his shorts an area that makes his body width expand outwards till it's the same width as his head.
Alternate Looks:
Space Paranoids/The Grid: A helmet covers the non-face parts of Oswald's head, excluding his ears. His helmet is grey with neon blue lines that follow the brim of his helmet and draw from his ears downwards. He has grey gloves that have blue neon light following the fingers to the palm. His shorts are now grey and have neon blue lines that follow the edges and create patterns that seem to be pockets.
      Halloween Town: His usual form but with two small black devil wings on his back and two bull horns behind his ears. He now only has four sharpened to a point teeth.
      Christmas Town: He now has a green elf's hat on with a bell at the end. He now has on a shirt that has a checkerboard patter that is green and red. He also now wears green shorts and has red curly shoes on.
     Atlantica: A 2' long black Rabbitfish with rabbit ears at the head. He also has a blue stripe from where his tail starts till the end of the adipose fin.
      Pride Lands: An Egyptian Mongoose with rabbit ears instead of the Egyptian Mongoose's normal ears.
      Toy World: A plush version of himself with a tag on his right leg.
Personality: Oswald has a constantly annoyed, "I can do it better," attitude towards others including those he's friends with. He tries to act tougher than he really is, when he's protected by a closed door, or a gap between him and the one he's taunting. When he relaxes and is friends with someone he has a more chipper and friendly attitude. He will do almost anything for Ortensia, and will hold on to any memory of her now that she's gone again.
History Oswald is the ruler and savior of his homeworld Wasteland. He was once a star toon but was forgotten along with with his wife Ortensia. Being forgotten had him end up in Wasteland, a world for forgotten toons. Soon after many others came to arrive he with their help came to build up their new home up to a giant menagerie of places and people. But that all stopped with the Thinner Disaster. A giant wave of corrosive paint stripper went through Wasteland destroying most of the landscape. Not only that but it released the Blot a giant creature made of pant and thinner combined and living.


       STR ---- 0
       CON ---- 1
       AGI ---- 1
       SYN ---- 2
       MAG ---- 1


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*Shouting with a shaky puberty filled voice*

Hey guys, this still needs to be reviewed

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Oswald needs to be from a different reality if you want to include Mickey in your history.

You can also assign any amount of stat points if you want to, though no stat can exceed 10.

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I mean if I don't have to do a history then I guess I don't need to.

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