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C'est la vie (Open)

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C'est la vie (Open) Empty C'est la vie (Open)

Post by Hugo Dupont on March 15th 2017, 10:23 pm

Sitting at a chair in their home's parlour, Hugo could barely hide his look of boredom. He'd been waiting nearly ten minutes for his father, and was growing increasingly agitated by the second. Granted he had pushed back their meeting three times throughout the day, but still. It was his birthday! People should be expected to work their way around him, not the other way around. Well, at least more than they usually did already.

He cracked his fingers one by one as he longingly gazed out the window, watching the rabble pass by in the glorious Parisian sunshine. He hadn't even been able to give his followers the chance to shower him with gifts yet, and if nothing else he was a generous leader. Each had been given a list of acceptable presents, and no matter how much they whined that they "couldn't afford it" he knew they'd find a way. It wasn't that there was anything that the young socialite particularly needed, more just that his 'friends' had to prove their worth. How could he know that they were friends at all, if they didn't bend to his every whim?

Ring, ring.

His chain of thought was interrupted by the aggravating chirp of the phone on the desk. He picked it up with a sigh, bringing it to his ear and offering an exasperated 'bonjour'.

"So happy on your birthday Hugo!" His mother's voice, a smile crossed the youths lips. It was no secret that Sabine was his favourite parent, something about her manipulative, backstabbing demeanour really spoke to him.

"I'm sure you'd be happy too if you spent half the day waiting on Louis," he snapped back, a hint of playfulness in his tone. His parents hated each other, but were tied together for the rest of their lives. He pitied her for that.

"Very true!" A laugh from the other end of the phone, how her son loved to test his parents! "I'm calling to tell you your father will not make it to your meeting, enjoy the sunshine Hugo. We will see you tonight."

"Louis, my father, having no time for me? Why am I not surprised?"

"Bye, bye, Hugo." She replied, ignoring the jibe.

The call was ended with a click as Hugo returned the phone to the desk. His mother's news was not unexpected, but threw his entire plans for the day off. He poured himself a glass of red wine on the desk, ambling over to the window and looking down upon the town square. Some sort of commotion was going on, no doubt the peasantry trying to enjoy one of the world's constant festivals. A much needed distraction from their dull, meaningless lives, he imagined.

Despite himself, it seemed a much better use of his afternoon than waiting around for his next meeting. Draining his glass, he picked up his black leather jacket and made his way downstairs.


The sun was nice, but a definite chill reigned supreme in the air. People warmed their bones around fires and by dancing to the various musicians scattered around the festival grounds, many not dressed for such weather. The reason for the festivity was uncertain, as usual. The people of La Cité des Cloches did not need a reason to celebrate, anything to distract themselves from the injustice of their lives. Under the watchful gaze of the cathedral, everyone could enjoy themselves in the city square. Well, not everyone. But anyone who was actually allowed in the city, anyway.

Hugo had found himself away from the festival proper, hidden in an alleyway for the moment. A girl from his younger years, Victoria, had seen him and given chase. It was such a burden to be so charming, these women simply would not leave him alone once they had had a taste.

He sunk to the ground and let out a sigh. His birthday was quickly devolving into a day wasted, he'd only received 32 presents so far!

His indulgent self pity was interrupted by a noise, a rattling toward the end of the alleyway.

"Hello?" He called, had that insufferable woman found him once again?

There was no answer, just that same noise again. He furrowed his brow, not quite prepared to get up and go to investigate but curious all the same. And then it appeared. The black little body, the golden, glowing eyes.

His father had told him about them.


They hadn't had a presence in the city for a long time, as far as he knew. But there it was, as strange as he'd imagined. It looked at him quizzically, and began twitching it's way over. Quicker than Hugo could react it was upon him, but... it didn't attack. Strange, he thought, he'd always been told to fear them or run if he saw one. But something about it... there was a feeling within him that told him not to be afraid. He reached out a hand, stroking the creatures head with utmost care. It squirmed in delight.

Anyone watching would've thought it most peculiar indeed.

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Hugo Dupont
Hugo Dupont

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C'est la vie (Open) Empty Re: C'est la vie (Open)

Post by Mia on March 28th 2017, 6:32 am

La Cite des Cloches, an unbalanced world where the rich held extreme prejudice over the poor- or just those not as wealthy as them. The mage was somewhat accustomed to the way this world's classes ran, image appeared to be everything and the main image to be held was that of wealth and pride. As a traveler the girl wanted to firstly blend in, and second, avoid prejudice as much as she could. Mia wore a long sleeved, cold shouldered blouse loosely tucked into a red split skirt that seemed as though it was perfectly tailored to her shape, held up by a black belt with a silver buckle, her feet were hugged by a pair of black ballet flats as a silver necklace adorned her look of "upper middle class." It was strange to see, but even as she looked as though she was in the middle, she received dirty looks from both the rich and poor. The mage had been through the same thing on her previous visits to the city yet it always slipped her mind that no one could ever be pleased in this city.

Amelia slipped through the crowd, watching the array of dances and festivities as much as she could, her head popping up and down in the crowd as she moved. Eventually, the pushing and shoving would lead her to the edge of the crowd, leaving her on the outskirts of the town square. "I'm not going to get anywhere.." The girl sighed, her shoulders slouched for a moment as she'd look around for somewhere to go, something to do. Stalls. Often filled with cheap jewellery and other tatty items, the mage would approach anyway. However during her dulled walk to the stalls the mage would hear someone call out.


She stopped where she was, turning her head down the alleyway where she'd see a man walking further down. If anything, the ordeal seemed suspicious... Was someone luring him further down the alleyway to mug him? Whatever was to happen, Amelia would find out. She stepped into the alleyway, though she could still hear the hustle bustle of the town square, the area felt quiet and ominous.

Mia watched as the strange occurrence before her would unfold. This man, unlike others had approached the heartless, befriended it even to the point where it wouldn't attack. Maybe he was one of those bad people who sided with the heartless? No, Mia couldn't label him like that, he probably didn't know what he was doing. From her sleeve slipped out a wand as she walked towards the man and his new friend.

"Um!" She stumbled on what to say before bumping into a few boxes as she walked, creating a small ruckus. Oh god, she'd think to herself as her cheeks would turn pink. "Y-you should stay away from those little guys you know!"

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