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Story System (WIP)

on March 22nd 2017, 6:41 pm
Currently, this is what I've written up explaining the story system and how it works. If you spot any mistakes, contradictions, or anything that should be clarified, feel free to post them in this topic. In addition, if you have any ideas of what else should be added, that is welcome as well.

A story system focuses on and encourages a member's creative freedom in the story that they wish to tell. They can choose how powerful their character is from the start, as well as what abilities their character has. With less creative restrictions, a member will be able to tell their character's story the way that they want.

A story system is vastly different than a system that enforces progression and balanced fighting (known as a competitive system). A competitive system is more akin to an RPG video game or Dungeons & Dragons. There are rules they have to abide by, such as starting from level 1 and having to have their abilities approved to make sure they are balanced within the defined system. Meanwhile, a story system is completely different. Rather than an RPG, it's more of a collaborative story and the members are treated as authors rather than players. Members are meant to work together and help each other out with their stories, rather than compete against them.

A character's power is determined by five different stats: Strength (STR), Agility (AGI), Constitution (CON), Magic (MAG), and Synthesis (SYN). Stats are measured by points. While a member may choose how powerful their character can be, there is a power ceiling that no character can surpass under any condition (e.g. no magical buffs or drive forms). That power ceiling with stats is 10. In regards to Magic and Synthesis, which are harder to evaluate, no respective ability can surpass 250MP (or equivalent of) in power.

Before RPing, a member must first create a character following the character template. While member's are not required to follow the template's format, they must include the information within the template in an easily understandable manner. A character application will need to be approved, to make sure it fits the universe's canon, however a member may start RPing before being approved.

There are five main types of abilities that a character can utilize: Skills, Spells, Summons, Synthesis (Weapons/Armor/Items), and Drive Forms. There is no limit as to how many a character can have, however they must post them up in the right sections following the correct templates, though they do not need to be approved. This is for reference for other members, as well as for staff to make sure nothing breaks the universe. In the case that they do, or if they are over powered, staff will step in and go through an approval process to make sure they properly fit in with the universe.

Keep in mind that while you are free to create subsystems, you cannot create new or custom systems, such as using munny to fuel your abilities instead of MP.

A story system promotes and depends on mutual respect and collaboration between members. If you are a new member and you're not sure who to RP with, feel free to join any open and active topic. Even if it's several posts in, the current members will not mind a new person joining (as long as it makes sense). If you're unsure anyways, feel free to PM one of the members in the topic.

It can be rude and inconsiderate to join an open topic with the sole purpose of ruining it by attempting to kill or harass the current members in it. There should be a separation between a member and their character. If you wish to antagonize a character, please make sure to ask the member first to see if they're okay with it, and if they aren't, then respect that choice. Members who disregard this and disrespect other members can be ignored completely in a topic with no consequences.

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